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  1. I used ParaDropWeapon, which resulted in a heat seeking missile launcher. And Nmenth is quite right about my intentions.^^ And has anyone got an idea how to deal damage to a unit over time, like an overcharged MasterMind? I looked through rulesmd.ini, and I only found damage over time bound to mind control....
  2. Hey there! I'm currently working on a new YR mod project, and I intend to create a modified Kirov Airship for Cuba which, if possible, can drop terrorists, at a low rate and maybe with a limited amount or continuous upkeep. This IS supposed to be a very mighty unit, but don't worry, it won't be one of these "oh I'm so cool because I can wreck a whole base with nothing but my new uber unit" kind of mod. I'd be glad to hear from anyone who can help me with this, even though I'm aware that the game is a little old by now and the modding community might be less active. greets, FRQDO