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    Video of the day

    I need some Christmas mirth? What else have you got? I need to make a playlist of offbeat Christmas songs...
  2. I will definitely be getting Halo Wars when it comes out, and I shudder to say it, but EA should just make hurry up and make a C&C mobile game. (hehe... can you see it... a C&C endless runner... tanya-ka-ching-baby!... or the evil paytowin microtransactions to build sandbag wall... game!)
  3. Gben

    Now Playing - Music

    I need some Christmas mirth... what else can you suggest? Here's a couple to get you started... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeaehxEdpgo
  4. It's not a rumour, it's click bait. . . . I'm wondering how I would feel if C&C came back as a console exclusive. Sad, I guess.
  5. Gben

    Now Playing - Games

    Bought TItanfall2 and Overwatch with the Black friday sales, now just have to wait for Christmas. Playing the original borderlands for the first time on my xboxone (freegoldgame). Still playing Clash Royale, up to second last arena, but still hopeless at it... Need a second mobile game...
  6. Gben

    Pic of the Day

    Sounds like you Luk3us... you're a gonna.
  7. Gben

    BMW Transformer Car In Real Life

    Nifty proof of concept.
  8. Field and Under are the only ones memorable to me, and my limited gametime. If only because I knew them from the Renegade, and was blown away but the dejavu... new and the same all at once.
  9. Gben

    DBolical Awards 2016 Kicked Off

    Excuse my ignorance, but I had never heard of dbolical before this post... did they (moddb indiedb etc) amalgamate or something?
  10. Gben

    Trump has made history!

    [Nmenth you are an interesting person, with a bizarre point of view, and unique set of values. You are always making provocative contributions to conversations.] To clarify, a point on your current diversion, I should have said 'most people make idiotic decisions', rather than abbreviate it to 'most people are idiots'. [i believe one person one vote is the norm. Where you live, what education, what wealth you have is immaterial. Whether you a mensa club member or struck with downs syndrome, your voice is important.] I believe it is improbable to expect people to make rational decisions when self-interest is involved. [Mum told me to my vegetables as a kid, when all I wanted was to eat ice cream...]
  11. Gben

    Trump has made history!

    I watched 3 of your suggested videos Nmenth. I stand by my observation that your attitude is based on pessimism. ^ It also occurs to me, that you should move to Australia which has variations of the alternative voting system and mixed-member proportion systems. And as a result, we had Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson, and don't forget Ricky Muir... or Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott. We have the 'two-party-preferred' system, the lowest voted person's votes are redistributed either by individual voters choice or by default party preference deals. And as a result, we got Ricky Muir who won his seat on 0.51% of the primary vote! Personally, I think people are idiots and should not have the power to elect their leader. Sometimes you need disciple, and to take your yucky medicine. Who's going to VOTE for that?
  12. Gben

    Now Playing - Games

    Sigh... the days of have both a console and a super-duper pc... are long gone. Console, is more useful in our environment.
  13. Gben

    Trump has made history!

    Nmenth I think your comments are purely pessimistic not like one of 'Anthony Green's laws of politics' (joke). What I still don't get, and what troubles me the most of the system, is the voluntary system. In effect a candidate loses because not enough people turned up to vote, rather than more/most people vote that particular candidate. And besides, it's on a Tuesday. Why isn't it on Saturday with a sausage sizzle like civilised democracies?
  14. Gben

    Halo Wars 2

    OWA, glad to see/hear you got a professional gig. Good luck. I'm looking forward to play Halo Wars on my xbox, there is a lot I will do to support the bastard children of Command and Conquer...
  15. Gben

    Now Playing - Games

    Looking for my next FPS on xbox... in order of preference. Thoughts? 1. Overwatch (AAA shooter with Blizzard balance, characters with character, maybe too similar to PVZGW2) 2. Titanfall 2 (giant mechs and wall running, apparently with a decent story, but sliding in price so maybe look for the bargain bin.) 3. Battlefield 1 (everyone raves about the SP, graphics & sound, might try to convince it in as chrissy prezie.) . . . . . . . 4. COD: Infiite Warfare (Distant Fourth)
  16. Gben

    Trump has made history!

    It was on during work hours, so I had it refreshing on my computer. I was like a deer mesmerised in the headlights. I have friends in South Bend Indiana area, and boy do thy HATE Hilary. I'm always struck by this quote from Mike Moore...
  17. Gben

    Why I gave up Firefox for Opera

    I'm sick of FF, but not enough to research an alternative. I guess it must be doing okay then... at least for me.
  18. Gben

    Logan (Wolverine 3) 2017

    I love Hugh, but his standalone Wolverine movie stink. He's got the look, and maybe the sound, but the scripts & sfx are just woeful. Sigh, and I love Hugh. I'm not a big fan of the character, but he needs to be violent and aggressive and the 'pg' versions he's been have been underwhelming. Still it's his swansong, and I like the idea of using this somehow to be the excuse to reboot the franchise for the next movie. Best of Luck Always, Logan.
  19. Never liked the missile sub, it was too similar in role and gameplay to the allies. I hate mirrors. For contrast, what I liked about RA2 was things like Kirovs v Rocketeers... Prism v Apoc etc.
  20. "with all the subtlety of a WWE production" ^Ha, great line.
  21. That really was awesome... great find Sonic.
  22. I saw this headline elsewhere on the web and I also thought, wow cool proof of concept. Execution was terrible, but the idea, I would love that immersive feeling of building a base in VR, if they could just get that switch from RTS to FPS change in the future. I think it would be awesome. I'm more interested in the framework and the ideas behind this video, rather than mod/skin a fancy new engine to do exactly what the original already does... just with nicer graphics.