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    Might be useless to you, and yeah it doesn't really matter, but that doesn't mean some don't find it mildly interesting to think and talk about. It's not like there's a whole lot of big new things to talk about on the C&C subject these days anyway. Not keen on taking part in a huge "what if" discussion on this one though.

    This is the video. Also there's this tiny article from 2012: http://www.dsogaming.com/news/warren-spector-was-going-to-create-a-command-would-love-to-see-a-deus-ex-hd/ "John Romero called him and offered him a job at ION Storm. Romero had successfully convinced Warren to join Ion Storm and that C&C RPG never came to fruition." If not for Mr. Romero, we could perhaps have had a C&C RPG today.
  3. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    Thank you for working out a solution. Long live the community.
  4. Sad to hear that. Respect to you for not shutting it down. Take care.
  5. I love the original for nostalgic reasons and because it pulled off a terrifying Terminator-like intro. It set a heavy tone for the game that was spot on in my opinion, which is why it is one of my favorite tracks in the entire series. Though I think this remix lacked a bit in the introduction, I really enjoyed giving this track a good listen. When I first heard this remix at work and didn't pay much attention, I thought it was an official remix for Kane's Wrath that I had somehow forgot about. Would love to see more Tiberian Sun remixes.
  6. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

    Heard a lot about it from friends. Watched a couple of hours as my colleague played it after work. I dig the battle royale format, but I'm not going to buy it before they introduce a first person only mode. I've always had a problem with the advantages 3'rd person camera can give you in multiplayer shooters. Some like it, I just don't.
  7. So there will be a Dune reboot after all

    I'm curious but I have low expectations. I'm generally not keen on movies put out under Legendary Pictures.
  8. I'm going as well. Could be fun to meet up.
  9. Post Your C&C Collections

    That German glittery one looks dope as hell.
  10. Half-Life 3 is in development

    For another Half-Life game to happen, it requires that developers at Valve actually wants to make it. These guys have a very open structure where the developers are free to decide what they want to work on. It is a safe bet that no new Half-Life game will happen as a result of a top-down decision within Valve. .
  11. Damn it... Now I have to buy yet another game.
  12. Post Your C&C Collections

    That's really nice collections! Haven't bought a C&C game in who knows how many years. Wishing that 2017 will surprise and give a reason to expand it.
  13. New Look for OpenRA

    I respect the idea and effort, but I think the result looks messy. Too many components, competing focal points and unnecessary details. I also think it is contradicting with their own design requirement: "Not tied to a specific game or universe (so no mammoth tanks, tiberium, or faction logos).". Cartoony mammoth tank was literally the first thing that went through my mind as I saw it. Just my two cents.
  14. Why C&C4 was a bad game?

    @PurpleGaga27 As long as it is not simply a hate train I don't see what the problem is to discuss why C&C4 was negatively received by many. To me it was the fact that I didn't find it worthy. It did not improve upon the things that I found to be good qualities in the earlier titles. Frankly, it threw most of those things straight out of the window. I found that the game took a lot of unnecessary risks trying to fix a problem that didn't need fixing by replacing mechanics that were closely attached to the series with entirely new ones. Sure, the format in C&C4 might have been fun as a separate game mode, but it was ultimately disappointing I feel that this was all that the game had to offer, and that some of the most critical signature concepts of Command & Conquer were just gone.