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  1. Hello I have Two (2) issues here 1. I'm currently been working on a Mod both for RA2 and YR and what I'm trying to do here is that I'm trying to Import a deployable unit (Mobile Sensor Array and Juggernaut) and a building (GDI Tech Center) from Tiberian Sun into both RA2 and YR and the only issue here that I'm facing here is that I'm having a trouble with the Deploy Animation whenever I tried to deploy them (They are deployed, but they just skip the Deploy Animation) Need some advice on how to make the animation Voxel works 2. I've successfully imported some of Tiberian Sun units into both RA2 and YR and the main issue here is the SHP images for the units icon just show 'Missing Cameo' for RA2 and just some unknown images for YR. And also, the name of the units just won't show. The tooltip just went blank. Only the price tag is visible, though