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  1. Going to see Captain America 2 tonight...

    1. PurpleGaga27


      I wanted to watch it but time is of the essence and it's expensive to buy it on Blu-ray if I wait. So far recently none of the Marvel movies distributed by Disney has a sale.

    2. Gben


      I forgot to check my own status and say - actually this was not like every other super hero movie. And Cap's hand-to-hand combat is amazing for an Hollywood movie. You should see it definitely.

  2. Aaah internet - how I've missed you - two weeks without seems like an eternity - but now that my landline and my internet can talk to each other again we can forget the past and move on with our lives - just don't leave me again - don't leave me!!!

    1. Luk3us


      Its not an addiction. Its not an addiction. ;)

    2. Nmenth


      It's easy to see internet as an addiction, however, it replaces so many things people used to do separately in the past. It isn't an addiction, it's a convenience.

    3. Gben


      Even worse - it literally affected work and cloud/rdc related work.

  3. Well this Christmas wasn't a total loss - finally removed SC:HOTS from the pile of shame...

    1. Luk3us


      I haven't. :o In fact my pile grows larger by the day.

    2. Gben


      I enjoyed it at the start and then halfway got bored. I think part of it was a reduce the difficulty down to normal and just ploughed through. But apart from the primal plot - there wasn't really much development or tension.


      Still Kerrigan has a nice ass.

    3. Luk3us


      Yeah but then she goes and gets a purple tan, which kinda ruins everything.

  4. Been back from a trip to Real Life... carry on... nothing to see!

  5. Bought SC2:HOTS on the weekend might boot it up today finally

    1. Traymen


      From Blizz Store?


    2. Gben


      No I bought a retail box... but the whole upgrade/unlock process was pretty confusing.

  6. Finally bought/wateched Iron Sky last night. Needed more cheese. But what was moral of the story?

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    2. Luk3us


      Hype generates unrealistic expectations.

    3. Gben


      SPOILER ALERT........



      I was quite surprised by the bombing of the asteroid at the end. And the nuclear winter that followed on earth.

  7. So my idiot neighbours lit off fireworks in the street last night... the last one was attached to a street sign and ran straight into our window, smashed on the back wall, fell on the floor, burning a hole in the carpet, and destroying a piece of artwork made by the family... happy new year. :(,

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    2. Luk3us


      Damn that sucks man.

    3. Inferno


      What kind of fireworks was that, dynamite? :S

  8. how old is this - and 96 pages already - I bags not moderating this!

    1. neogrant


      they do go back to 2008 lol, hasn't just appeared overnight

  9. Gben

    Happy Birthday Aro!

  10. Happy Birthday again!

    What are the chances of that! :)

  11. Happy Birthday CJ!

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. happy birthday from the cncnz birthday fairy!

  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. happy birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday!

  19. Heh - and so will everyone else on your team apparently. but I just want to tend my garden.... why won't they leave me alone!?!?!

  20. Gben

    Happy Birthday Aro!

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. We've just gone underground... when you least expect us... we'll be back!

  23. viva le revolution!

  24. Yeah I wasn't feeling too well this morning...