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    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Oh I will definitely see it opening weekend... but we didn't need any of Luke's postering... just the last 30secs of space interdiction. Really disappointed with the disillusioned Luke Story line, and to take up so much time in the teaser. I mean, that's all explained in the first movie. We don't need to see it again in the teaser. Show us NEW stuff!
  2. I am wondering if this post should be linked down in the footer? Under "Forum Support". I found myself looking for it when I made my first post, when I wasn't sure how to do something.
  3. I really like the C&C4:TT soundtrack in isolation, but I will happily debate anyone and everyone whether it suited C&C.
  4. How big is an Orca? How does it compare to modern helicopters? I mean I've always loved it, but it looks more like an armed escape pod... or a Cobra F.A.N.G. I really like how it developed into this... GDI 4 EVER!
  5. Not that matters who, but this does sound more like a community expert... and it does not discount the veracity of their statements.
  6. Missed overlord, but got Gal/Civ... thanks PW.
  7. It's funny how the bad songs stick more than the good songs hey? I always say the trick is to walk down the street with your theme playing in the background (in your head I mean).
  8. The jury is still out for me... same with spiderman... hate the star wars trailer... but the Thor trailer ROCKS!
  9. As the listener... more is always great... and more at the same time to 'binge' on is great for the same reason. But as an up and coming band, perhaps a well chosen single is the best way to get your lucky break and get some exposure. So it's probably different for new vs old bands. I would rather a great single than an album of filler though.
  10. Gben

    Now Playing - Music

    I heard this song, on the RADIO, and I kept thinking, how come I missed this song when it came out so many years ago...
  11. Gben

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Saw it elsewhere... but it was still lame...
  12. Belated feedback, I didn't see the chatbox when I first logged in, so I had no comparison, so I hunted it down and did a side by side. I think Nmenth's comment is correct... it doesn't look too bad but is probably unnecessary. I was worried about the vertical space it would take up, but that seems minimal. I think it would have been fine to keep them, because I'm visually orientated. The avatars would have helped me, but I okay with the decision to leave them out.
  13. Just kidding, love it! (Had to include a DWHO reference since new series starts this weekend!) Oh and I've been in the internet wilderness for the past 6 weeks, but taking a week long holiday this Easter, so will catch up in no time!
  14. Gben

    Logan (Wolverine 3) 2017

    Yep, saw it, loved it. But that Casino Hotel Scene... whoah. Intense.
  15. Gben

    Deadpool 2 (2018)

    I saw Logan on Monday, great & fantastically satisfying action flick for Wolvy. But we had technical problems before the movie started, all ads and trailers where shown with no sound. They got it fixed and Logan showed without problems. Really good satisfying movie. Probably dropped the f-bomb too much... that professor x has a dirty mouth! Saw this Deadpool trailer yesterday, I chuckled.
  16. Gben

    Now Playing - Music

    Overwatch-Sampled music video
  17. BTW... Sonic can you post some links of other sites that talk about what you mean... rather than wasting time with a mock up?
  18. *sputter* How old do I feel now...
  19. Gben

    Video of the day

    Game over man, game over! RIP.
  20. I'm so late with this, but I just watched the vid. So good. Great storytelling, with just a MP match/s. Maybe some of the attacks could have benefited from a split screen approach, rather than the van Damm kick and repeat from a different angle approach. Ren-X is so amazing for a free game/mod with micro-transactions!
  21. i don't remember losing the voice lines... I guess they got lawyered up?
  22. Gben

    Video of the day

    I saw it last night... loved it. Very linear plot (flies straight like his arrow). But spectacular start to the movie with the big action sequences in the trailer, in the first third of the film. It's a classy, big budget film. But lacks substance. Had a great time, better than any Michael Bay Transformer movie! UPDATE:
  23. I want a mobile C&C game... hurry up!
  24. Modern Design opening intro has always been my favourite, Divine Intervention works for me too, not sure much into the heavy Damage King.