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  1. Okay I screwed up: I never changed the correct mix inside my AR2 directory, but a copy inside the XCC Utilities directory. I had dragged my mix file into the left overview panel in Mixer to access it quickly inside the program - that didn't create a link in the program to the correct mix file at all but copied said file into the programs directory... Heh..
  2. So I worked on it again ... and it works now, for some reason. The unit is not invisible anymore. I now believe there was never a problem with any of my inis, but with my mix file. I opened it again today (after rebooting), and the shp graphic wasn't even in there. Either I or XCC Mixer screwed up here. Mixer automatically saves any changes to the archives, right? I used to simply quit the program right after the desired changes, now I hit backspace just to make sure. Also this time, I put my archive on desktop and then used Mixer on it, and copied it back into AR2 instead of changing it right inside that directory (tho I never run both the game and the programm simultaneously). I also renamed the archive to one higher number in ecachemdXX.mix. I don't know if any of these were important, I have no clue why the graphic wasn't inside the mix, instead some old legacy Spetz.shp graphic that I was sure I had deleted long before(; it was always the correct mix file). Mixer must've stopped saving changes or something. @Doktor, yeah I noticed myself that there is something with case sensivity in the textfiles, atleast between the corresponding Headers in Rules and Art. I always try to stay the hell away from Image=, and simply use identical [Headers] and filenames.
  3. I can't for the life of me get this new infantry unit to properly display ingame. The unit is invisible, I think there is something wrong in its ARTmd.ini. But what? It's a Seal clone for Soviets, its graphic is a Seal recolor. Artmd.ini: [spez] Cameo=SPETZICON AltCameo=SPETZUICO Sequence=SealSequence Crawls=yes Remapable=yes FireUp=3 PrimaryFireFLH=100,0,100 Rulesmd has everything set up correctly and the unit is playable. The correct Artmd entry is called, a clone of [sEAL], and the Cameos are properly loaded and displayed. Now, the units image file itself is named 'Spez.shp' and is in the same .mix archive as the cameos but it's not displayed, the unit is invisible. Where is my mistake?
  4. Ok, I suppose I'll give the ship a secondary with normal missiles and give its projectile the same image as the primary with some ROT, then fiddle around with the verses so primary fires only at buildings + secondary firing only at units. That should work. Alright, thanks for the help.
  5. Alright so, DMislLazyCurve=yes actually did the trick; I can use pitch = 0 and it still hits the targets perfectly, so it really works now. Thanx Doc Now, two noob-questions left: - How do I make it follow units again? [Projectile] is useless, but DMislTurnRate= doesn't effect anything either. Or is that simply impossible? I could've sworn this worked in a mod, Endless War I believe, where a deployed ICBM-launcher vehicle downed my harriers. - And that with DMislBodyLength= also doesn't change the position of the smoke trail. Alternatively, do you know if and how I could just get rid of the smoke trail entirely? Thanks again Doc
  6. Hi everyone, (Three questions ) My plan: I want to make a Dreadnought clone that fires its missiles directly horizontally. The ship should not pull the missiles up into firing position first, and fire them so they fly very low above the surface and hit the targets on their side. A cruise missile if you want. I'm having problems getting that to work. I suppose its all about the DMISLxxx= functions in [General]. So I gave it DMislPitchFinal=0 so it flies of horizontally, and DMislAltitude=92 so it flies very low. I figured I'd give it the same height as the Dreadnoughts PrimaryFireFLH in the art(md).ini So far so good, the missiles are actually spawn horizontally, BUT now they don't hit their target, instead they fly above it/ fly through it/ miss it and then fly infinitely straight until they hit a cliff or leave the map. I then gave it a very high ROT (DMislTurnRate=20) and it hits them, but it's kinda ugly - when the missile is above the target, it does a very abrupt vertical turn down onto the target. That's not the solution I want, the missiles should hit them on their side, not from above. So my question is: What values do I need in the DMislxxx= functions so I they launch and fly horizontally (or near horizontally) and so they hit targets from their side? Is it special altitudes, or pitches, or is entirely impossible or what? =============== Also: I'd like the missiles to have weak homing abilities. That's ROT, right? But neither DMislTurnRate nor the launcherweapons projectile-ROT seem to work. I know that this is doable, I saw it before in a mod - a deployed V3-kinda clone vehicle launched (spawned- ) missiles that followed their targets; it even hit aircraft type vehicles! Here the code of my Dred-clones launcher weapon and its projectile, if that means anything: [CruiseMissileLauncher] Damage=500 ROF=100 Range=30 MinimumRange=5 Spawner=yes Projectile=InvisibleCruise ;InvisibleHigh Speed=15 Warhead=Special OmniFire=yes Report=BoomerAttack1 Bright=yes [invisibleCruise] Inviso=yes Image=none SubjectToElevation=yes SubjectToWalls=no SubjectToCliffs=no ROT=100 Acceleration=1 Now how do I get the missile to follow targets? =============== And lastly: I'm using a new bigger voxel for the missile. But the ... smoke ... is not coming from the new voxels end now, but from the center. What do I do?
  7. Hmmm, that makes mapping difficult, for me that is. Well, no bunkers then. But did the ai really behave like this in Yuris Revenge, with maps like Powder-keg? Does AiBaseSpacing= have an influence on this? (I'm using =2) Cheers
  8. (aimd.ini and perhaps rulesmd.ini related) In the mod I'm making, I have the ai build Infantry task forces to defend their base (very early in the match). Now, on my own map, I have a bunch of free bunkers around the predestined plateaus for the bases. I'd like the infantry to enter the bunkers - but they attack them mostly, it's rather random I believe. (The CanBeOccupied= and Occupier= values all match.) The script types for the two infantry task forces are: Name=Allied Base Defense 0=58,1 1=5,20 2=58,131074 3=5,20 4=58,131139 5=5,20 6=58,131139 7=5,20 8=6,1 and Name=Allied Refinery Guard 0=58,1 1=5,20 2=58,196609 3=5,20 4=58,196609 5=5,20 6=6,1 What can I do about it? Change the script? If so, how? Or rather changing something about the bunkers [section] in the rules file? Also, did the infantry in vanilla YR behave like that? Can't remember right and I dont have the standart ai ini at hand. Thanks
  9. Stan

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    Oookay: The problem was indeed the graphics driver. Solution for Nvidia Geforce 4xx users: Download the Geforce 260.63 Beta drivers. Everything works fine again. cheers
  10. Stan

    Help requested

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll look into it.
  11. I'm having a very wierd problem with Yuris Revenge that I've never had/heard of before: The EA-intro movie and (more importantly) the main menu somehow appear very stretched/disturbed and I can hardly figure out where to click and how start the game. Some pictures: (Hopefully this works with this image hoster; I have zero knowledge about this forum/posting) This is the EA intro flash: http://www.bilduploadr.de/view/a8k4ncvf/ The main menu: http://www.bilduploadr.de/view/cr5rv45o/ (I'm using a mod that has a different background movie sequence, in case you wonder about the colors.) And the Ai game screen (don't know the English word; where you play against the ai, on the map of your choice ... you know): http://www.bilduploadr.de/view/gfdgkq25/ Ingame everything is normal and works flawlessly, from start to finish. Just the main menu is affected. And this is what happened before that could possibly have caused it. I've reinstalled Win 7 X64 Ult, after installing new hardware (GTX 460, new Motherboard and ddr3 ram). And nothing else. Windows has the same settings like before, when the game still worked. Just the new hardware. I have already reinstalled RA2+YR numerous times (TFD), started in admin mode, many compatibility modes and used basically everything else in the exe's context menu (I believe). I've also tried out Tiberian Sun. Thought it had many technical things in common with RA2 so I could know if it is something engine-related. Works perfectly, the main menu and the gameplay. If it means something for RA2. ANYBODY know a solution? Or even encountered the same problem before? I have no idea how to solve this, so I come here for your help. ---------------------------------------------- Related: Could anybody please do me a favour and give me screenshots of game of the mentioned parts of the menu where the error happens? That way I can atleast somehow figure out where to point the mouse to setup a game. I'd also need to know the order in which the differend countries are listed. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info, one small problem less. The hardest obstacle is still there, though.
  13. Hello, (possibly a complete noob question as I'm still new to modding YR) In my mod I want to have a transport helicopter, that ... ...is able to pick up infantry (Who knew..); done with Passengers=X ...and is able to stay constantly in the air, except to deploy onto the ground when picking up infantry; done with IsSimpleDeployer=yes & DeployToLand=yes. Now, my problem is that this seems to simply not work together (?). My helicopter just doesn't deploy onto the ground when I have these three tags, though it changes the curser. Without Passengers= it does deploy ... but I cant put people inside ofcourse, and without the two others the helicopter automatically lands at the destination, like the original Nighthawk. My idea is to have a Flying Fortress kinda thing, with the passengers shooting with their weapons on enemies on the ground, like the Battle Fortress. Why can't these tags work together? Or is it something else that's wrong with my code? Any other way to get a helicopter like that to work? Or doesn't it work at all? It's important to me that the helicopter stays in the air by itself. (Would the passengers even shoot from the inside when landed?) If this doesn't work, I could only see this vehicle working my way with the standart flying/landing thing like the Nighthawk + a looping route with waypoints, so it doesn't land and becomes an easy target (hopefully you get what I mean). (...I don't like this solution very much though.) Here is my code. Cloned from an Attack helicopter (from a different mod), because it had the deploy/land thing which I didn't knew of before. Names , prerequi, cost and the like are already adjusted; I've simply added Passengers= & PipScale= ,the functions for passengers shooting while inside will be added later. Might contain redundant code from copy-pasting. I'm using YR 1.001 and NPatch SE 0020. I'd be very grateful for a solution. -------- [sHTD] UIName=Name:SHTD Name=Seahawk Prerequisite=FACTORY,RADAR Primary=BlackHawkCannon2 ElitePrimary=BlackHawkCannon2E OpportunityFire=yes PreventAttackMove=yes CanPassiveAquire=yes Strength=1000 Category=AirPower JumpJet=yes Armor=medium TechLevel=6 Sight=10 Speed=12 Sensors=yes SensorsSight=10 PitchSpeed=1.1 JumpjetSpeed=30 JumpjetClimb=10 JumpjetCrash=40 JumpJetAccel=12 JumpJetTurnRate=6 JumpjetHeight=500 JumpjetWobbles=.01 JumpjetDeviation=1 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians,Confederation,Africans, Arabs,YuriCountry RequiredHouses=Alliance Cost=1700 Soylent=1000 Points=35 ROT=5 Crewed=yes ConsideredAircraft=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 DebrisAnims=DBRIS1LG,DBRIS1SM,DBRIS4LG,DBRIS4SM,DBRIS5LG,DBRIS5SM MaxDebris=8 MinDebris=6 VoiceSelect=BlackOpsSelect VoiceMove=BlackOpsMove VoiceAttack=BlackOpsAttackCommand VoiceCrashing=BlackOpsVoiceDie CrashingSound=BlackOpsDie DieSound= ImpactLandSound=GenAircraftCrash Locomotor={92612C46-F71F-11d1-AC9F-006008055BB5} MovementZone=Fly DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys ThreatPosed=40 SpecialThreatValue=1 VeteranAbilities=STRONGER,FIREPOWER,SIGHT,FASTER EliteAbilities=SELF_HEAL,STRONGER,FIREPOWER,ROF,CLOAK Size=25 SizeLimit=8 PipScale=Passengers Passengers=8 HoverAttack=yes AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=no Crashable=yes SpeedType=Hover MoveSound=SeigeChopperMoveLoop EnterTransportSound=EnterTransport LeaveTransportSound=ExitTransport TooBigToFitUnderBridge=true Trainable=yes Bunkerable=no IsSimpleDeployer=yes DeployingAnim= DeployFire=yes Turret=yes DeployToLand=yes CrateGoodie=no IsSelectableCombatant=yes