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    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

    whoah whoah whoah... jurrasic world was a *terrible* reboot. I do not understand why it was such a high grossing film. OMG... that was a stupid stupid stupid plot. aargh... just makes me angry thinking about it.
  2. Gben

    Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak - RTS

    I have fond memories of Homeworld. But I better get Starcraft and finish that off first...
  3. Gben

    Insane find

    Weird, cool story. Merry Christmas from Anon.
  4. Gben

    Now Playing - Games

    SW: Battlefront on xboxone... of course. I suck... of course.
  5. I have one for work (and for mobile gaming) or er... toilet gaming.
  6. Hmm, I should read up about Stargate Movies. Don't know anything about them... I now I am the only one here who likes the slower pace of SG:Universe compared to the stupidity of the Ori story execution in the latter seasons of SG1. But I still do!
  7. Gben

    Now Playing - Music

    Hey Episode 3 was recently released... nice to see the whole arc finished.
  8. Gben

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

    I saw it Friday, it deserves 6/10 for lack of originality but I give 7/10 because... shiny. Definitely worth all the effort to avoid spoilers though.
  9. I don't have the game, but it still made my day.
  10. Gben

    Captain America: Civil War

    Watching the screen junkies feedback on this, I liked how they talked up the way the trailer made this a Captain America Movie not just a full-blown Avengers movie. I also noted and like the proposition of Cap and Iron Man fighting over the winter soldier. It makes a nice progression of MCU unlike the un-natural progression begun in the Ultron movie. I also note that future trailers will more than likely show a wider cast doing more comic-book-stuff. But for me.. this is just right.
  11. Hmm... a more local version of the civil war? Maybe this should call this a block war! . . . I don't mind this (Having literally just read through the comic book tie-ins last month through marvel unlimited, but I was looking for a bigger cast onscreen so to speak.) Blink and you'll miss the panther.
  12. Gben

    Pic of the Day

    Still cracks me up...
  13. Man... haven't thought about them in a long time. That's what snipers are for! I really loved how the harvesters were truely unique for each side and not just different skins. C&C3 harvesters kind lost the simplicity of the idea when they had to make so many different variations for the factions.
  14. Sorry - yes - you DD. Thanks. Getting an iphone was never a consideration, but windows and android were a tough call. At the time I was considering the Nokia version... but it was about to go bust... like blackberry... and I didn't want to invest my habits into a dying manufacturer.
  15. For the connectivity to desktop or for stand alone features in the phone. (I remember the battery life of the original iphones was measured in hours, with first samsung in days, and my last nokia in weeks.)
  16. That night-light effect in the above image is nice. I know it's been done to death in FPS, but someone should try and design a map/mission like that, and take advantage of the visual cues to hide/highlight different things...
  17. I love android and my S4. I remember when iphones didn't have cut-and-paste... and the great joy at discovering the android os has a number row by default.
  18. Loved that moment... *sigh* if only the SP experience had more of this...
  19. I really like the first Mortal Kombat movie... and the Prince of Persia game was entertaining (but I never played the games.) In the same light, the John Carter movie was enjoyable light entertainment.