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  1. Wow, how patient. Open the 1.2 skudef next time.
  2. It is a known WrathEd issue. Was never fixed. Ask Lauren.
  3. If you want to decompile TW mods then use proper TW definitions for WrathEd. For TW XMLs of the game itself you dont need WrathEd at all.
  4. Open a cmd and run the bat file from there to check the output. Maybe some paths could not be resolved.
  5. Why the hell do you blame EA for that? Blame jonwil for it. As Lauren said menues are made with Flash. And these XML are just a representable form of them made by jonwil. EA has nothing to do with it. And before messing with menues you should understand how to mod SAGE games in general.
  6. RTFM! ... XML Assets -> Asset References / Pipeline Object IDs
  7. Or just an editor like Notepad++ which can do regex replacements in multiple files at once. No extra tool needed.
  8. You need to import the whole hierarchical model. That means: Put all parts (container, hierarchy, obbox, mesh) of it into one single file and import that one to 3ds max. It will ask you for 2 files: hierarchy and container. You can choose the same file both times if you have everything in there.
  9. Error message? Screenshot?