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  1. Uh... RA2 is certainly cartoony (at least the ingame grafics), but RA1? I would argue the story is darker than TD and the ingame grafics are kinda the same
  2. can you try again with 4 insteat of "4" as the last value? not sure how the values need to be entered.
  3. Yes, both states are pointless and the weapon wont be needed anymore True, but lets see if this LUA idea even works before we make it more complicated.
  4. Uhm, GUBEHEMOTH_BLDA is the build animation for the default model, so yeah, the bunker is not animated in that one. The unit with the animated bunker are GUBehmBlda_BLDA, GUBehmBlda_SKN, GUBehmBlda_SKL (not sure if thats included in the _SKN in KW. I fail to see how this is supposted to work oO As far as I understand, you want the build anim to play at full lenght. So, my suggestion is this: Remove everything relating to JUST_BUILD and COMING_OUT_OF_FACTORY from the Behemoth, we cant use the default system anyway. Then add the folling to the Behemoth LUA scripting: ExecuteAction("UNIT_SET_MODELCONDITION_FOR_DURATION", self, "USER_17", "4") If my memory serves me right, this should give him the USER_17 state for 4 seconds after he has been build. Also make sure that the USER_17 animation is right below the default anim.. Of course, the next step would finding a way to make sure he doesnt get the model state when resurrected....
  5. Thats basicly what I meant when I said The build model works fine as far as I know, just looked at the version in my TWA folder and I cant remember ever messing with it. There is even a animation for the default Behemoth model, GUBEHEMOTH_BLDA. However, with this animation, the bunker is visible through the roof of the factory, hence EA had to do a new model and animatte the bunker for the build up anim. I think by default, BuildFadeInOnCreateTime triggers the JUST_BUILD state for the set amount of time while COMING_OUT_OF_FACTORY only applies until the unit reaches the rally point or gets another order.
  6. can you upload the current xml again? I think your problem is basicly that the build animation is using a different model, and even if we can force the unit to finish the animation, the modelstate might have ended allready and the different model will ruin the animation. Try increasing BuildFadeInOnCreateTime to something like 5s and see if that helps. You also might want to speed up the animation. Or you could try to force the modelcondition, but I would choose LUA instead of the weird fireweaponstuff.
  7. Yeah, sounds like the unit is skipping the end of the animation. After looking at the KW code, try this: Go to MOVING and take a look at the script: <Script> Prev = CurDrawablePrevAnimationState() if Prev == "STATE_built" then CurDrawableSetTransitionAnimState("TRANS_built") end </Script> That transitionstate doenst exist, so either copy it from the Juggernaught, or use this: <Script> Prev = CurDrawablePrevAnimationState() if Prev == "STATE_Built" then CurDrawableAllowToContinue() end </Script>
  8. Well, there certainly is no point in keeping the fireweapon update if the state isnt used anymore - at best it does nothing, at worst it will cause some other bug down the line.
  9. Because I lost the orginal archive, so I have to sort my folders and filter out my edited/TWA models GDI Artpack is now online. -Hammerhead (*max & *w3x files) -Shatterer (*max & *w3x files) -Slingshot (*w3x only) -Rifleman (TiberiumSuit) (*psd, *max & *w3x files) -Missleman (TiberiumSuit) (*psd, *max & *w3x files) -Wolverine (*max & *w3x files) -Titan (*w3x only) -Zone Raider (*max & *w3x files)
  10. yes, a couple of GDI/Nod units. Not sure if its worth sorting and uploading.
  11. This pack contains a couple of Tiberium Wars/Kanes Wrath Scrin units that were given to me by EA|Apoc back in the day: -Cultist (*max & *w3x files) -Shard & Gun Walker (w3x only) -Ravager (*max & *w3x files) Keep in mind that these units are allready in KW, so this pack is probably only usefull for TW modders (unless you want the tga textures for some reasons). However, these are the orginal w3x files, so animations are far more accurate than stuff extracted from KW. As far as I can tell, there isnt any unused stuff in there aside from some work in progress animations for the Ravager. DOWNLOAD
  12. Uhmmm... Dont you think that Corruptors would use that if its advaible in the game?
  13. @Chris It may be because of my windows settings, but as far as I know the w3x exporter only works for bone names in upper case in a skelleton. So if your model has a bone "Rootfransform", the exporter looks for "ROOTRANSFORM" in the skelleton. If it is named anything else, the exporter will act as the bone doenst exist (however, only 3ds max is case sensitive, the games doenst seem to care)
  14. Ignore that error, it has no relevance as you dont need to build any shaders on your own.
  15. Hey guys, I got another problem here: I removed the recoil effect them the Titans firing animation and wanted to use WeaponRecoilBone instead (so the recoil will also show up during walking and other anims). However, it simply wont work. Am I missing something? The recoilbone is the one used in the animaition and the recoil setting are taken from the mammoth (primary weapon only, the secondary doenst need recoil): <WeaponTemplate id="GDITitanCannon" Name="GDITitanCannon" AttackRange="325.0" MinTargetPitch="-15d" MaxTargetPitch="15d" WeaponSpeed="=$GENERIC_SHELL_SPEED" AcceptableAimDelta="=$ACCEPTABLE_AIM_DELTA" WeaponRecoil="1d" RadiusDamageAffects="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS" ClipSize="1" ReAcquireDetailType="POST_FIRE" ProjectileCollidesWith="ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS" FireSound="GDI_Titan_CannonFire" FireFX="FX_GDI_TitanCannonFire" FireVeteranFX="FX_GDI_TitanCannonFireHeroic" CanFireWhileMoving="true" ForbiddenFiringObjectStatus="WEAPON_UPGRADED_01"> <FiringDuration MinSeconds="2.0s" MaxSeconds="2.0s" /> <ClipReloadTime MinSeconds="0.1s" MaxSeconds="0.1s" /> <Nuggets> <ProjectileNugget WarheadTemplate="TitanCannonWarhead" ProjectileTemplate="FXTankShell02"> <VeterancyProjectiles VeterancyLevel="HEROIC" ProjectileTemplate="FXTankShell02_Veteran"/> </ProjectileNugget> </Nuggets> <ScatterRadiusVsType Radius="25.0"> <Filter Rule="NONE" Include="INFANTRY" /> </ScatterRadiusVsType> </WeaponTemplate> <ScriptedModelDraw id="ModuleTag_Draw" ExtraPublicBone="FXMuzzle01 VF_Tracer VF_Cann3" OkToChangeModelColor="true" InitialRecoilSpeed="16.0" MaxRecoilDistance="10.0" RecoilDamping="2.0" RecoilSettleSpeed="3.0"> <ModelConditionState ParseCondStateType="PARSE_DEFAULT"> <Model Name="GUVehicleF_SKN" /> <WeaponFireFXBone WeaponSlotType="PRIMARY_WEAPON" BoneName="FXMuzzle" /> <WeaponRecoilBone WeaponSlotType="PRIMARY_WEAPON" BoneName="VF_Cann3" /> <WeaponMuzzleFlash WeaponSlotType="PRIMARY_WEAPON" BoneName="FXMuzzle" /> <WeaponLaunchBone WeaponSlotType="PRIMARY_WEAPON" BoneName="FXMuzzle" /> <WeaponFireFXBone WeaponSlotType="SECONDARY_WEAPON" BoneName="VF_Tracer" /> <WeaponLaunchBone WeaponSlotType="SECONDARY_WEAPON" BoneName="VF_Tracer" /> <Turret TurretNameKey="Turret" TurretPitch="B_Tilt" TurretID="1" /> </ModelConditionState>