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    Anyone getting Black Ops?

    Call of Duty Black Ops is made from a completely different company named Treyarch. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gave the series a very bad reputation. I think you should seriously try out Call of Duty Black Ops because I sure as hell know I'm not disappointed. Give it a shot.
  2. Ferret

    It's my 18th birthday!

    Happy birthday! And remember, hugs not drugs!
  3. Ferret

    New Tiberian Dawn Blog Posted

    How doesn't it resemble the original Hand of Nod?
  4. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    Woah woah woah, hold on. Where did you find the special options? That looks totally BADASS! How would that work in a multi-player game anyway? Would it only be available to the host of the game? Besides, the R key is my rage quiting method, [R + Enter] is total win!
  5. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    Nope, won't work.
  6. Yep. I just had a 6 player game on LAN last night with Tiberian Sun. Lots of yelling. Hehe.
  7. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    Nope. You're good to go. Remember to install 1.06c with its hotfix too.
  8. Tiberian Dawn! Woot woot. ^^
  9. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    Awesome. If you do decide to implement this, hit me up. I'm willing to test as always.
  10. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    I know I've talked about this before but, it seems that the only problem with C&C95 multiplayer seems to be the tiberium. It always runs out and it takes forever for the blossom tree to regrow it. Is there any way to possibly increase the speed of tiberium regrowth?
  11. Ferret

    Code 13 Mod - The Latest Updates

    Are they going to change the model? Because if not, that's a B2 Spirit.
  12. Ferret


    I have no problem with swearing. Just sometimes, people can make themselves stupid if they say words like that too obsessively...
  13. Sorry but Alienware computers are overpriced. You will save a butt load if you just make your computer from scratch.
  14. Happy birthday CNCNZ.com! Too bad it's the same age as I am now... Makes me feel too young! Ahh!
  15. Ferret

    10000 Posts

    He'll probably make his ten-thousandth post replying to this thread. So congratulations Sonic.
  16. Ferret

    Pic of the Day

    I laughed REALLY REALLY hard at the Mac one. xD
  17. Ferret

    Zero Hour - Exploding units problem

    Before reinstalling. Did you delete your Zero Hour directory?
  18. Holy crap. I totally forgot about this brilliant mod... Last time I played it was like a year ago.
  19. Ferret

    Attention all girl gamers

    Seems like a good idea. Keep it up! Although, I would join but I'm a dude.
  20. Ferret


    Welcome Violetta! I am also a long time member at CnC-Comm myself. Enjoy your stay. :>
  21. Ferret

    1.06c development topic

    On topic please. This is about 1.06c, not Red Alert 2.
  22. Ferret

    Command & Conquer '95 v1.06c Released

    Yes sir! Moving out.
  23. Ferret

    Command & Conquer '95 v1.06c Released

    I have a lot of time on my hands Nyer. I am always willing to help.