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  1. Mideast Crisis 2 is already released (through Filefront). The front page of CNCNZ needs an immediate update to this.
  2. PurpleGaga27

    CNC-Live: Episode 5 This Weekend

    This show is becoming scarce of support so it's most likely that this show might probably be the last episode. Few people participated in this show due to schedule conflicts and most of the time both GunRun and JohnWE spoke the most in the show whereas most others spoke a little. Participation in that episode is a tossup. Second, I thought this should have been CNCLive Episode 6 because I thought Episode 5 was aired on New Year's Day and the download links did not exist. GunRun mentioned that before and now he has forgotten the episode number? Please don't tell me that episode on New Year's Day is just a private one-time episode. The last episode I heard of it did have Sonic in the show but I expected to hear more from him though for this episode.
  3. Let's hope it can make games better then EALA and Petroglyph. Who knows what may be in store for them? There probably won't be a chance that Brett Sperry can return the C&C series, and not possibly the Dune series as well. Besides we don't even know if the Dune series is dead unless either EALA or Petroglyph brings them back.
  4. The only thing I fear of digital downloads is through Steam. I hope there's no Securom for Uprising when it's purchased through either Steam or EA's servers.
  5. PurpleGaga27

    CNCNZ.com Twitter

    No, not a good idea. Like what Luk3us said, it's a waste of time. Even Apoc's got Twitter.
  6. From what CNCden had posted about this two days ago: Discuss. Could this mean one thing? The future of Petroglyph may be RIP?? I hope the chances of having those ex-westwood employees from Petroglyph into Jet Set are slim.
  7. It appears lately what Apoc told me in the Twitter chat blog yesterday, I asked him about the RA3 and KW mod sdk. The bad news he said that there won't be RA3 Uprising and Kane's Wrath mod sdk, but a RA3 mod sdk with no expansion pack resources. Now we may never know that RA3 Uprising is outsourced to another company and hopefully it isn't Breakaway Games again, EALA will never have the chance to turn that expansion into a mod sdk. The same goes to Kane's Wrath!!! Is EALA preventing the CNC modding community to mod popular expansion packs of the latest two C&C games all but Zero Hour just because they are outsourced???
  8. http://www.gamereplays.org/cncgenerals/por...w-february-2009 Discuss. It appears that Amer has no plans for Generals 2 though he is looking forward to do the sequel, but I think EALA might be going for a new SAGE engine anytime soon in order to bring Generals 2 up to speed.
  9. I was going to post this in the RA3/Uprising section but very few people responded there. So I decided to post one here as off-topic. From these videos...., Flair vs Bear part 2: http://forums.cncnz.com/index.php?showtopic=11407 Flair vs Bear part 1: http://forums.cncnz.com/index.php?showtopic=11314 some people in other forums thought it was Apoc. By looking in the clip, the bear is taller than Ric Flair. Sonic thinks it's Raj Joshi, but Raj is over 6 feet tall and Ric Flair is short. Therefore for now, I don't think it's Raj because of the video. Somebody in EALA knows how to fight wrestling. I can't say for certain that UFC wrestler Randy Couture is also a possibility in this.
  10. This is really great for a first time total conversion game for C&C3 after two pathetic years of no actual & full version of a C&C3 mod. Apoc is going to be so happy about this, but not me since there is no KW mod sdk. Otherwise the mod can be improved through the KW mod sdk. Now I may be knowing that this mod did not contain any customized missions? I wonder if there is a custom campaign in that add-on. Since 99% of the changes are new, it might be impossible to play a GDI/Nod/Scrin campaign in C&C3 under that mod.
  11. PurpleGaga27

    Red Alert 3 Uprising: Main Menu Wallpaper

    This desktop wallpaper makes no difference than the RA3 main menu wallpaper, except for the EORTS animations.
  12. PurpleGaga27

    What ever happened to formation move?

    I believe that EA had made a new type of formation move rather than the old traditional one. I knew that part since playing C&C3. Of course what Luk3us said is partially right: The new form of formation move only happens to a group of units moving to that area and line up perfectly in the spot. I don't really see a group of units moving at the same speed when I did this in C&C3/KW. The old traditional form of formation move in RA1 is selecting a group of units, press "F" on the keyboard and the front-runner unit going in that direction regardless of speed makes all other units go at the same speed as the unit in front. Generals/Zero Hour also used the old traditional form of formation move by the same key but it didn't work well. Maybe it's about time we already knew there are two types of formation move.
  13. PurpleGaga27

    RA3 Patch 1.07 Balance Change Proposal

    Well it's been more than 4 weeks without an official release. I wonder what happened? RA3 Uprising development????
  14. 1. Apoc is too short to be disguised as a bear and besides he wouldn't put up a good punch like that. 2. David Hasselhoff is much taller than Ric Flair by inches and I am also certain it's not him. 3. Did we forget Raj Joshi since he's the one who whines to David Silverman he hasn't done a real interview yet? What if he's the one in the bear suit? 4. Randy Couture is another possibility but that may be a surprise return???
  15. The RA3 game for the PS3 with the words of "one of the most important releases on the platform this year" is missing something: Uprising expansion. Without it, it's not an ultimate edition. Therefore the RA3 title for the PS3 does not deserve an "ultimate edition" unless Uprising is included. I rather stick it if it were called a Premier Edition for the PS3. Besides EALA has no idea that they are trying to make RA3 an ultimate edition as nothing compared to the Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. To become an ultimate edition, you need more features in the game such as the Uprising expansion, in which RA3 doesn't come with it.
  16. I wonder if EALA named the Soviet Bear after a forum bear user (in the old official C&C forums) nicknamed Lunatronix. Bears are good in some games, but in real life you can't train bears into a battle.
  17. PurpleGaga27

    Windows XP's Days are Really Numbered Now

    True. I might go for Windows 7 since 7 could be the best version yet because it fits my favorite number. I never really liked Vista. Windows 7 is possibly the best replacement of Vista yet.
  18. PurpleGaga27

    Intel 32nm Processor coming soon!

    Intel developing new chips has been slow lately and they are EPIC FAIL in getting the 8-core chip processing done by now. I expect 8-core chips at this point of time, not 6-core chips! Even China mentioned talking about developing their own 8 and 16 core chips with no actual brand name of the CPU and they should be done around now, but it never happened. What about PCI express 3.0 graphics and the USB 3.0 technology? They will be there later this year. Having an integrated video core chip with the CPU chips is very well made but where's the speed we'll be seeking for?
  19. Something tells me that all Commander's Challenge are just customized missions used in most RA3 skirmish maps. Now that's better to look at but when you play them, they get boring as you progress.
  20. PurpleGaga27

    Flair Versus Bear Part 2

    LOL. Ric Flair isn't very tall. Most of them thought the guy in the bear suit was Apoc. Sonic thinks it was Raj Joshi, but Raj is at least over 6 feet tall. I thought maybe Amer Ajami, Amir Rao or Jeremy Feasel are also possibilities for the bear suit. Oh, the humanity......
  21. I don't see Battlecast Primetime episodes 15 and 16 in this section: http://www.cncnz.com/features/cnctv/bcpt/ Will anyone of you moderators or administrators update that page? I hope someone will respond to this. Note: There is a download link if only you knew how to download .flv files from EA because they never place a download link there except for the flash stream video. Only a small program or Firefox plugin can able to track the download link.
  22. PurpleGaga27

    Flair Versus Bear

    Well somebody in the official CNC forums confirmed it was Apoc in the disguised bear suit. But since you said that, I guess someone has misstated the answer when that scene never came up and resumed.
  23. Right now the movie is working. And sorry, Sonic, we were both wrong about our guess. It was Apoc, not Rai Joshi in the disguised bear suit!
  24. PurpleGaga27

    Flair Versus Bear

    I thought about that since I am only seeing Silverman doing the interview whereas Joshi hasn't done a single one yet by himself. Could this be? My money's bet is on him too!!
  25. PurpleGaga27

    Flair Versus Bear

    I wonder if the Soviet Bear is disguised by a EALA employer, by either Randy Couture or Gina Carano as a surprise visit, or maybe an unannounced new RA3 character.