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  1. Donate to CNCNZ.com

    Just threw in a little bit of cash. CNCNZ occupies an important place in my browser's start page, so I'm more than happy to help out.
  2. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    The point you quoted was more aimed at the people who were saying that they didn't really like Discord as a platform. What I have observed is that as the online world has evolved, conventional forums are used for much more permanent discussion. Our W3D Hub General Discussion forum, for example, is mainly full of player feedback these days. This is great because we can go back and look at that whenever for reference. However if users are having a discussion about which C&C game is the best, most of the time it happens in some sort of chat app, like Discord, because the conversation being had is far less important and easier to discuss instantly. I'm not saying move CNCNZ to discord, because forums are still very useful for permanent discussion. I am saying, lets get the Command & Conquer community (as a whole) a Discord, so that all remaining C&C communities have a platform to enjoy and discuss C&C as well as collaborate and promote everyone's sites. Ultimately it should serve to bring us closer together, because EA is no longer a central point for C&C.
  3. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    Maybe I should reiterate. What I meant was an additional Discord for the C&C community. Individual communities would keep their discords and use the new one to promote their community and guide fans where they need to go. Think of it as a neutral bridge between all of the modding communities where we can all meet up and talk regularly about C&C community topics and combine our efforts when anyone is in need of help. Kind of like the old modding networks that you used to see around 10ish years ago, but brought forward to use more accessible infrastructure. The main reason that I want to push this is that I feel isolated in my own community and want to share stuff they we are making with the rest of the community on a regular basis. At the end of the day, whether you like discord or not, it's one of the easiest ways to engage with a community of fans directly these days.
  4. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    I heard the news after leaving home to go on holiday, so I've been trying to keep up to date with what's been happening. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sonic for all of the awesome work that he's done to keep CNCNZ flying over the years. CNCNZ has been my source for news around the community for some years now and it's always had it's finger on the pulse of C&C. Good luck to Zee with taking this place on! Long live CNCNZ! I also wanted to apologise for the lack of help that we (W3D Hub) were able to muster when we were asked to help out with fixing the frontpage a couple of months back. We dropped the ball there and should have responded to help. We're all on the same team after all. Something that I wanted to raise, with this in mind, is that with official C&C at an all time low we should try and bring our fractured community together a bit more. What I mean by that is pulling together an official (to us) C&C Community Discord & Steam Group (and any other services that we can think of) that is run by all of the major C&C communities (CNCNZ, PPM, CNC Saga, W3D Hub, CNC Net, C&C Online, C&C Reddit, Ren X etc.). This way we can meet and discuss all things C&C together as a whole community and keep in touch with what we're all up to, as well as provide fans with a single place to gather and discover all of the communities that are still supporting C&C. What do you guys think?
  5. I disagree. Any engine can be refactored and made ready for the current generation of games if it is fit for purpose. the SAGe engine does RTS very well, so upgrading it wouldn't be a problem for a team at EA if they had a couple of years to bring it up to date. The SAGE engine a powerful AAA classic RTS engine for modders which is evident by the amount of great total-conversion and gameplay mods out there for games such as Generals, C&C3 and RA3. Starcraft II's editor is powerful, but it is limited because players cannot import their own content. The original Dawn of War had a wide array of modding tools, but both DoW2 and CoH are heavily lacking in any kind of mod support. This is why great mods like Rise of the Reds and Shockwave win moddb awards, because C&C is one of the only franchises that has truly embraced modding. Tiberium Wars was a fantastic game in my opinion, but everything after Kane's Wrath seem to slip downhill very quickly. Also, your point about Civilization is wrong. Civ is a turn-based strategy game (TBS) not a real-time strategy game (RTS). Comparing C&C to Civ is like comparing Fifa to Football Manger. The games are similar in what they do, but the execution is completely different. I totally agree. In the current state of gaming, we see a season of FPS games that oversaturate the market. Battleifled 1, CoD: Infinite Warfare and TitanFall 2 are all AAA shooters that have been released this year, with two of them being made by EA. With that, I'd say that another C&C FPS is highly unlikely, but we can dream!
  6. Halo Wars 2

    The game is coming to PC as well with mouse and keyboard controls. So it's not just the Xbox folks who get it this time. The original game is getting a PC port as well! The MS store integration is due to Microsoft's play-anywhere strategy and DX12. Play anywhere is basically a way of giving players who have both platforms the game by allowing them to only buy it once. I.E. I bought the PC version, but I also now own the Xbox version free of charge. DX12 is pretty explanatory, since it's a Win10 only API. Blitz is a mode that's designed to bring new players into the RTS genre without all of the overhead learning that's required with core mechanics like base building and resource management. It's the mode for the casual gamer who doesn't have 30mins+ to sink into a standard game.
  7. Halo Wars 2

    Hey there, glad to know that you're interested! We're actually building off of the original Halo Wars game engine, which in turn is based off of the Age of Mythology engine. So the tech is pretty old, but our guys have really done an awesome job in upgrading it to look nice and modern.
  8. Halo Wars 2

    Hey guys. I don't really post here that often, but I figured I'd share a video of what I'm working on currently. Professionally, I work for Creative Assembly; the creators of the Total War series. However, I'm now working on Halo Wars 2 and I've gotta say, it's the closest I've ever been to making a C&C game and it's feeling pretty good! Here's our latest video on the multiplayer side of things. Hope you guys enjoy!
  9. C&C Music Monday - Drok

    This has got to be one of my personal favourites. Such an awesome and brutal riff. lml
  10. So apparently the people of Aleppo need to watch out for GLA Bomb Trucks. Source article: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-05-12-uk-russian-embassy-tweets-screenshot-from-command-and-conquer-generals
  11. Kane's Tiberium Parchment

    I daresay that the description of Tratos from this document makes a fair bit of sense. A lot of what is in this document didn't make it into the final game, but it is a great read for hardcore TS fans. The gist is that Tratos used to be an archaeologist in Nod's employ who refused Kane's plans after he found out the truth behind Tiberium Divination. Between leaving Nod and the start of Tiberian Sun, he underwent Tiberium-based mutations that turned him into the wise leader of the Forgotten.
  12. C&C Music Monday - Trenches

    The feels are real when listening to this track. Brings back so many good memories of RA and APB games.
  13. Throwback Thursday for 28th January

    Surely this is the best Titan design, right guys?
  14. One of my colleagues at work sent this to me today. I guess it's a testament to how good the voice acting is in Red Alert 2
  15. Hell March Cover/Parody

    I saw this on YouTube today and figured you guys may like it. Pretty entertaining.