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  1. Seems to work again after replacing the Buildmods and Tools folders with the ones Lauren supplied. No idea what exactly caused it, but lets hope it works for now.
  2. Hi guys, I got a very weird problem and no idea whats causing it. I startet modding TWA again a couple of days ago, but something changed today because suddenly, the compiler is unable to find the orginal TW assets - everything modded that usses vanilla assets is invisible and giving me the usual "Warning: Unknown asset:" message. However, new assets work fine and unmodded vanilla objects are displayed correctly (so its not caused by corrupted game files). The weidest thing is that it worked yesterday (make a video for my cluster missile) and its not related to TWA (happens with my other testmods too). Reinstalled the SDK and tried the mod studio, but same problem. The only thing I remember is installing a bunch of windows updates, but I cant think of any reasons why they would break the SDK :/
  3. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    The short version is: Before the CnC3 release, EA released a semi scientific document on how tiberium works. It was a cool and interesting idea to promote the game, but it basicly contradicted every single thing the earlier games said about how Tiberium works. Basicly: Old Tiberium extracts minerals and organic componets and turns them into the Tiberium cristals, turning earth into a alien planet full of mutated Tiberium lifeforms. New Tiberium simply turns EVERYTHING into crystals, turning earth into a big tiberium crystal. Not to mention that elements like the Tacitus or CABAL were basicly forgotten in TW and only brought back in KW because the fans demanded it. And lets not forget about the lack of cyborgs, mechs, hover or underground units, sonic weapons... TW has basilcly the same unit rooster for GDI/Nod as TD, just with some more air units.
  4. yeah, all SpecialObjectFilter NEED to be the SAME, otherwise one nugget will be able to fire the weapon.
  5. Your ActivateLaserNugget needs a filter too.
  6. You cant, thats part of the model. The Riflemen have the muzzleflash animated on its own while militants just have it follow the gun. Hence mixing them results in something like this.
  7. I dont need to, it works fine in the viewer and the model I use in TWA also works fine. Pretty sure the model I use also has the ion cannon underneath, so pretty sure it also a beta model. Again, the error is most likely your xml.
  8. Not sure if the beta model has any differences to the final one... but considering the model is fine, I would blame your xml file.
  9. That allways reminds me of a quote from Renegade and DCoder, two of the guys working on the ARES patch for RA2:
  10. The weapons usually has an AntiMask setting (if it doesnt, it defaults to anti ground). If you want them to attack both air and ground, just use AntiMask="ANTI_GROUND ANTI_AIRBORNE_VEHICLE ANTI_AIRBORNE_INFANTRY">
  11. Well, I think even with EquivalentTo, you need to add the new unit to the ExperienceLevels.xml and I am pretty sure that filters will still consider them different units.
  12. How about you just search the xml files for it? All GDI special powers that spawn veteran units allready use that...
  13. Uh, Stalin dacing before he gets shot? Yeah, total comedy gold I fail to see how this is cartoony or comes anywhere close to Romanov in his underware or Yuri getting eaten by a T-Rex. Yes, RA1 was apparently inspired by old B-movies. And while the cinematics might have been corny, they certainly are not cartoony in the way RA2/3 were.
  14. Are you sure we are talking about the same game? The one were people died horrible during the cutszenes? The one with nerve gas and stuff? And all your points fit for TD too: quirky quotes, a weird scifi Nod ending (net runner?), over the top laser turrets (obelisk) and oversized double-barrelled tanks and bad acting.
  15. Uh... RA2 is certainly cartoony (at least the ingame grafics), but RA1? I would argue the story is darker than TD and the ingame grafics are kinda the same