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  1. Well I did that once and it didn't work. It's still bugged even though if you remove the unit abilities just for those infantry slots.
  2. I didn't know the MOD SDK can do that. What about resolution and zooming?
  3. Well there is a misstatement that EALA never used all of Hollywood talent stars to be in those RA3 FMVs. Only a fraction of all the stars appearing in RA3 FMVs came to Hollywood or came as originally Hollywood stars, which proves that Gemma Atkinson and Ivana Milicevic aren'tl really Hollywood stars. EALA still hired foreign stars but most foreigners aren't Hollywood stars. Moreoever, star talent looks weaker in RA3 than in C&C3/KW. So in my opinion, the stars in C&C3/KW were very much better than the ones in RA3. I may agree on the idea that RA3 Uprising may be an epic waste of time since production quality and concept is too simple and enough for a quick rush release plus the new units have just gotten wackier. So I am guessing there might be 12-20 missions in this expansion plus the skirmish maps and the 50+ commander's challenges. Either 4 or 5 missions for each campaign and I believe the fourth campaign as the fourth faction may be Yuriko related. I hope EALA releases a Mod SDK not for RA3 but for the expansion so that both the expansion and the original can be used together. There is another thought that came to my mind, would there ever be a chance that EALA will release a second expansion pack for RA3? Generals 2 is already rumored and C&C3 (confirmed by EALA) is not going to have a 2nd expansion.
  4. PurpleGaga27

    C&C3/KW Icons

    Well I posted a thread in the official C&C forums with a download link that has all KW portrait icons. Here they are: KW Shell Textures (contains all CNC3/KW portrait icons including target icons and elf warrior icon) now exclusively at: http://files.filefront.com/KW+Shell+Textur...;/fileinfo.html
  5. HM3 is probably the best HM2 remake ever and is now being extended to 4:45 rather than a pathetic 3:33. Some part loops were being cut and adding them now makes more sense to hear, very much compared to Hell March 2. This is the modified combination of HM3 orchestral mix (live show), the original HM3 extended song and some HM2 loops. Download: http://files.filefront.com/HM3+Extendedmp3...;/fileinfo.html Listen and enjoy!
  6. The PATCH is already OUT, LIVE!!! But no sign of the manual download link yet.
  7. PurpleGaga27

    The final extended version of Hell March 3 is here.

    Well, who's the songwriter of HM3? Frank Klepacki himself? I wonder why he made that score shorter than the Hell March 1 remix by FFTL? It's less interesting to hear the original HM3. The extended version is probably more interesting to hear though, imho.
  8. The RA3 modified OST have the correct names and all sound clippings of all tracks have been eliminated so that all of you could enjoy without sound errors. Whether you owned RA3 Premier Edition or not, you can still get some here with some track exclusives. First released by cncmaps.com as promotional, the songs came up with sound clippings. The OST includes: -all 3 Frank Klepacki's tracks (Soviet's Up Yours song is considered as named Nuclear Death) -Hell March 3 extended version -RA3 remix version -RA3 allied/soviet/EORTS battle theme songs. -48 tracks in all instead of 44. You can download this pack for a limited time until 1/1/08 in those mirrors: ** LINKS REMOVED ** Enjoy!
  9. PurpleGaga27

    Is Generals 2 the Next Command & Conquer?

    I think I know this. EALA is going to make a surprise for us before RA3 expansion is released, just like RA3 announcement one month and a half before KW is released. The only people who contributed to Generals/Zero Hour are: Chris Corry Amer Ajami Jason Bender Greg Black Gavin Simon I wonder if Generals 2 could bring back the music composer, Bill Brown. I wish Frank Klepacki could be called once again and this might be for the first time for him to compose Generals music.
  10. Isn't this is the best time to listen for the best Halloween song none other than Michael Jackson's Thriller? Thriller 25th Anniversary was also released as a special album to the public. To share with you users, possibly the best Thriller song up to date that is better than the original and even its remixes is Thriller Reloaded by MixScape due to the best background music ever re-composed. You can see this music video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvC-p_4kK3A# The music video is free to download, but I can no longer able to find the site for that. You probably have to goggle for the site. I also have an audio version for this as well in high quality! You can download this for a limited time until after US Election Day. Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/159346243/TR.rar Password is: ra I am not going to release a Thriller song pack because there are dozens and dozens of remixes I haven't heard or downloaded yet. Also a featured bonus for you guys is Bananarama's Trick of the Night which was supposed to be the most beautiful song for Halloween but it wasn't meant to be for that holiday: or the original music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUhyyqfzZIQ Edit: Coming up in the new forums, the Hell March song pack, the one and only that ruled the C&C series and it will be released after US Election Day. Also exclusive to the pack is the HM3 Art Mix song, Devil March extended and Mind March.
  11. PurpleGaga27

    Petroglyph's 5th Birthday.

    Shouldn't Petroglyph have rights to do the Dune series by now? EALA has no comment on that.
  12. Since neither BCPT and BCPT-DK release this theme song due to restrictions (I think), I have modified this song using Audacity and music loops recorded from sections of all BCPT episode clips into one. It's not perfected yet, but this is what I got to hear so far. So listen, comment and enjoy! Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/160599727/BCPT...edMainTheme.mp3 This song shall be dedicated to the 1-year anniversary of C&CTV. Note: In case you didn't hear or see this before, this is Battlecast Primetime from Command and Conquer TV, a special TV show happened once a month from EALA. I was going to post this in the C&C3/KW or RA3 section but anyways this is off-topic so it was being mentioned here as an open discussion topic. Update: The song has been remodified and re-extended once again for the 3rd time.
  13. I was going to put this topic thread in the Future C&C Games section. I never knew it was there. I thought this should have been a surprise. I am planning to release more info on this later, with KW Mod SDK or no KW Mod SDK.
  14. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/54887 or http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/news/41737/Sp...n-Lawsuit-Filed or http://www.courthousenews.com/2008/09/23/_...lass_Claims.htm or http://www.actiontrip.com/rei/comments_new...tml?id=092408_5 or http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3170131 and worse about DRM http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/54883 http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/news/41724/Sp...our-Game-Banned Discuss. Could this affect the release of RA3? And if necessary I like this topic thread be put in the front page of cncnz as official news.
  15. http://www.last.fm/music/Frank+Klepacki/_/Hell+March+3 Unfortunately it cannot be played, unless you log in and request it. We don't even know if the song is real. It's just there. But I'll bet the HM3 song might be the clue to this 10/4/08 UFC matchup between Gina Carano and Kelly Kobald on EliteXC fight nights on CBS. (US viewers only)
  16. This thread used to be a SP map pack for C&C3/KW. For the latest news on the map packs, see: http://forums.cncnz.com/index.php?showtopic=10599
  17. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/148407321/52CNC3SmallMods.rar Here's the list of review mods in this final review along with some info links. Not all of the mods can be identified with the modifier's name and web page. I will no longer make another update of small mods pack into one. Tiberium Essence - a new mod featuring the Titan, Hover MLRS, Mammoth Mk. II, Cyborg and Cyborg Reaper units Tiberium Mod - a mod that features old tiberium models from the old CNC format Assist - a mod that assists you with some balance changes Tactix - a mod that deals with improving tactics in the game Intel Database Mod - all intel for Kane's Wrath only in Nod Campaign Another Balance Creation - long term of abc (just a mod with some balancing changes). This was found exclusively in Gamespot. AllMovies&IntelMod (modified by myself) - a mod that unlocks all movies and intel data in C&C3. alphamod - it's just an alpha mod with some music samples and new weapon for the predator tank plus its new look. See ProjectPerfectMod forums for details. Assist - a mod with some assist changes by the user. See readme for details. CNCAir - another mod relating to aircraft changes. The lack of a readme wasn't mentioned by the modifier. cgfavynerf (modified by CrazyGDIFan) - a mod with tons of changes that balances the game under C&C3 patch 1.09 and is now updated with some of the changes from KW patch 1.01. Possibly one of the best balanced mods for C&C3 so far. ChrizMod (modified by Chriz) - another mod for C&C3. See ProjectPerfectMod forums for details. cnc3classic (modified by CodeCat) - a mod that has some features similar to the original C&C1. See readme for more details. cnc3justice (modified by The Gunrun) - a small version of CNCretarded. Just basic changes similar to my EconMod. cnc3pro5 (modified by Juju and team) - Known as C&C3 Professional, another mod with lots of changes especially balancing. Unfortunately, this mod is neither best nor professional. Link: http://www.cnc3pro. com/ cnc3redux - a mod to equalize GDI/NOD factions cnc3reformed - See info for details: http://cnc3center.110mb.com/cnc3reformed. html cnc3regen - regeneration mod. Changes are mentioned in the readme. cnc3Tactical - a mod with some unique abilites in what other mods don't have. This version is still in beta. http://www. moddb.com/mods/10223/cnc-tactical CNC ******** 3.0 RC1 (modified by The Gunrun) - possibly one of the best and most popular mini-mods for C&C3. It's not just in terms of gameplay and balancing but lots of buffs/nerfs changes and some new music. This version will go final when announced by the developer and this is almost a professional mod. Link: http://www.cncretarded. com CostMod 1.0 (modified by myself) - modified for economic nerfs in the game including low costs of units, structures, upgrades and special powers. Tweaks and buffs are also made. Walls can be built for all factions except at a short length. Cranes can build defensive structures. Even better, this is one of the fewest mods with the GDI Shatterer and the Nod Confessor Squad. CraneWallMod (modified by myself) - the best substitute to Deezire's minimod. Walls can be built at a shorter span length and cranes can make defenses. Additionally, there is shroud cover in all skirmish maps and EA logo movie is disabled. Disruption (modified by ConnorSynth) - a mod for various balance changes in the game and include GDI Shatterer, GDI Tiberium Field, Nod Bunker and optional Scrin Lightning Sike. dropshipmod - includes the building of GDI/NOD air transports into the game. EconMod (modified by myself) - modified for economic changes affecting harvesters and refineries. Also, walls are builtable with a shorter wall span length and cranes can make defenses. One main menu music is added. See readme for more details. FXmod (made by JuJin) - a mod that enhance structures with more colorful and illuminating light such as the enhanced red glowing of the Nod Power Plant. frank_mod - a Frankenstein mod. Need more info. for that. GDI_Shatterer - a mod with a Shatterer to build ingame. It's now an offical KW unit. GMS - stands for Global Mod Series. A mod that is similar to CNC Generals Zero Hour: has four factions as a general each and some brand new changes and surprises for each general faction. Infantry Only - only infantries can be built in the mod. No vehicles except harvesters. Looks pretty tough though. NoSW - this mod has no superweapons at any time in every map. OrcaMod - a modification for the Orca unit. Pinky and Pinkynoeconerf - Need more info. for that. Power - a mod regarding to power changes. Reform (modified by Xenoninja) - Short for Reformation 0.2. For info: http://xenocide.clangrid. com/ SamSpecPower - a mod with an extra A-10 airstrike support power for GDI and a predator tank HEATED ability. SampleMod - every MOD SDK version has this sample mod pre-installed. Comes with Elven Warrior unit. SuperAPCMod - APC can garrison up to 3-5 infantry units but cannot be ejected for all of them due to this bug. http://www.moddb. com/mods/9777/superapcmod Termination (modified by Overmind) - a mod with lots of changes especially nuclear materials. http://www.moddb. com/mods/9781/termination Test - just an experimental mod. Some surprises there. Need more info. for that. TradeMod - a mod that sends assistance to team members in the form of tiberium, units and defenses. http://www.moddb. com/mods/10485/trademod Transport Planes (modified by Flobulon) - similar to dropshipmod. Except that some units, not vehicles, can fire out of air transports while inside. TWAdvanced - a mod with some changes and some new abilities as well. http://www.moddb.com/mods/10244/tiberium-wars- advanced CraneWallMod (modified by myself) - the best substitute to Deezire's minimod. This is a mod in which cranes can build defenses and walls being built in the game plus no EA logo clip and all movie/intel info. CNC3NoLogoMod - gets rid of the EA Logo clip when loading C&C3 program. CNC3KWNoLogoMod - gets rid of the EA Logo clip when loading KW program. Lockdown - see readme.txt for details Defection - see readme.txt for details Colorations - selection of colors to choose from in skirmish/multiplayer mode. CustomMod - another sample mod RBBUIMod - mod with no contextual windows ingame Some of these other mods are not in this pack but can be downloaded individually: Project ReGenesis (modified by JeepRubi) - the replacement of JeepRubimod that is now with new changes and enhancements. This is a C&C Renegade into an RTS mod. Link: http://www. moddb.com/mods/9821/project-regenesis (Note that this mod was removed in the small mods pack by request of the developer. It is a medium-sized mod officially now and it isn't finished modified yet.) Kane's Revenge (modified by CoreAngel) - this is the first total conversion mod released as a beta but expect some significant bugs then and there. The latest version is 2.0 beta. C&C3TW Enhanced (modified by ZoneTrooperEx)- this is the only mod with re-modified maps from the C&C3 SP campaign and some other changes. Link: http://cnc3twe.wordpress. com/2008/03/09/final-cnc3twe-post/ GLM (Global Liberation Mod): http: //www.moddb.com/mods/9876/global-liberation- mod Tower Defense: http://www. moddb.com/mods/10489/tower-defense ZoomMapMod: http://www.moddb. com/mods/10206/zoommapmod EpicMod (modified by Purplescrin) - can only be seen in some forum topic threads What's not included: TitanMod SampleMod Coming Soon: Mid East Crisis 2 Tacitus Prophecy Tiberian Dawn Asylum Cold War Crisis C&C Renovation Tiberian Apocalpyse Advanced Warfare
  18. This is a review of all the Act On Instinct songs we have and haven't heard so far: Act On Instinct 1/2 remix by Frank Klepacki (can be listened at his website in the jukebox under the category CNC Series) Act On Instinct 3 and AOI Score (KW only) Act On Instinct Dance Remix (fastest song in the C&C series but it's just a remake) Act On Instinct Blackster Remix Act On Instinct OC Remix The other song similar to this title is Act On Invasion by Frank Klepacki. For a limited time, you can collect them all at: http://rapidshare.com/files/145920254/AOIpack.rar Download, listen and enjoy!
  19. This just in came yesterday. It's so odd that BCPT13 has been delayed for over 2 weeks due to the games convention in Germany. But this isn't the real 1 minute preview of BCPT13 from the original C&C website, this is just an update preview of BCPT from the German front. http://www.cnc-inside.de/inhalt-page,Alarm...ung,2,3361.html Since it's from a German site, a translator may be needed but the video is all mainstreamed in English mode. And yes, since it's all RA3 stuff, David Silverman and Rai Joshi are talking to the audience with a special appearance by Chris Corry.
  20. PurpleGaga27

    C&C Generals 2 Rumours Begin to Surface

    Why would you think C&C4 will be released in 2011? I am already seeing a pattern here. A new RA game is released every 4 years except in 2004 since 1996. If you look at the release dates of C&C1 and RA1 all the way to C&C3 and RA3, the dates are in a pattern. A new C&C game is released the year before a leap year and a new RA game is released on the year of a Summer Olympic Games and the US presidential election. Generals/Zero Hour were a bit different despite the first release of Generals in 2003 and Zero Hour the next year. But really Generals/Zero Hour SP & MP = FAIL. Why? Tons of bugs and glitches and the lack of a real story along with them. Even the line of path and attack always formulates a straight line instead of separate directions and poor waypoints too. Therefore if there's going to be a Generals 2 (or even Zero Hour 2), don't bother. The magazine, PC Gamer, will give another poor grade unless the development of this game (possibly by EALA) must meet the standards and innovations on how Company of Heroes was made. So else it's another epic fail to a C&C game. As for Tiberium 2, we haven't known for any good expectaions because it hasn't been released yet.
  21. PurpleGaga27

    Command School Episode 11 Preview

    Command School Episode 11 is already available to download. SD Version: http://na.llnet.cnc3tv.ea.com/u/f/eagames/...School11_SD.mov HD Version: http://na.llnet.cnc3tv.ea.com/u/f/eagames/...School11_HD.mov FLV Version: http://na.llnet.cnc3tv.ea.com/u/f/eagames/...3tv/CS11_hi.flv Watch, comment and enjoy!
  22. PurpleGaga27

    best thing in ra3

    The music of course. And yes there will be some blood in RA3 whereas C&C3/KW didn't. Looks like Generals/Zero Hour meet TF2.
  23. Are you really retired from the forums and even Tiberium Legos? Tiberium Legos third season did not finish. Otherwise we are looking forward for a series finale of this.
  24. Yes, this is a mod for C&C The First Decade. However, it's here for a limited time. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/128166689/CostMod_TFD.rar This mod lowers the cost of some units/structures, additions to other units not available in SP missions and some modifications to the old C&C games. Depending on where you install your previous C&C games, those modified files are to be put according to a C&C game folder. For C&C1/Covert Ops, make sure you make a backup copy of Run.exe or C&C95.exe because that's where some of the rules.ini stuff are in that exe file thanks to some CNCGedit program. C&C1/Covert Ops Changes: - also comes with 15 Covert Ops missions and 4 funpark missions (all modified) - costs for units and structures have been significantly changed. - all refineries hold unlimited money meaning no tiberium silos needed to build. Refineries cost 1600 whereas harvesters cost 1000. RA1/Counterstrike/Aftermath Changes: - the original 43 missions for RA1 have been re-modified for Aftermath so you can use Aftermath units in those missions - also comes with 4 giant ant missions, 16 Ctrstrike missions and 18 Aftermath missions (all modified) - will grant you access to the flame tank for the Soviets - will grant you access to the phase transport for soviets and helicarrier for the allies/soviets - costs for units and structures have been significantly changed - ranger and pillbox are now available to build for the soviets. Tanya is no longer playable for both sides, only allied. - all refineries hold unlimited money meaning no ore silos needed to build. Refineries cost 1600 whereas ore trucks are 1000. C&C2/Firestorm Changes: - Umagon, Mammoth Tank, Ghost Stalker and Mutant Hijacker are available to build for the GDI faction. - Mammoth Mk. II and Cyborg Commando now have a build limit of 50. - costs for units and structures have been significantly changed. - all refineries hold unlimited money meaning no tiberium silos needed to build. Refineries cost 1600 whereas harvesters cost 1000. RA2/Yuri Changes: - Refineries cost 1600 whereas harvesters cost 1000. - build limits for some units/structures are no longer limited. - costs for units and structures have been significantly changed. - Two special tech structures are available to build for all factions. - Allies have a light tank and a howitzer (artillery) available to build. - Soviets have a Hind Transport to build. However, there's still no plans to build migs unless there's a Soviet airfield available though it wasn't meant to be used much in the game. Only Boris controls the migs. - Any unit exclusive to that Allied or Soviet sub-faction is now available to all Allied or Soviet factions. - Units that required to capture a specific tech center does not require that activity anymore. They are available when a barracks is built. And each of that special unit costs 1000 credits. C&C Generals/Zero Hour Changes: (for unofficial version 1.06 only) - All upgrades that require 60 seconds to research are mostly cut by half. - All buildings reduce their build time significantly mostly to advanced structures. - All vehicles reduce their build time and cost significantly depending on what faction you're on. - All hero units for all factions cost 2000/20 to build instead of 1500/15. - All Dozers and Humvees increase their health significantly. Humvee's armor is now 30% vulnerable to small arms. - Paladin Tank, Marauder Tank, Stealth Fighter, Nuke Cannon and Saboteur no longer requires science points to get and build that unit. You can just build those units after the other prerequisite(s) are met.
  25. Link and info has been deleted. For the latest version, see here: http://forums.cncnz.com/index.php?showtopic=11954