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  1. Z3usw0lf

    Changes not appearing

    AH. Hahaha. I was right...It was the Administrator Privilege level under Properties. All I had to do was go to Compatability and turn it off. Well now that thats outta the way, thanks for the help anyways
  2. Z3usw0lf

    Changes not appearing

    Unfortunnatley, it did'nt work. But i think I have a clue. Could it be possible that it wont change because it checks for administrator access when i try to play?
  3. Z3usw0lf

    Changes not appearing

    Oh those. ok, here: ; Clone of E1 (Light Infantry) [Pvt.] Name=Pvt. Category=Soldier Primary=M4A1 Prerequisite=GAPILE CrushSound=SQUISH6 Strength=130 Pip=Green Armor=none TechLevel=1 Sight=5 Speed=5 Owner=GDI Cost=120 Points=5 VoiceSelect=15-I000,15-I004,15-I012,15-I048 VoiceMove=15-I018,15-I024,15-I044 VoiceAttack=15-I044,15-I050,15-I044,15-I046 VoiceFeedback=15-I058,15-I064 VoiceDie=DEDMAN1,DEDMAN2,DEDMAN2,DEDMAN4,DEDMAN5,DEDMAN6 Locomotor={4A582744-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} PhysicalSize=1 MovementZone=Infantry ThreatPosed=10 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons Elite=F2000 EliteAbilities=Scatter ImmuneToVeins=yes Image=E1 _____________________________________________________________________ And that's all i've chaged so far. Hope this helps somewhat.
  4. Z3usw0lf

    Changes not appearing

    Which type of code do you mean? the code for the game itself, or what? because im not very knowlegable for any really complicated...
  5. Ive been using Tibed for about a year or so, and i haven't had this issue before. I have copied two units on TS and the deleted the origionals. Ive made the changes that i wanted(including weapons, strength,names, etc.), but they dont appear in game. Ive set the prerequisite structures and changed their faction requirements...but they just wont appear. Im really confused...Help?