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    1.06c development topic

    What's the big deal with the spellings really. If you knew what they meant, why should it matter? D:
  2. Ferret

    So yeah... hi everyone!

    Welcome AZ-Stalker to the CNCNZ forums! Enjoy your stay sir.
  3. Ferret

    Hello there

    Welcome comrade Gekimetsu to CNCNZ.com!
  4. Nice! I voted for Dune 2, C&C, SC, and SC2.
  5. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    Sure. Another resolution wouldn't hurt.
  6. Ferret


    How much is AUD$2,000 in US dollars? Otherwise, I can't help you out. D: Currently at school.
  7. Ferret

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    Yes, please do Nyer. This patch helps a bunch with TFD.
  8. Ferret

    Games to get this 2011

    But they already have the engine all made. They also released patch 1.2.0 today too!
  9. Ferret

    C&C4 Patch Updates 19/2/10

    You just bumped an 11 month old topic!
  10. Ferret

    Games to get this 2011

    This is all I can think of right now... StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm
  11. I don't think that is possible. Sorry.
  12. I believe the videos add an extra GB or something. I believe there's a place where you can download them but I'm not sure where.
  13. Ferret

    7 Hours To Go!

    I pretty much have 13 hours to go. I'm in the United States, so you guys shouldn't be whining.
  14. Ferret

    Windows 8

    Good Windows 7 is good.
  15. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    I'm not sure if that's even possible with C&C95 to be honest...
  16. Ferret

    This Will Be LONG.

    Welcome back rSquar3d! Enjoy your stay, again!
  17. I would take a picture of my tree, but I can't find my damn camera!
  18. Ferret


    Welcome to CNCNZ Solo! Enjoy your stay!
  19. Well, as some of you may know. I live in Minnesota, and the other day we got hit pretty hard by a blizzard. I have two videos to show you and the first one is the Metrodome's roof collapsing. The second one is just a first-person view from what it looked like on the ground. Here are some photos. Yea, it's pretty hardcore!
  20. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    Happy birthday Nyer! My birthday is in 2 more days.
  21. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    If there are any error messages, please post them in a reply. You may want to try updating your video drivers.
  22. You simply cannot build more than one tank at a time.
  23. Ferret

    Hey guys

    Welcome comrade! Enjoy your stay and make sure you drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated!
  24. GT5 and Forza 3 are awesome racing games. I don't know about NFS... >_>
  25. Ferret

    Anyone getting Black Ops?

    Jesus, $100 dollars? I just bought mine today for $60 from Best Buy...