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Jerad Gray

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About Me

Started working on Ren back in 2002, before that I made lots of mods for Tiberium
Sun (probably actually my favorite of the RTSs to mod but I still put the most time into Red Alert), and Red Alert (even a few for Red Alert 2). However; none of those mods were ever released.

Currently, I am the lead for ExpansiveCivilianWarfare (a stand-alone game that uses Renegade's engine). A open world game with hoard mode side maps and even a 3D asteroids map (bit of something for everyone basically).

I also make the map MA_Bear_Island for Renegade, which is a map where you hunt bears until a Tiberium meteorite hits and starts to mutate the wildlife, after which point you have to defend the President of Corporate America from bears. There are also a lot of bonus objectives on the map you can do if the main story isn't your thing.

Right now I live in Pierre, SD working for a software development company. And when I'm not at work or working on my projects I'm hanging with friends.