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  1. Stygs

    Changes from TW1.09 to KW1.00 Info Dump

    Does this even count as bugfix? I mean, they added an filter for the regular Drone Ship... but at the same time forgot to add the subfaction ones xD But thanks for that list, there are a couple of changed I never noticed. Time to add them to my own mod:
  2. Stygs

    Missing/Lack of Model

    Well, if you used the TW modding tools, you should also get a logfile when compiling you mod. Assuming the compiler couldnt find the model, it should at least show you where it exspected the model to be. So find out where the compiler was looking for the model, why it was looking there and why the wasnt actually there.
  3. I think the idea was that this is related to the chronosphere. That would kinda explain his abillity to teleport and give a reason for him beeing in Red Alert. Image it this way: WW was probably just starting to develop RA1 when TD was released and when they realized how popular Kane was, they knew they needed him back for the next Tib game. So why not use the teleportion device from RA to explain how he survived? Of course that raises more questions than it answers... Some of the IDBs in KW have Kane mention his "departed brothers", making it sound like he was marooned on earth by whatever group he belonged too. Maybe they left him some secret base or an hidden alien ship that he uses as hideout between the games that also houses some secret tech like the teleporter. After all, it seems they didnt want to kill him but imprison him, so maybe they gave him something to prolong his life. Then again, when he talks about the Tacitus in the GDI ending, he seems genuinely amazed by its powers and talks about "the next step in OUR evolution" as if he seems himself als a human, so your guess is as good as mine.
  4. <SpecialPower id="ModuleTag_Curse" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_CABAL_SystemReset" UpdateModuleStartsAttack="true" /> <CurseSpecialPower id="ModuleTag_CurseUpdate" SpecialPowerTemplate="SpecialPower_CABAL_SystemReset" TriggerSound="NOD_Redeemer_RageGeneratorMS" CurseFX="FX_TEMPLarge" CurseFactor="1.0"> <AffectObjectFilter Relationship="ENEMIES NEUTRAL" Rule="NONE" Include="SUPER_WEAPON"> </AffectObjectFilter> </CurseSpecialPower> "Curse" is a leftover fom BFME that resets the targets specialpower. "CurseFactor" is the percentage, ie 1.0 sets it back by 100%, 0.5 sets it back to 50% (afaik). Not sure how much it helps by whatever your traying, but it might be usefull.
  5. I never realised before that the supervisor face is basicly just the human image turned upside down - and now that egozi found some early sounds for the scrin in the TW files that basicly sound like the Protoss, (just in some made up alien language instead of english), I starting to think Alex06 was right. Maybe they were intended to be Aliens and changed during development to stand out more from the humanioid aliens that most sci fi games seem to have.
  6. Well, the yellow blue robot in the header is clearly a redeemer while the soldiers next to it seem based on RA2 tesla troopers, so I guess it was made after KW. The concepts on the bottom of the page look like Forgotten vehicles (using GDI parts like the slingshot cannons), so it might either be early ideas for a second TW addon or (more likely) it might have been an early idea that later lead to Tiberium Alliances. EDIT: One of the drawings has a TT Titan in the corner, so I guess they would have been made after TT.
  7. Well, it certainly would explain why the portal in CNC4 was humansized. But since one of the IDB entries mention that the Tacitus was NOT made by the scrin themself, there has to be other races in the mix. But in all honesty, right now I think the picture is something else: LEGION, the AI based on human and scrin technology, hence a CABAL style head (just more human this time) with a scrin background. Hence also the slight pink color - just like in the KW ending cinematics.
  8. Thats controlled by ParkingPlaceBehavior: NumRows="2" NumCols="2" Lets just say this uses leftoever codes from CnC Generals, so the number of possible landing slots is NumRows * NumCols. That also defines which bones the aircraft will look for while landing. However, I tried to add more landing pads once and as far as I can tell, EA never added support for more than 4 landing pads to the game.
  9. Stygs

    w3x viewer

    This is the proper color display for the model you selected. Try selecting the NUVert_SKN.NEWSKIN mesh or NUVert_SKN model.
  10. Stygs

    w3x viewer

    Thats normal. The part you selected has the distorion shader applied, hence its only displayed as bright colors in the viewer.
  11. Last time I saw him, he seemed rather angry and didnt seem to care much for CnC anymore. I wouldnt bet on him or his page coming back.
  12. The position for the mod.str depends on the compiler/buildmod.bat you are using. I think by default it should be in the same folder als the mod.xml.
  13. Seems to work again after replacing the Buildmods and Tools folders with the ones Lauren supplied. No idea what exactly caused it, but lets hope it works for now.
  14. Hi guys, I got a very weird problem and no idea whats causing it. I startet modding TWA again a couple of days ago, but something changed today because suddenly, the compiler is unable to find the orginal TW assets - everything modded that usses vanilla assets is invisible and giving me the usual "Warning: Unknown asset:" message. However, new assets work fine and unmodded vanilla objects are displayed correctly (so its not caused by corrupted game files). The weidest thing is that it worked yesterday (make a video for my cluster missile) and its not related to TWA (happens with my other testmods too). Reinstalled the SDK and tried the mod studio, but same problem. The only thing I remember is installing a bunch of windows updates, but I cant think of any reasons why they would break the SDK :/
  15. The short version is: Before the CnC3 release, EA released a semi scientific document on how tiberium works. It was a cool and interesting idea to promote the game, but it basicly contradicted every single thing the earlier games said about how Tiberium works. Basicly: Old Tiberium extracts minerals and organic componets and turns them into the Tiberium cristals, turning earth into a alien planet full of mutated Tiberium lifeforms. New Tiberium simply turns EVERYTHING into crystals, turning earth into a big tiberium crystal. Not to mention that elements like the Tacitus or CABAL were basicly forgotten in TW and only brought back in KW because the fans demanded it. And lets not forget about the lack of cyborgs, mechs, hover or underground units, sonic weapons... TW has basilcly the same unit rooster for GDI/Nod as TD, just with some more air units.