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    PortableRA Beta

    Not only this. Iran also extended the C&C 95 sidebar
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    PortableRA Beta

    Iran you can not reproduce the issue so easy like that. You must use cnc-ddraw and Hifi´s Mousepatch and then you have to play a few long games to get the mouse stuttering. You can even read on Hifi´s website that this problem exists in cnc-ddraw with RA and that his Mousepatch is not perfect but better than nothing namely no mouse cursor at all when it happens. Look under the point: 2011-06-16 - Possible missing cursor fix for RA!http://hifi.iki.fi/cnc-ddraw/
  3. Bullet

    PortableRA Beta

    Hello Iran thank you for patching RA so far. There are still many things to fix in RA, but the most important thing which is still not really fixed is the Mouse Cursor when you play with cnc-ddraw. You know cnc-ddraw fixes many Problems in RA like Crashes and Colour glitches but when you use it, only one new problem occurs which is the mouse cursor. The Mouse Cursor can disappear after quite a while when playing RA with the newest cnc-ddraw and then you have a real Problem. There is a Mousepatch for this from Hifi http://hifi.iki.fi/cnc/ra/patches/ra303_fix_cursor_bug_v2.exe but it only turns the disappearing of the Mouse Cursor into a stuttering glitchy imprecise Mouse Cursor which cant occur if you dont use cnc-ddraw. But you know what happens when you dont use cnc-ddraw in RA as said. Still when you use Hifis Mousepatch the Cursor will disappear after you won or losed the game instead of just stuttering which will force you to restart the game. Also when the mouse cursor begins to stutter, you need to restart your game after the the round, so the mouse dont continues glitching in the next round. If you patch this Issue in RA with cnc-ddraw, you would turn RA into a awesome playable game again which can also run perfectly on modern machines and operating systems like Windows 7 This would be very cool and awesome! Thanks in advance
  4. AlexB how about you are first looking into the Mousepatch of hifi for cnc-ddraw to make it work actually so that the Mouse does not stutter or disappear when you play with cncdraw rather than adding new units so that the game is actually playable at all? You can read it on its site that there are still problems with the RA mouse with cnc-ddraw also when you apply his Mouse patch because the Patch isnt perfect so there should be a better one. The Problem is if you play with cnc-ddraw and Hifi´s Mousepatch the Mouse CAN begin to stutter after QUITE a while and will completely disappear after the game when you return to the Main Menu. If you play with cnc-dddraw and without the Mousepatch of Hifi the Mouse cursor can even disappear right in the game and then there is nothing else left for you than to quit the game because the game isnt playable anymore then. So this should be fixed first to make the game playable before adding such crazy things which need so much time. And if you choose to play without cncdraw other problems will begin to popup because cncdraw fixes so many things in C&C! So either you play RA with a damn stupid behaving mouse cursor or your game will randomly crash This cant be it! A Patch should first fix all bugs ...
  5. Hello AlexB i have a new Arda Rev 170 Crash with Debug Folder, Syringe.log and Screenshot! Arda Rev 170 Crash 6.11.12.rar
  6. @ AlexB These Crashes were happening while NoExcept in Arda.ini was set to yes, so there are no Except files or?? I set NoExcept to yes because the Game runs much longer then.
  7. Hello AlexB i have two total new Bugs for Arda Revision 170! These two new Errors let the Game crash and it can happen anytime: 1. Crash The instruction at 72a1460f referenced memory at 06698044 The memory could not be read from Click on OK to terminate the application 2. Crash The instruction at 00560b67 referenced memory at 00000011 the memory could not be read from click to terminate the application For the first Error i have also a Screenshot
  8. Hey AlexB finally we see some progress which will make us happy for the moment I see some new useful features although stability has the first priority. While you are at it, can you make a tag for disabling the white selection squares for the own units? It is enough when you see the healthbar of your own units, you dont need that white selection square, its just disturbing and is not looking good when you select 50 units or so and everywhere are these white selection markers, its like a big chaos. Apropos selecting units i think units which can be selected at once is limited to 63 or so. Maybe you can increase that? Would be awesome And i think the features you are still working on will be the scrolling through the sidebar with the mousewheel Keep up the good work!
  9. What is new in this Screenshot AlexB? I do not see anything special in this picture And which new features you mentionend, had to be removed again?
  10. Chad1233: In Version 3.03 the ally function is not completely disabled, you can still ally with other humans but not with the AI! And this has a reason why they did that: If you can ally with the AI, you could simply ally with every Computer and they will always accept your alliance but a human has to accept it first. In a LAN game with Humans and AI you could ally with every AI and get a big advantage and if you are faster than your human opponent, he can´t ally with them because you did first. And also in a Skirmish game you could ally with every AI except for one and they won´t attack you but you can attack them with Force Fire (CTRL). Now you know why they disabled it for alliances with the Computer
  11. What about self-inflicted Crashes by Arda? Especially this one: http://www.file-upload.net/download-4561163/New-Arda-Error.rar.html I hope you fixed this already
  12. DDraw.dll fixes many problems like colour glitches, freezes, crashes, it adds a button with paletted ingame screenshots to the game and you dont need compatibility settings anymore. But it also causes one new problem: The Mouse in RA can begin to stutter and even disappear when you use ddraw. There is a Mousepatch from Hifi for that which you can find here: http://hifi.iki.fi/cnc/ra/patches/ra303_fix_cursor_bug_v2.exe But this patch fixes only the disappearing of the Mouse, not the stuttering of the Mouse and that is the one and only big problem with CnC DDraw, which has still to be fixed, because Hifi does not know how he could fix it completely ... Maybe AlexB makes a better Mousepatch for cnc-ddraw which fixes the disappering of the mouse and also the stuttering and lagging of the mouse by updating RA´s Mousecode and integrates that into Arda
  13. Hello EchoLocation you can delete antdie.shp and antdie.aud or exchange them with the graphics and sounds you need and just call them antdie.shp and antdie.aud and put them into expand2.mix With Arda you can even set the Facings for Ants to 32 like for normal Vehicles with Facings=32 in rules.ini Then you can make a proper Vehicle out of an Ant
  14. Hey AlexB how far is the progress on Ares and Arda? When will the next Ares Version approximately be released? I hope soon Greetings
  15. Yeah especially the idea with the Mousewheelfunction for the Sidebar from Xazuki. And as you can see on the Screenshot AlexB the game really seem to have problems with drawing when Arda is applied somehow which also can lead to a crash
  16. AlexB i hope you will also check my debug files which i sent you already And cheers!
  17. I wishfully wait for the next release with new Bugfixes so RA is playable again
  18. FullRA+ is outdated because it is messed up and old and has some weird settings like changed colours and it has the Westwoodchat bug. When you first time install it and you want to start FullRA+ it says it can not start because Westwoodchat is not installed. Additionally it has a different EXE because it has this Nurplemapfix. TFD is the best Version, also for Arda And until now, also the patched Version of TFD with the unofficial Patch 1.03 Revision 4 worked for me
  19. I have a Question: How can i configure Buildingfoundations like this with and without the Bib: XXX XXX XXX and XX XX XX How to configure the foundation tags then? And what about the X in the tags? The description is not detailed enough
  20. Hi AlexB, my suggestion is only to not change the calculation for the variable, rather change the variable itself from Damage to Armor and the same for ROF of course. But if it is better your way and we do not have to inclucde a new rules.ini and if we can set Armor and ROF to 1.1 for a 10% Bonus and also 1.2 for a 20% Bonus and so on, then everything is okay
  21. AlexB your solution would mean we have to set very uneven values like 0.91 (and its rather 0,909090909090909090909..... which is 1/1.1) so its very imprecise because 1/ROF would cause periodic numbers. So if we want to set a 10% Bonus for the ROF we have to set it to ROF=0,9090909090909090909 which is not precisely as well as 0.91 is not precisely. And the game can not handle such long values. So that we can use even and short numbers the Armor tag should actually be read as Armor and not as Damage as it is supposed to be!! Now as it is with the bug Armor=1.1 means 110% Damage, so you should make it 110% Armor to fix it and stay by the value 1.1 which means 110% Armor and which is correct and the only correct way. And with this way the actually rules.ini is correct and we do not have to include another rules.ini! This logic also applies for Firepower and Speed! The higher the variable the higher the Firepower and the higher the Speed. The same goes for ROF! Westwood made ROF anitproportional because in the rules.ini system ROF sets the value for the time between the shots. But they forget it here and set it to 1.1 because they thought it is the real ROF. Actually it was meant to be like this from Westwood, which is also the reason, why they set it to 1.1: The higher the value the higher the ROF. This logic also applies to any mathematical variables btw: The higher the variable for length the higher the length. The higher the variable for weight the higher the weight, not the other way around!! See? And yeah AlexB the Cost also uses this logic from Firepower and Speed and not yours with 1/x! It uses x/1 So why you want to use a totally new system like 1/Armor and 1/ROF and not actually real Armor and real ROF? The higher the value for ROF the better the ROF logically With this system it is easy to set any bonuses or handicaps: 1.0 means 100% (no bonus and no handicap) 1.1 means 110% (10% bonus) 1.2 means 120% (20% bonus) and 0.9 means 90% (10% handicap) 0.8 means 80% (20% handicap)! Naturally for Cost 10% more means a handicap because more Cost itself is not a advantage If you want it to be positive just call it Relief instead of Cost and it matches again. See this system do not cause any uneven and too long values And it is the system from Westwood!!! Do you want us to have to set values like 0.909090909090909090909090909?
  22. What do you mean by 1/ROF and 1/Armor?? You just should change the way the game interprets these tags so that they are proportional again like the others like Firepower and Speed, so that they are fixed if they stay Armor=1.1 and ROF=1.1 Firepower is also 1.1 because its always 10% better!! If you change both the values and the way the tags are read then ... This would make it crap and even more complicated because all people would have to change their values although the tags are changed
  23. Yes Chad1233 and thats also the case for France with ROF. Armor and ROF are antiproportional instead of proportional as they should be Just change Armor for England and ROF for France to 0.9 I hope AlexB will make both tags proportional
  24. Chad1233: You can find the ported C&C95 Icons in my Perfect RA Mod, just download Version 0.9 (the first released Version) and extract the Icons from hires1.mix with XCC Mixer. I will soon upload a new Version, but since AlexB give me so much more options, it will take a while :-D You can find my Mod if you click on Perfect RA under my posts ;-) Ah and yeah my Mod also fixes the England and France Bug via the rules.ini :-) Have fun!