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  1. Son, I am disappoint.

    I, too am, a Westwoodian, but I sense some improvement with the environment and the lore since C&C3, sure the gameplay mechanics are teh suck, but at least the world feels real.

    Oh sorry I forgot about RA3 - dumb move EA.

  2. That was probably my biggest disappointment with C&C 3 / Kane's Wrath. They did a good job telling the story of desolation, and an alright job of the crystal tiberium takeover, but a poor job at exploring the fascinating new tiberian ecology that you could see blossoming even over the course of just the original game. All we had were a couple odd, stocky looking mutants you very rarely encountered.

    Well, they DID say that mutants had an exodus.

    Which also means that they took all the lifeforms with them. lolz @ EA. :rolleyes:

  3. Nice!!! But the chem trooper is a little low in contrast or something.


    Hah, it's the scan from the magazine... I had to make it darker otherwise it had this... magazine paper glow to it.

  4. How can a blue zone look like that, yes blue zones may be infected in the Scrin battle but that will not change blue zones to THAT.

    Well.. uh... edge of a BZ?

    FIIIIIIINE a good looking Yellow Zone...


    c ) They haven't fully integrated tiberium into the terrain yet.

    I hope...


    Pitch up the darkness and make the tiberium glow :)


  5. Name: Tiberian Twilight

    It's a good name, why scratch it?

    Also, like everybody said, the world of Tiberian Sun would fit PERFECTLY. Cut the Blue Zone bull****. Only Blue Zone I accept is overrun by blue Tiberium. Fiends must return! Visceroids must return! The flora must return! The veins... oh god the VEINS must return!

    And most of all. A darker lightning style must return!

  6. Actually, that idea would also double the replayability, sure, the story remains the same but you get to try out the crawler in 3 different modes + the classical building style.

    But for some reason I think EA is too stubborn to implement the classic building. I guess they'll just go "Play defensive!"