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  1. pichorra

    1.06c development topic

    When the game loads a trigger, it copies the first's 5 characters of it's name to an trigger structure, then places a NULL character terminator at the 5th position. So, NOD14 will now be NOD1 . If there are a NOD1 trigger, then you got trouble.
  2. pichorra

    Pic of the Day

  3. It doesn't use just one core in my Prescott Pentium 4 (HyperThreading). Actually, setting singlecore=true lags the entire game here.
  4. pichorra

    2014 FIFA World Cup

    AAAAAAAnd we are out
  5. pichorra

    WinXP is dead.... long live Windows!

    Windows Embedded POS-Ready 2009 uses NT5.1 kernel and is XP like. It will be supported til 2019. Also, Chinese WIndows XP will still be supported
  6. pichorra

    Any news/updates about Half-Life?

    It will compete with Duke Nukem Forever in development time
  7. pichorra

    Windows 9 in 2015? And for free?

    They probably shut it down due the cost for maintaining it. No, they really removed it from their servers. I can't access it anymore, even with the corporate Windows update.
  8. pichorra

    Windows 9 in 2015? And for free?

    You can't. Microsoft shut down their servers.
  9. That isn't actually google's fault. They are abusing from a feature that chrome have for not bothering it's users. Anyway, I don't know what happened with the recent versions of chrome. It have nice some nices memory leaks that makes it unusable on my 1GB computer.
  10. Yes. Windows XP is a bloated 2000, no doubt about it. But it does not support some technologies that XP supports and my machine uses, so i'm not downgrading. 7 gives me no new stuff, that's why i'm not upgrading my computer. If 2000 supports nicely my computer, I would use it. I don't care about what US gorvenment do. They have their reasons for that. I Have my own reasons for not doing that.
  11. That's what Microsoft wants you to belive, because THERE ARE unofficial implementations of DirectX 10 for XP. http://www.nongnu.org/wined3d/ About the sound: Was implemented in Vista a new kind of sound manager that I don't know mutch. The architecture about how sounds are played are different from XP
  12. indows XP's life was extended due the failure of Windows Vista, combined with the beginning of NT kernel in home users OS. Windows Vista is bloated, and so does Windows 7 and 8. They come with a lot of 'tools' that you will never use, and the requirement of 3D acceleration to render the desktop (Aero, metro) requires processing that could be used in somewhere else. Also, Windows XP gdi rendering IS FASTER than Windows vista, 7 and 8 in all tests. So disabling Aero in order to use gdi to render the desktop results in a slower system as if you were running XP. XP also uses much less memory and resources than 7 and 8, keeping old hardwares running smoothly. Windows XP still do the job for the most of users. There is Office 2010 that is pretty mutch the same thing as Office 2013. Flash player still available and there still Av products, nice browsers and stuffs like that. Windows 7 brings no advantages for those ones. For gamming, what killed Windows XP is the lack of DX10 and higher. If most games were using OpenGL, I doubt people were going to upgrade. About Security holes: that is a problem, nothing to add about that. Basicly, Users will still use XP because companies still support it, and companies will still support XP because users use it. When the users stops using it, then XP will be dead. I still run XP, and won't upgrade that machine because I get nothing usefull from there new OS. That would simple bloat my system.
  13. pichorra

    Farewell to WinAmp

    WinAmp just got bloated after 2.0. I used it for a short time in my Cyrix MII. After i've changed to foobar. It still lightweigth, you can compare the CPU usage from WMP and it. Also, foobar is so customizable as winamp.