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    Annex: Conquer the World

    Has anyone here played this game? Annex: Conquer the World is a free, open source RTS game that runs on the MegaGlest engine, and is apparently inspired by the Command & Conuqer series of games, as well as Earth 2140 (and sequels), StarCraft and Warzone 2100. There are four playable factions (with two more add-on factions available separately), several tilesets, campaign scenarios, skirmish and multipayer modes. The same developer is working on another title with a space sci-fi setting, called Terra Centauri: Last Stand. A beta is available here. I haven't checked either game yet but from the screenshots and videos it seems pretty similar to later C&C titles (except with an Anime design style).
  2. MrFlibble

    Unreal Tournament 4

    Does it require staying logged on to some service or other? Does it require Steam?
  3. GOG.com gives away Aliens versus Predator 2000 for free if you sign up for GOG Galaxy mualtiplayer beta test: http://www.gog.com/newsletter/avp-giveaway?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=game_subject&utm_campaign=AvP_giveaway This action lasts until Friday, October 17, 9:59 AM GMT.
  4. I've played a demo of the first Tropico game a while ago, it's a very well thought-out, in-depth socioeconomic simulator (and also has a great soundtrack and lots of humour). If the third instalment in the series is as good as the first one it certainly is worth checking out! [Edit] Yep, it seems like a faithful follow-up on the original game (Tropico 2 has a different setting, a 17th century pirate island).
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    Printer Hacked to Run Doom

    Well that printer has ways more RAM than most PCs did back when Doom was released. What has science done.
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    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Oh yes, I fogot to update the post with the official site link. Thanks!
  7. MrFlibble

    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    I've just learned about this Doom engine game called The Adventures of Square. It has some very nice art and music, and good level design. The first episode can be downloaded from the above link. Also, here's a review of the game.
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    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Here's some nicely done free game: Download at IndieDB.
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    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Apparently this YouTube user uploads gameplay videos of freeware games, might be useful for finding some potentially interesting stuff.
  10. MrFlibble

    Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Rockstar

    On the upside, I guess this is going to add some more popularity to the game?
  11. MrFlibble

    Video of the day

    Judging by the trailer, the series looks quite stylish. Nice!
  12. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    Thanks for the info! (Sorry for a belated reply, I didn't check the forums for a while.)
  13. I've asked the experts at VOGONS and here's their (well, first and foremost, leilei's) suggestions: to get maximum quality, run DOSBox in fullscreen in highest resolution possible, use the normal2x scaler instead of hardware2x, CRT.D3D.br might produce better results. Here are comparison shots of the three shaders with two different scaling methods (in 1024x768): CRT-geom-curved.fx (hardware2x) CRT-geom.curved.fx (normal2x) CRT.D3D.fx (hardware2x) CRT.D3D.fx (normal2x) CRT.D3D.br.fx (hardware2x) CRT.D3D.br.fx (normal2x)
  14. Hopefully this will be interesting to the DOS verison enthusiasts here. I was playing around with pixel shaders that are included in DOSBox SVN Daum, and realized that several of them will alter the image so that it looks like real CRT screen output. One of the shaders goes as far as to imitate the curved surface of an actual CRT display: Another shader creates a less noticeable surface distortion: To set up DOSBox SVN Daum to use these shaders, you'll need to change the following lines in dosbox.conf: [sdl] output=direct3d pixelshader=CRT-geom-curved.fx [render] aspect=true scaler=hardware2xCRT-geom-curved.fx creates the "fishbowl" effect pictured in the first screenshot above. CRT.D3D.fx is shown on the second screenshot. CRT.D3D.br.fx is a brighter version of CRT.D3D.fx. Also there's CRT-geom-blend.fx, which is similar to CRT-geom-curved.fx but also adds motion blur. All these will work both in the windowed mode and in fullscreen. You can also get higher resolution images by using hardware3x, hardware4x and hardware5x instead of hardware2x:
  15. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    In a super belated post, I think this is a quite funny April Fools joke.
  16. MrFlibble

    Red Alert Arda problem

    It doesn't ruin the game but it makes the experience not completely authentic. Also the tiny unit sprites were never meant to look that small originally.
  17. Huh? Is there something remarkable about that?
  18. BTW, it turns out that certain parameters of the CRT-geom-curved.fx shader (which was apparently initially written for a console emulator or other to imitate TV screen output) can be modified by editing the shader file to adjust screen curvature (or even turn it off entirely, even though that would be sort of missing the point), the size of the curved corners, gamma correction, as well as some other things. Here's what it looks like without any screen geometry imitation: This is accomplished by commenting out (with the //) the following line in the shader file: // Enable screen curvature. //#define CURVATUREAnd here's the same shader with less pronounced curvature: // aspect ratio float2 aspect = { 0.5, 0.5 };And this is to make the screen curves smaller: // size of curved corners float cornersize = 0.02;I found a very detailed description of this shader and its customizable options here:http://filthypants.blogspot.ru/2012/07/customizing-cgwgs-crt-pixel-shader.html BTW, CRT-geom-curved.fx should also work with Gulikoza's build, although it's apparently neither included with it nor available at the download page (there's only CRT.D3D.fx).
  19. I wouldn't say that it necessarily lowers the quality of the image. I might be biased, but I think the image looks somewhat better that way - at least, compared to the raw low-resolution image that has been stretched on a modern display, exposing all its pixely quality. And I certainly believe that this kind of image altering is better than all those filters which attempt to smooth up low-resolution output to give it the appearance of higher quality graphics (like advinterp2x or supereagle). Some of them are are more or less nice (like hq2x - but it's all YMMV of course), but they all push the image even further away from what it looked like originally on CRT monitors.
  20. That's a paired comparison test, right? Except people will do separate paired comparisons for two lines of products.
  21. MrFlibble

    Game Soundtracks for Free

    Not again. I have no idea what I do wrong in this particular forum that links don't get parsed properly like that. Anyway, it's fixed now.
  22. MrFlibble

    Game Soundtracks for Free

    A nice blog dedicated to free game soundtracks: http://farharbor.blogspot.com [Edit] Apparently Interplay used to have MP3 soundtracks from quite a few of their games available from their FTP back in mid-2000s: http://web.archive.org/web/20040212234647/www.interplay.com/interact/downloadlist.asp?Dltype=1
  23. MrFlibble

    The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Well, to be fair, Megazell used to document one-time freebies in his list and keep them even when they were no longer available (he seems to have reworkid his list since though).
  24. MrFlibble

    Game Soundtracks for Free

    FilePlanet's download servers seem to be offline, here's an alternate download link: http://games.softpedia.com/progDownload/Stargunner-Soundtrack-Download-140360.html