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  1. Video of the day

    Macau should never have a race like this ever again with wide cars due to very narrow streets and that's millions of dollars in damages: Well except motorcycles that can fit in the race on narrow streets.
  2. Video of the day

    Found another trailer to look it, another movie based from a video game series, reminds me of King Kong and Planet of the Apes all over again:
  3. I wished I knew. Most of the assets from Westwood to EA had somehow gotten lost.
  4. Crysis is probably one of the few games with a very high recommended system requirements, and only a few video cards can run it on very max settings even on 2160p resolution with minimal framerate drops. Somehow I thought that Crytek game engine back then was as powerful as the Unreal Engine 4. Article: http://www.pcgamer.com/10-years-later-we-can-finally-run-crysis Can your current PC still play Crysis under max settings?
  5. Pic of the Day

    This new meme came up in a user's Twitter account from this article: http://fortune.com/2017/11/15/star-wars-battlefront-gambling-disney-electronic-arts-loot-box-crate
  6. Hello, Dax. Welcome to the forums.
  7. Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition is free to download in the Humble Bundle store for two days: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killer-is-dead-nightmare-edition?partner=pcgamer Also Endless Space 2 is free to try for four days in Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/392110/Endless_Space_2
  8. The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    Updated the first post once again for formatting and adding some new games into the list.
  9. Well I am pretty sure Quantum isn't named by a James Bond title "Quantum of Solace". Ever since Firefox 4.0, only three design changes were made and 53 versions later, it still look like the same old browser. Starting in Mozilla Firefox 57, I might as well call it Firefox 7.0. Not only it's using a new design, it's also using a new web engine, probably to compete with Microsoft Edge using less RAM. Some people are saying it should edge Google Chrome on RAM usage by a reduction up to 30% (and that's a decent percentage -- I expected at least 50%). Article: http://www.pcgamer.com/firefox-quantum-is-the-first-browser-in-years-to-threaten-chrome/ I am currently trying out Firefox 57 as a portable app and see what it runs like. I still use Firefox 56 portable to run Tiberium Alliances.
  10. Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    Plants vs Zombies once again is in Origin's On The House: https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/plants-vs-zombies/plants-vs-zombies/standard-edition
  11. The Ultimate Free-to-Play PC Games List

    OneWingedAngel (or OWA for short), let me clarify one thing. Neither RA APB nor TSR are complete games and neither of them have single-player modes unless there are skirmish battles to play with. I might consider adding Twisted Insurrection and DTA one day since they are getting constant updates.
  12. Video of the day

    I never knew someone redid Hell March 2 on six floppy drives:
  13. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    IDK why are we still comparing the balancing between C&C games. As I said earlier (in my early posts), Generals/Zero Hour still has the most flawed balancing in all of C&C. The balancing becomes significantly better with community-based mods. It's one of the least-played C&C games I have ever played. Where's the fun in Generals/Zero Hour when bugs and balancing are at their worst?
  14. Pic of the Day

    IDK if this was posted before, great C&C parody btw.
  15. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    Just found out Greg Black is a Dune fan based on these threads: https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/7bs6jz/greg_black_apparently_is_a_dune_fan_could_his_new/ https://www.reddit.com/r/dune/comments/7bkkw4/new_dune_rts_game_in_the_works_whod_like_that_who/ I guess we'll find out and see. If EA brings back a Dune RTS since Emperor: Battle for Dune in 2001, I am sold. But then I am thinking they're gonna need new licensing for reviving the Dune series. Dune might still be the most popular sci-fi book series to date, but it never had much hype in media, especially gaming.