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  1. Totally! I really liked this one. Made my day with all of the C&C inside jokes. Very funny indeed! Yet another great episode, great job Zee! Keep it up!
  2. Well, since I've started doing some stop motion videos myself, this was the simplest and most effective solution that I could come up with for basically any burrowing unit. One of the things to monitor is the weight of the APC (if you're going to stick it to the table with clay). Gravity isn't our firend at the moment. Hope the idea helps!
  3. A possible technical solution for the emergance and submergance of Nod's sub-APC: "Subterranean unit detected..."
  4. Nice, just how I imagined you'd pull off those veins. And that's a Nod "weed eater" right?
  5. AZ-Stalker

    Now Playing - Games

    Just dug out some stuff and guess what, I'm currently playing C&C Tiberian Dawn on my Playstation 1! (for old times sake) Man these old joysticks give you a workout. I really missed this old piece of **** PSX!
  6. The first thing that came to my mind after reading your post was a couple of Nod minifigs trying to move a PC mouse in order to check this forum.
  7. I remember Cabal having some pretty sinister laughs during Firestorm. Could be of atmospheric use.
  8. GDI AA? Aren't they soposed to have SAM upgrades for thier component tower? If you slow down or pause the end "flash through" scene on the Tiberium Legos Return Teaser video, you'll see a few pictures like this one. Tough the others have already been either revealed through the new episode or posted here on the forum. This one is by far the most interesting.
  9. Let's have some fun... So what is this thing anyway?
  10. I think Zee brought it back along with himself.
  11. I really liked all of the camera angles in this episode.
  12. If you're up for it, try and have some fun with some kind of Subterranean APC.
  13. If memory serves, he uses Audacity for more advanced audio editing. At least that's what he described in his 2nd designer diary.
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    Firefox 4 Released

    I'm not too happy about Firefox 4 moving all of the extra-opened tabs on top of the whole browser. Just downloaded it... I hope that's customizable. I liked the old tab locations beneath my address bar and bookmark toolbar a lot more.
  15. Remember that "crappy looking" buildings and units are in fact easier to animate and are kind of a little trademark of the series. Imagine what the Hover MLRS would look like if Zee spent a few hours designing it...
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    Now Playing - Games

    Currently playing Half Life (the original one). Got tired of Blue Shift and Opposing Force so I went even more backwards through the good old days.
  17. An episode based on Nod's point of view would be nice. Something like the Episode in the first season of Tiberium Legos where a Nod squad builds their lame base and later attacks GDI.
  18. AZ-Stalker

    So yeah... hi everyone!

    Greetings to all of you! OK, lets get started. I've been a big C&C fan since I was a little kid and I can't remember a time when C&C didn't have a special place in my mind. My favorite game of all time is Tiberian Sun but you already know that, don't you? *looks below his username* My favorite "sport" is Airsoft (if you can call that a sport) and I'm the founder and one of the commanders in my own team called AT Tiberian. I've been lurking and getting a lot of information from CNCNZ.com for the last 5-6 years though I never actually registered on the forums. CNCNZ is certainly my favourite C&C news coverage site otherwise I wouldn't even be here would I? I'm fammiliar with some of you guys from my past forum check-ups, hence the nickname AZ-Stalker. I have a HUGE supply of LEGOs at home and I'm also a HUGE fan of CNCNZ's Tiberium Legos series. Hope something comes out of that yet again. So yeah, thats about it. If by any random chance someone wants to know more about me just ask. I'm an easy going guy, friendly, free thinking, honest and all that... Well thats about it for this introduction. Hopefully I'll survive my first (official?) month on the forums. Wish me luck! *takes cover*
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    So yeah... hi everyone!

    OK, I promise to stay sane as long as possible. Though I don't have anything worthy to give to the community except a few words in a topic or two every now and then. We'll see if I cross over to the furries, stay normal or become another one of Luk3us's devine followers. Time will tell. Or at least I think it will...
  20. As long as the tech tree evolves like in the game, everything goes. It would be an overkill scenario if say a TS era Mammoth were to walk into the scene and blow everything up in a few seconds. As for the set and scenes, those tan/sand colored bricks give everything that great atmospheric feeling. I always wanted to get some of those but never found any in a decent quantity (in any store). Also, aren't those soldier figures from Best-Lock's brick sets?
  21. AZ-Stalker

    So yeah... hi everyone!

    This forum should have a warning of some sort at the top... eh, I'll probably go insane or something after a month or so.
  22. AZ-Stalker

    So yeah... hi everyone!

    Yeah, noticed that already!
  23. AZ-Stalker

    So yeah... hi everyone!

    Furry things, worshipers, a God... anything else I should know?
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    I want me a Renegade

    Instead of going for a new Renegade type FPS game or a Generals 2, why not blast everything out with an entirely new C&C universe? We already have the main tiberium-based series, the history disorting Red Alert universe and ofcourse the modern war-like Generals world. Come to think of it, we actually could use a newly formed, fresh universe. Though I'm rooting for another RTS in this case, FPS's just don't have that old C&C spirit if you ask me. Sure, Renegade was fun and all... but for me, C&C's are meant to be strategy games.