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  1. You can now tank spam even harder RA players, congratulations!
  2. Damn, didn't see that. Anyway you can delete this topic there Wolf?
  3. I quote from CnC-Comm... Now everybody can tank spam 10x as hard... yay! D:
  4. Zee being a boss. Don't **** with him.
  5. Ferret

    AI Behaviour

    Someday, the value of tiberium will be modifible.
  6. Ferret

    The Greatest Boobs In Video Game History

    lol why so srs?
  7. Ferret

    So Hi There

    Wait, so you live in a church in New Zealand? Well, welcome to CNCNZ!
  8. Ferret

    I'm new here

    HE'S LIVES! Welcome to CNCNZ!
  9. Update your video drivers from the manufacturer of your video card (or your motherboard's website if you use integrated). If you could go to Start -> Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager and tell me if anything is under "Display adapters". And if there's any missing driver (yellow question mark) that says something like "Video Driver VGA" or "Video Controller VGA" or something on that line then you should post a reply below. Thanks.
  10. Ferret

    Playstation Network Hacked

    Well, I don't have a PS3 so I don't really care. But although, whoever hacked PSN is a ****ing genius!
  11. Ferret

    So Guys...

    My 16:10 19" LCD monitor gets the job done.
  12. Ferret


    Yea but in all seriousness, Nyer was kidding.
  13. Ferret


    Here's the original post for that, hehe.
  14. Ferret


    Welcome to CNCNZ BlueBala!
  15. Ferret

    C&C Userbars

    How did you make these Wolf? I've always been curious on how people make these.
  16. Believe it or not, but the HD6990 uses power much more efficiently overall. It actually uses about W90~ less than the GTX590 and gets almost higher FPS than the GTX590. I thought I would throw that in there.
  17. Ferret

    Crash research

    I can help.
  18. My computer is struggling with this engine. Does that mean the engine is poorly optimized/programmed? I don't have any problems with any games from 2010 and above... CPU: AMD Athlon 250 X2 @ 3.0GHz GPU: XFX Radeon HD 5670 1GB RAM: 4GB HDD: 1TB Monitor: 1440x900 HP w1907 OS: Windows 7 Ult 32-bit Also, my ping is around 150 or above. I've never had such a poor experience with such a game. Being performance wise. What is up with that?
  19. So after playing this APB Gamma thing. I'd have to say that the game is still boring (IMO) and even laggier than before. I get more frames per second in ArmA2 than this game... sorry, uninstalled...
  20. The Minnesotan has added himself to the map, don't cha know?
  21. What? Are you kidding? IE is great for downloading Firefox!
  22. Ferret

    Duke Nukem Forever Delayed... Again

    Haha, ball of steel edition.
  23. Ferret

    What's in your Rig?

    Here's mine... CASE: Antec v2 200 CPU: AMD Athlon 250 @ 3.0GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H RAM: OCZ 4GB Gold Series Dual-Channel Video Card: XFX ATi Radeon HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA2 PSU: 600w OCZ StealthXStream Monitor: HP w1907 19" LCD OS: Windows 7 Ult 32-bit Yep, built it myself. It gets the job done that's for sure.