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  1. yeeeaaaaaaa got it to work.. installed the direct x thingy then it workedfine also the contra7 mod works fine now thank you guys
  2. yes thats correct i had the error from the beginnin then i tried contra7 and the same error stayed...ok thanks ill try everything agian delete all files and reinstall all the files.., and also the dx9c.. ull hear again if it doesnt work.. cuz i wont stop msging untill this game works on my pc! Thanks again
  3. doesnt make sence.. u cannot install directX9c over direct x11 :S.. i did all the steps and still it aint working This txt file appeared in my C:\Users\......\Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data Release Crash at Thu Mar 10 13:53:27 2011 ; Reason Error parsing INI file 'Data\INI\Object\mines.ini' (Line: 'Object EMPMineEffectSpheroid ') Last error: Current stack:
  4. Hai all! I have the same problem.. even tho i know my system requirments should be far beyond enough.. Im running Win 7 64bit.. and i did make the ini file and the maps folder, i tried to use these resolutions in the ini file, 800 600, 1280 1024, 1024 768. non of these seem to work.. or there must be another error or something.. I also allowed all the rights u could get in the security tab of the CNCGZH shortcut, and i put WinXpSp3 as compatibilitymodus, and im Running the porgram as administrator. so whenever i try to startup the game u see the beginscreen.. then when it goes away i get the error msg "you have encountered a serious error. serious errors can be caused bye many things including viruses, overheated hardware and hardware that does not meet the minimum specifications for the games. contact ea blablabla" I hope u guys know an answer for me im dying to play this game Thanks! Sundisco.