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  1. The return of the Status Update? Hmmm..... :confused:

  2. CNCNZ Updates - September 2017

    The new theme surely looks familiar which makes it look like a blast from the past. As for the new CNCNZ logo, what font is it? I would like to see the return of the groovy Pepsi font because it's cool and classy.
  3. CNCNZ Updates - September 2017

    Well the forums are getting more boring without any news or any new interesting topics to discuss with. I am running out of discussion topics too, and the same goes to the Revora forums. I am glad C&C Legos has returned. Cartoon and Conquer and Tiberian Daylight comics had ended. Community Battlecast Primetime from NodSoldierGirl, Doomtanker and Sybert had gone inactive for over a couple of years. Also one more thing to mention, and the one feature Sonic has done before ever since the beginning, if only Zee can bring it back..... CNCNZ Roundtable Discussion
  4. CNCNZ Updates - September 2017

    More monthly polls. More C&C Legos. The reputation system. It has been abused and trolled. Because I don't find it enjoying, it should retire. The return of the bbcode button in a edited/created post or thread (you know... viewing the entire source code to a typed post). It was seen in Revora forums (even with the IPB update) but not here.
  5. Blade Runner 2049

    Got some dire news on the original composer. According to news sources, it appears that Jóhann Jóhannsson failed to deliver the promise of composing the entire soundtrack for Blade Runner 2049, let alone Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch be credited for the whole thing. Originally Johann was going for an original fresh new soundtrack apart from Vangelis (without any remakes), but unfortunately it didn't turn out as expected. So what about that trailer music that Johann did? No credit? I guess this left some people disappointed. Ever since Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch were hired to compose the soundtrack in July 2017, they got less than three months to work on that music magic. I hope the music will be as great as what Vangelis did back in 1982. Too bad I wished Frank Klepacki would have done this rare opportunity. Also the movie sequel duration will run for about 2 hrs. 42 min.
  6. TaxOwlbear Plays Red Alert Mobile

    I am just wondering if there's an unofficial Android version of the Red Alert Mobile, just like the C&C4 Tiberian Twilight mobile version. So far I am seeing "Red Alert" ripoff titles for the Android OS.
  7. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Just found out before Star Wars will release the second trailer of Star Wars 8 soon, JJ Abrams will co-write and direct Star Wars 9. Can he really conclude the Star Wars movie series once and for all?
  8. Video of the day

    This could be the worst reboot of a TV series in quite some time due to mediocre animation criticism (not to mention the visuals are very different from the original): But the younger sister version of Ms. Frizzle sure almost looks like Kate McKinnon, and her voice is great too. Articles: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/comic-riffs/wp/2017/09/06/magic-school-bus-reboot-looks-very-different-from-the-original-who-stole-its-visual-soul/?tid=sm_tw&utm_term=.9f826b47ac08 https://www.cnet.com/news/new-magic-school-bus-trailer-earns-mixed-reviews/ Well South Park's animation is far worse than this one, but that show likes to retain its animated 2D originality with great scripting.
  9. As to the question, well, PC Gamer did this discussion: http://www.pcgamer.com/which-classic-pc-game-is-on-your-pile-of-shame For mine, Half-Life, Call of Duty 1 and 2, System Shock 2 and C&C Renegade. Early 3D graphics on excellent games made me dizzy.
  10. Updating / Moving CNCNZ.com

    The video limit per post should be five, not what Meldi did in those C&C walkthrough threads of those recent C&C games. That resulted in a major slowdown loading the videos in that page.
  11. Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    That's because EA's running out of titles, when there's really more EA games out there. EA should had put Blade Runner On The House since they still currently co-own the rights to that game and the new movie sequel is coming up weeks from now.
  12. Last month, both N. Korea and USA threatened each other to start a possible WWIII. Now with a week left until 9/11 (marking the 16th grim anniversary), Uncle Sam is struggling to get funding for Hurricane Harvey's victims, maintaining the government (and a new budget) to prevent shutdown, trying to develop Trump's wall, trying to get another replacement health-care act, trying to lower taxes from the wealthiest, and maintaining the so-called DACA (in which Trump wants to end). Now with N. Korea arming and testing a hydrogen bomb in an ICBM, the chances of WWIII is getting higher and ISIS is waiting to make their next move. The chances of doomsday and/or WWIII only depends on where the situation goes, and it's still slim. Fire and Fury, Trump? Uncle Sam is already divided. One attack and one war could make Uncle Sam go bankrupt. But the most awkward news of the year came to this which reminds me of the ending of Terminator 3: https://thenextweb.com/artificial-intelligence/2017/09/04/elon-musk-says-ai-most-likely-cause-of-world-war-iii/ But the question still remains.... and the world is watching.
  13. Pretty much now half of us here don't like the game or don't like the direction Petroglyph is going.
  14. You should have closed all programs and disconnect the Internet before installing. The firewall should also be disabled because then otherwise, everything goes slower. Also if system restore is disabled, C&C3 can be installed immediately without setting a checkpoint which saves quite a bit of time. Also the retail disc must run at maximum speed since a dual-layer DVD should read up to 12X speed.
  15. Video of the day

    I'll be cheering for Alec Baldwin to win an Emmy for impersonating the best version of Trump. This clip from last week was epic and SNL hasn't started a new season yet!