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    C&C4 Box Art Suggestions

    Soldier's Head! Soldier's Head! Soldier's Head! Soldier's Head! Through the technology of peace! PEACE! THROUGH! POWER! Shee... I should replay TS for the hundredth of time xD Also, yes Silver (lolz I feel like a schizophrenic now) I know "the head" is a theme to the C&C saga, that's the very reason I hope EA won't make it as lame as it was on the box art of C&C3, KW and RA3 and Uprising. Well, I kind of understand Kane being the central figure there but the soldier... the soldier gives a better feel to it... Please EA, the soldier's head. SOLDIER'S HEAD! <------------------
  2. ErikKiller

    Wallpaper-ish picture

    So, I got bored, looked it up, and saw, that nobody has yet combined the in-game picture and the logo, so I gave it a shot: Made it also look colder, darker but also added more bloom/glow to it. If need be, will also make into wallpaper sizes!
  3. ErikKiller

    C&C4 Box Art Suggestions

    Indeed, the soldiers head is THE most important thing on C&C boxarts. It captures your eye. That's how I first actually found TS ages-AGES ago. The head. Also, the background probably should be blue like the whole theme of C&C4 looks to be. Y'know, the C&C3 boxarts were quite good. The whole Kane theme through them. But please, the face/head is much more important than random soldiers in the front. Also, scratch the X-like design. It looks... off.
  4. ErikKiller

    More C&C 4 Clarifications from APOC

    Guess what EA is trying to say is: "We've had enough of those ****ing PirateBay guys so everyone will suffer, u k wit dat?"
  5. ErikKiller

    EA: No bases in C&C4

    Exactly my thoughts.
  6. ErikKiller

    EA: No bases in C&C4

    Well TBH I really like the proud step EA is taking. But it might just be the "I-want-to-see-the-world-as-****ed-up-as-in-Tiberian-Sun"-me speaking. When I was little I played this fun game named Cyberstorm that had mechs in it. So basically, for me, C&C4 is a combination of Tiberian Sun and Cyberstorm. That game sounds PERFECT for me. Also, you are going to have SOME buildings before you can upgrade your Crawler to actually start producing. I believe. AND! If you are a sucker for building stuff: play defensive side. They have the biggest amount of building-buildabilty. So, I salute you EA for taking this brave step. You might be called "money-eager-scumbags" (which you are) and "game-ruiners" (which you also are) but don't worry, changes ARE essential. But please, don't deeply listen to the community and most of all DON'T. THINK. ABOUT. MAKING. MONEY. think what is the BEST for the franchise. You **** up C&C4, you **** up your name in the eyes of the C&C fans. Even the hardest of C&C fans (who have taunted you for countless of changes) will burst to tears if you make it end... perfectly.
  7. ErikKiller

    favorite sub faction

    Woah that was tough! Anyway, Steel Talons because they use the Tiberian Sun armaments, followed closely by Black Hand because they kick ass and they're Nod so they kick even more ass, then MoK because of the cyborgs, which kick ass, also, they're yet again Nod so that's a great bonus too. Did I mention Nod kicks ass? Because they do. And then Traveler-59 because of their upgrades to the capital ships of Scrin. Which kick ass. KW was loads of ass-kickery I must add. [/maniac rambling]
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    Gben, listen to those both and you gonna have something really sweet. Good luck with the project!
  9. ErikKiller

    Wallpaper-ish picture

    Ha-ha sorry about that... I made it like 5:30 in the morning after a long night of gaming. Hope to get my hands onto more C&C4 art soon!