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  1. It'd still need human corrections because it looks watercolour-ey, but definitely interesting results.
  2. Plokite_Wolf

    Rivals isn't that bad

    But why play that when you can play a real game?
  3. That's the thing, we don't know for sure if one even exists.
  4. One of the little known but saddening side-effects of Victory Games' closure in 2013 was that a lot of Westwood-era archives were scheduled for disposal, among which were the original tapes holding cutscene footage. We do not know for sure if EA ever digitally archived them beforehand. However, very few people in the community were in on the fact that an unknown person managed to get hold of three of these tapes from Yuri's Revenge before they reached a landfill in the Los Angeles area - one holding selects from days 1-5, one holding selects from day 6, and one holding off-line footage. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in history, and thanks to @anderwin for posting this first on Project Perfect Mod, we witness the footage from days 1-5 of the filming of Yuri's Revenge, which was long believed to have been lost. Enjoy!
  5. Happy (belated) New Year, everyone! Now that the holidays have ended and my personal health issues have passed, it's time to review what's recently been going around the Command & Conquer community. The biggest news, as you can see from the image above, is that last night, Frank Klepacki and The Tiberian Sons performed Command & Conquer tracks live at MAGFest. This music spectacle was streamed live on Twitch, and there is a recording available here at around 01:05:14, with a YouTube mirror (hopefully in higher quality) likely to end up on the official MAGFest channel. If you haven't already, watch that concert (don't just listen to it, that's all I'm willing to spoil!), you owe it to yourselves. W3D Hub have revealed their latest project - the Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero standalone mod for Renegade, which will be properly based on Tiberian Dawn. The highly polished final version 009 of the Contra mod for Zero Hour is now out. GenTool has been updated to version 7.6 with three bugfixes. You can grab it from CNCNZ.com or the official GenTool website. The 2.0 alpha version of the Tiberium Essence mod for Tiberium Wars has been released. The massive 3.78 patch for the C&C Untitled mod for Zero Hour has been released. The Dawn of the Tiberium Age has been updated to version 1.176. The Mental Omega mod for Yuri's Revenge has a screenshot hinting at an ominous and oddly familiar device.
  6. Plokite_Wolf


    What happens right before the mismatch?
  7. Plokite_Wolf

    A modest CnC proposal

    Aaaaand you're out. Waste someone else's time with your pointless whining.
  8. Plokite_Wolf

    A modest CnC proposal

    Are you here to discuss or just troll and push a shilling agenda?
  9. Plokite_Wolf

    A modest CnC proposal

    We all know what we don't want. A mobile free-to-p(l)ay piece of trash.
  10. Earlier today, the last results of ModDB's Mod of the Year and IndieDB's Indie of the Year awards for 2018 were released - to be exact, those in the Player's Choice - Best Released categories. In ModDB's Mod of the Year awards, the Contra mod for Zero Hour won 6th place, while honourable mentions went to Mental Omega, Twisted Insurrection, and Tiberium Essence. In IndieDB's Indie of the Year awards, no C&C-related project entered the top 10, while honourable mentions went to Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Renegade-X, and Tiberian Sun: Reborn.
  11. Plokite_Wolf

    Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    https://www.gog.com/game/soma Free for 48 hours
  12. The results for Player's Choice - Best Upcoming Mods/Indies categories in ModDB's Mod of the Year and IndieDB's Indie of the Year awards are now out! The Command & Conquer modding community has once again made us proud by entering both listings. In ModDB's Mod of the Year 2018, the ambitious C&C Generals Evolution mod for Red Alert 3 won 4th place, while the long-awaited Tiberian Sun Rising mod for Tiberium Wars got an honourable mention. In IndieDB's Indie of the Year 2018, both of W3D Hub's upcoming standalone Renegade mods have earned an honourable mention - Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising and Battle for Dune: War of Assassins. Tomorrow, on 28 December, the results of last category will be revealed, the Player's Choice of Best Released Mods/Indies, so stay tuned for that!
  13. Run everything as administrator. The fixed launchers deal with registry files among else, so they need admin privileges.