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  1. It's a special double feature for tonight. We bring you both the news from the official front, as well as some new and a few residual older pieces of community news. So let's get right to it. First, we cover the official stuff regarding Command & Conquer: Rivals. The game was patched twice in the span of one week. Right after the first patch on the 15th, a new patch was announced on the 18th and deployed on the 20th. Both of these patches were fine tuning for the game's balance, so there were no new features added or existing ones changed so far. What is linked above is part 2 of an interview from EA Play 2018 with Greg Black by Bryan Vahey. While part 1 (which also featured Michael Martinez) and the beginning of part 2 had nothing that we haven't heard before, the middle of part 2 sheds some light on Black's return to EA. Now on to community news. What you see above is "A Moment Of Madness", an awesome video by DoMiNaToR, one of the most successful Zero Hour players in modern times. It was done with the help of GenTool, and is not unlike a similar video by the latter's author xezon titled "A Moment Of Silence" from 7 years ago. A few weeks ago, Renegade-X received patch 5.354, which fixes maps, a few bugs and makes some quality-of-life changes. On Saturday, 30th June, GameReplays.org will host a 1v1 tournament in the recently updated Kane's Wrath mod One Vision. On 7th July, there will be a "C&C3 Conjunct Tournament", which will simultaneously be held in Tiberium Wars and its Kane's Wrath expansion for a prize of $150. That's all for now. If you have any news you know about and want featured here, please drop us a line.
  2. Plokite_Wolf

    Community Patch Spotlight: Zero Hour v1.06

    The official online servers have been inaccessible since 17 July 2014. This is the replacement, and this is the guide to get on it. Also, unrelated topic.
  3. WrathEd can't stand xi:include tags. You need to copy the data that those tags refer to. That makes editing/creating XMLs for KW quite tedious.
  4. You're actually supposed to start with the official Tiberium Wars Mod SDK and start modding that, since that has better documentation. Kane's Wrath XMLs are here.
  5. Plokite_Wolf

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    It isn't hard to be the best among players who are even worse Also, did you notice how the CFA selection didn't do many remarkable things until the Argentinian goalkeeper tried to lob Rebić instead of clearing the ball like anyone sane would? Goes back to my point on them only having and celebrating easy victories, though I'm surprised this happened against Argentina.
  6. Plokite_Wolf

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    Messi has always been garbage outside Barçelona.
  7. That only affects the unit behaviour, not the fundamental gameplay.
  8. I need to port the save files from my old laptop to try and reproduce this. This sounds like an awesome find!
  9. A game being in alpha doesn't change what it's like in its core, as the core is pretty much set in stone.
  10. Now that the news from the official front are settling down, it's time to pick up on the recent happenings in the C&C community. Joe & Aza, whom we've met with their Hell March cover 3 years ago, are back with a Grinder cover (shown above). Kane Nash, the legendary author of numerous C&C wallpapers, is also back, with an awesome reminder of what the C&C community can do regardless of "official channels" being disappointing. OpenRA developers released a dev blog showcasing upcoming performance updates, the reduction of arbitrary differences from the original Red Alert, and a status update on the Tiberian Sun mod. As of today, the record of most concurrent players on CnCNet is 1082, with about half of those playing Mental Omega! One Vision, the most ambitious mod for Kane's Wrath, got a new release (version 0.90), including unique tier 4 units for most factions, Global Conquest compatibility, skins for ZOCOM, the Black Hand and Reaper-17, balance tweaks, new audio and visual effects, and much more! For its 16th anniversary, the D-Day mod for Yuri's Revenge got a shiny new website. The Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge will be getting patch 3.3.4 some time this summer, with the update on its main website announcing 8 new Covert Ops missions, a new Foehn Origins mission, a new challenge map, 13 new skirmish/multiplayer maps, and the usual range of bugfixes and balance tweaks. Plus, new renders in the style of the classic Red Alert 2 installer! The Nomad Galaxy mod for OpenRA got its first dev blog that goes into detail on how the mod is envisioned. The Evolutions: Real Time Strategy Evolved mod for Tiberium Wars points to its Trello page for following the mod's progress, shows some neat new renders and calls for voice actors in the latest news post. And they say this community is dead. Pff.
  11. Plokite_Wolf

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    Ah, a pic of a fan in Russia wearing Modrić's jersey number with the words "I don't remember" from the trial, for which Modrić has become a laughing stock.
  12. Plokite_Wolf

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    Because this is not a Croatian national selection. For over a decade, it's just been a sales pitch for GNK Dinamo Zagreb players to sell in Europe. They haven't played a relevant match here in Split (second largest city and home to the older and internationally more successful HNK Hajduk Split) in many years apart from a friendly against Brazil just prior to the 2006 World Cup and a qualifier match for the previous Euro (IIRC?) that was already under sanctions for prior "fan" hooliganism and wasn't open to the public. They tried to assign a match for another qualifier against some irrelevant selection like Wales, so we declined from principle. The leader of the corruption in Croatian football, GNK Dinamo Zagreb's "former" executive vice-president Zdravko Mamić, is a fugitive with an international arrest warrant, and fled to Bosnia and Herzegovina a day before he was to be sentenced (on June 6th this year) for a mere 6 and a half years in jail for that. The current chief of the Croatian Football Association (CFA / locally known as HNS) is Davor Šuker, who used to be our hero as a footballer, but now he is treated like a piece of shit that he is, as he's not only Mamić's puppet, but also an incredibly smug turd. The executive president of the Association, Damir Vrbanović, was convicted alongside Mamić, but for 4 years. Two of the active selection players, Luka Modrić (Real Madrid) and Dejan Lovren (Liverpool) were on record for lying during the trial and are currently under investigation for that on top of being involved in sending Dinamo/Mamić money from their transfers. Hilarity ensued when Mamić, in the late stages of the trial, brought two bags, one with some documents he wanted to give to the judge, and another containing Lovren's exact lines that he ordered him to say while testifying - he accidentally switched the two. What's more, where I live, we hate the selection for all of that and more. In general, Hajduk and its supporters (Torcida) are known for their spite. If entire Croatia is not represented by the "national" selection, then it is not the Croatian selection, but the selection of the CFA/HNS. EDIT: Almost forgot, they celebrate meaningless victories like 10-0 against the likes of San Marino but pussy out whenever there's a remote challenge, yet the majority of the players are in major European teams. Also, after Slaven Bilić left, all coaches have been politically chosen.
  13. Plokite_Wolf

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    If the standard for amazing is an overpaid whiner, then yes. Also best of luck to Nigeria tonight.
  14. Plokite_Wolf

    2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

    I'm going to cry.
  15. Plokite_Wolf

    Reckoner crash/bug

    Provide your XML, first of all. We can't help you without looking at the code.