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    Free PC Games short-list

    I fixed the link and the truth is that you don't actually need an account to download Blackthorne.
  2. MrFlibble

    Free PC Games short-list

    BTW guys, Blackthorne is now available for free from Blizzard: https://us.battle.net/account/download/?show=classic
  3. MrFlibble

    Is the RTS genre really dying?

    What about 0 A.D.?
  4. MrFlibble

    Free PC Games short-list

    I've mentioned this elsewhere but still: http://juegosliberados.blogspot.com/ This is a frequently updated blog on free and liberated games for various platforms.
  5. MrFlibble

    Free PC Games short-list

    Hmm, this list from the same website is much more detailed. The short one seems to be mostly aimed at advertising online-only games. As for System Shock being legally free, it doesn't seem to be actually the case. The "official disclaimer" Giant Bomb has linked to isn't in any way "official", it's been posted by a forum administrator of some System Shock fan forum: Basically this just says what a typical "abandonware" website would say: "those games are no longer sold and there's no monetary harm if we distribute them without official permission". So much for an "official disclaimer".
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    Video of the day

    The Cynical Brit, a well-known video game YouTube critic, relays the details of a recent incident in this video: Basically a game development company used the "copyright protection" legislation to take down a video review that harshly criticized their game, and got away with it (for now at least). [Edit] After the general public on the Internet was outraged by this event, Wild Games Studio was pressured to restore the original review:
  7. Today a guy dropped by at FED2k Forums and announced a port of Dune II: The Building of A Dynasty called Dune Dynasty. This is an enhanced Windows & Linux port of OpenDUNE, which in turn is a very faithful recreation of the Dune II engine based on reverse-engineering of the original game. Dune Dynasty offers to play in high resolution modes, adds multiple-unit selection, production queues and rally points, and also improves the AI and sound emulation. At the same time, the port stays as close to the original as possible. NOTE: You need the original files from Dune II v1.07 to play.
  8. MrFlibble

    TD DOS Demo @ Archive.org

    I've been playing the Orca mission from the demo the other day, and noticed that the civilians are treated as hostile by GDI forces. I don't have the full game's files right now so I can't check, but surely this isn't how it was supposed to be, right? [Edit] I didn't realize Nyer has all the maps from the full game uploaded here. Weird enough, the version of the same map from the full game doesn't list Neutral as an ally of GoodGuy... Maybe the friendly state of GDI towards civilians is governed by some hardcoded logic that is absent from the demo? On the other hand, IIRC there are some Nod missions though where Nod are friendly towards civilians (not the Mao Civil War mission where there are two types of civilian sides, but some CovertOps mission or maybe a console-only mission), and maybe one or two where GDI are occasionally hostile to civilians.
  9. MrFlibble

    The MobyGames crisis

    It is my understanding that the lack of manpower resulted from some people leaving after having been disappointed with site's management by then-owners somewhere around 2009-2010. I guess this was inevitable as the site grew larger and the amount of effort needed to maintain and update it increased proportionally. Also, because it's a volunteer, user-contributed database one cannot expect anyone to dedicate all of their time to its maintenance and development. With most of the community reluctant to work further unless GameFly demonstrates at least a remote interest in really supporting the site and not just making random, poorly thought out and poorly executed changes no one asked for, it remains unclear who the people in charge will be in the near future. Similarly, if GameFly has any plans for renovating the site in whatever direction, this is also completely unknown as they refuse to communicate with the forum staff (nice attitude, eh?). People who have been spending years developing the site feel very bad right now, as with reduced accessibility and awful presentation, the quality of MG has also suffered. Of course they feel as if their personal efforts have been undone, and they are powerless to change anything at the moment. So maybe from a user's standpoint the change is not a particularly distressful event (after all, slow loading times and inconvenient interface aren't all that rare), but the long-time contributors' and approvers' spirits are down, and this is very sad.
  10. MrFlibble

    Game Soundtracks for Free

    Heh, I also had to look up the track names somewhere (thankfully some AoE wiki or other - or maybe even Wikipedia - had the entire Collector's Edition track listing)
  11. MrFlibble

    Origin scam mail?

    You should probably report it to the real Origin guys so that they can warn other users. Also, one may wonder where the scammers got the e-mail addresses of Origin customers. Shouldn't this kind of information be protected and no easily accessible by anyone? This might be indicative of a security breach.
  12. MrFlibble

    Original Red Alert Maps

    Download and install XCC Mixer, run it, open MAIN.MIX on your Red Alert CD (any side), open GENERAL.MIX inside MAIN.MIX, all scenarios are INI files inside called SCG####.INI for the Allies and SCU####.INI for the Soviets.
  13. MrFlibble

    Daily C&C Trivia

    I don't think that #2a is negation to #2, it seems like some leftover cursor from Tiberian Sun. Maybe #14 and #14a a re related to unit rally points? As for the blue cursor #16, could it be a naval unit movement cursor?
  14. MrFlibble

    Daily C&C Trivia

    IIRC the role is credited as "Ordos Serviceman Spy". Here's that cutscene: Also, it's not "Harkonnen AI" but "Harkonnen Mentat". I think the guy with the moustache has a different nose and forehead shape, while the guy on the right seems like a closer match. Not sure though. [Edit] Wait, now I remember, Frank is the guy in the dark uniform next to the fake moustache guy. Your question mark is right above him. His face is more or less clearly seen in the beginning of the .
  15. MrFlibble

    Daily C&C Trivia

    I've always assumed Frank is the guy on the right who's looking at the map in this shot. The guy on the left looks nothing like him. It's the first time I hear that he's also the Speaker of the Ordos Executrix Council. Where did you get that info?
  16. MrFlibble

    Daily C&C Trivia

    I knew about most of those geographical mistakes before, but I've never really given them a thought. Now I'm starting to think that this may indeed be indicative of poor geographical education on the developers' part, combined with Did Not Do The Research and They Just Didn't Care. Similarly, Red Alert 2 has certain WWII-related historical landmarks like the Iwo Jima monument or the Arizona Memorial, which shouldn't be there now that WWII didn't happen in the Red Alert timeline. In this case however, I fancy that the landmarks could have been thrown in, perhaps consciously, just to be recognizable for the US consumers.
  17. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    I know that Renegade X uses original Renegade data (speech), I suppose without any explicit permission from copyright holders (if I'm wrong on this please correct me!). Conversely, the guys who created Black Mesa had to re-record all dialogue in addition to creating all other game resources from scratch, as Valve asked them not to use any materials from Half-Life. I know nothing about Goldeneye Source, thanks for mentioning this, I'll check it out, Well, first off Aleona's Tales is on the list. Secondly, I never stated that I'd include everything I find or is mentioned in this thread into the list in the first post. Currently I don't include remakes that preserve non-trivial (and probably copyrighted) titles of the originals that they are recreating. Remakes are a different thing altogether (although they overlap with clones to some extent) and should be considered as such. Mobility is a shareware game now, no longer freeware. As a matter of fact, it was from the start not a freeware game, but a free commercial game because it was sponsored by the German government; when government sponsoring was withdrawn they switched to the shareware model to support the project. Turbo Lode, while being inspired by Lode Runner obviously, is a completely different game (different mechanics). It might get on the list, as Scorched 3D is a similarly "inspired by" game with substantial differences.
  18. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    The list now has a separate section for free content replacement projects that use either the original engine of the respective game, or a game engine remake that is capable of handling original game data. Also, added the following: Half-Life Black Mesa (Source) Quake Open Quartz (QuakeForge, DarkPlaces) OpenQuartz 2 (DarkPlaces) OQPlus (QuakeForge, DarkPlaces) [SVN]
  19. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Aleona's Tales [screenshots]
  20. MrFlibble

    Places to get shareware and freeware games

    Just found this really huge blog dedicated to liberated games: http://juegosliberados.blogspot.com/ It's in either Spanish or Portuguese (can't tell because I'm not very familiar with both languages), but everything is pretty self-explanatory. The blog seems to feature quite a few really obscure games too.
  21. While there are obvious places where game demo or shareware downloads can be found, like cd.textfiles.com, archive.org or FilePlanet, they are often tiresome to navigate, and may still lack the files needed. On the other hand, not every classic/retro gaming website has a downloads section, leaving the users to find the games that have caught their attention on their own. The alternative to this are file repositories that are more or less focused on a particular time period, genre and/or platform. These can be divided into several categories: Active shareware developers and publishers from 90's 11th Dimension Entertainment Adept Software Alivesoft Apogee Software/3D Realms Arcanum Computing Astral Entertainment (now Monkey with a Moustache Entertainment) Awkward Software Bluemoon Interactive Bog Turtle Games LLC Brainchild Design Brain Block Interactive, Inc. Carl Ericson's Computer Games Carr Software Clonk Copysoft Cornutopia Dataware Software Digital Nightmares Everett Kaser Software Free Lunch Design Games By Eric Henson Games By Scott Gray Design Associates Homebrew Software Hungry Software Inter-Active Arts KnightSoft Technologies Lexaloffle games Longbow Games Malfador Machinations Midnight Synergy Moraff's Games Mountain King Studios Inc. MVP Software NecroBones Enterprises ORT Software Redwood Games Ron Heuse Software Development Sean O'Connor's Games Shareware Hangvogel Slicks'n'SLide Soleau Software Spiderweb Software Star Wraith 3D Games Tactical Soft Terminal Studio UnReal World Viable Software Alternatives Wendell Hicken Online Wiering Software Shareware developers and publishers from 2000's 300AD Awem Basilisk Games Bitbliss Studios BlitWise Productions Choco Snow Creation Codeminion Divo Games Heroic Fantasy Games Jade Games Jagged Blade Games Mitorah Games Niels Bauer Games Phelios Quest Engine Rake in Grass Redclaw Games Sillysoft Soldak Entertainment Stormcloud Creations Superluminal Inc. VSBgames Game developer and publisher FTP sites ftp://ftp.atari.com/demos/ ftp://ftp.bluebyte.com/demos/ ftp://ftp.gtinteractive.com/demos/ ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/ ftp://ftp.lucasarts.com/demos/pc/ ftp://ftp.team17.com/pub/t17/demos/pc ftp://ftp.ubisoft.com/Demos/ ftp://ftp.wizworks.com/demos/ http://largedownloads.ea.com/pub/demos/ Mirrors: ftp://ftp.games.skynet.be/spool1/games/ftp.bioware.com/demos/ ftp://ftp.games.skynet.be/spool1/games/ftp.westwood.com/ http://ftp.gameaholic.com/pub/mirrors/ftp.blizzard.com/ DOS games ftp://ftp.padua.org/pub/msdos/dos/games/local/ ftp://nic.funet.fi/pub/msdos/games/ http://ftp.icm.edu.pl/pub/coast/games/ ftp://ftp.pgp.net/pub/msdos/dos/games/local/ http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/games/PC/ ftp://ftp.uni-potsdam.de/pub/systems/dos/games/ ftp://delphi.hs-niederrhein.de/pub/dos/games/ http://www.ftp.funet.fi/index/msdos/games/ http://www.gamers.org/pub/archives/uwp-uml/ Windows games ftp://ftp.icm.edu.pl/vol/rzm1/ntware/games/files/ ftp://ftp.farlep.net/pub/clubix/demo/ ftp://ftp.farlep.net/pub/clubix/demo2/ ftp://ftp.farlep.net/pub/clubix/demo3/ ftp://ftp.fi.netbsd.org/.m/archive1l/ftp.winsite.com/pub/pc/win95/games/ ftp://ftp.gamers.org/pub/mirrors/ftp.gamesdomain.co.uk/demos/ ftp://ftp.peliplaneetta.net/pelidemot/ ftp://ftp.uni-potsdam.de/pub/systems/win95/games/ http://elektron-bbs.dyndns.org/files/win95/spiele/ http://ftp.gameaholic.com/pub/demos/ These lists are of course incomplete and any further suggestions are more than welcome
  22. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    I've reworked the list yet again. The shareware clones and the open source liberated game build sections were dropped, and now board game implementations are a separate category. Also, added the following titles: Castle of the Winds, Ancient Domains of Mystery Fame Diplomacy Ludus Regius Panzer General II OpenGeneral RPG Maker Advanced RPG Maker Mokoi Gaming Open Legends Open RPG Maker Sphere RPG Engine Sid Meier's Civilization Conquests Titan Colossus Wizardry VII Escape From The Maze Warzone 2100 is different because it is my understanding that there has been an official source code release, whereas the Westwood Studios games are independently reverse-engineered by the people who work on them. A complete reverse engineering project with further re-writing of the code and the resulting ports to modern OSs is that of yet another WS game, Dune II, and the project is called OpenDUNE. Also I've just learned that the leader of the XL Engine project has been recently working on completely reverse-engineering and rewriting The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (details are in the blog) with a view to create a 100% compatible and authentic implementation of the game, plus the much needed bug fixes (reportedly, Bethesda lost the source code of Daggerfall at some point).
  23. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    Nice, the authors seem to have modelled this after Populous. Apparently, this was originally a browser-based game BTW. That's a source port of Tyrian, which itself is a free game (formerly shareware).
  24. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    Atlantis Atlantis Puzzle Bobble Bobble Puzzle BurgerTime Burgerland Dogfight Dogfight: Battle in the Skies OutRun RunOut Oxyd Enigma Paratrooper Dragon Fire Planet Defender Planetary Defense R-Type GazerStar Rampart Cannon Conflict Kajaani Kombat Sentinel Sentry SimCity Mobility [shareware] Solar Fox Solar Wolf Space Spartans Space Spartans Star Strike Star Strike Starion Starion 2010 Telengard Telengard Lode Runner Turbo Lode Wing Commander Flight Commander
  25. MrFlibble

    Free alternatives to classic games

    Driller Driller (remake) Elasto Mania X-Moto M.U.L.E. Planet M.U.L.E. NetWars NetWarsGL Stunts Ultimate Stunts X-COM: Enemy Unknown Project Xenocide X-Force: Fight for Destiny