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  1. We should really have some sort of file saving project/system as a whole community. We get crippled every time an old site goes down.
  2. Alright, so he contacted a site. What about the many maps and files, were they backed up on another site or something?
  3. Why do people just close up sites? Why don't they try and contact other C&C sites about giving them a backup of the file archives/downloads?
  4. Tiberian Sun: Reborn has received a couple of extra patches and hotfixes since the big 2015 update! W3D Hub developers are still working hard to make the game as stable and fresh as possible. While some of you may have noticed that certain maps still suffer from some very odd in-game bugs, the development team is fully aware of everything and is working to remedy all noted issues as soon as possible! Some Patch Notes (version Implemented the rest of Fabian's Effects Reimplemented broken deploy/undeploy sounds Implemented missing unit sounds Fixed Silos on TS_Field, TS_Shallows, and TS_GrandCanyon Updated scripts build from b6921 to b6928 Fixed bug where Hijackers lost their crowbar when attempting to hijack a deploying/undeploying unit Fixed missing sounds Slightly nerfed hack time for engineers Check out the full version of the latest changelog right here. Additionally, you can take a look back at the big 2015 comeback update in TSR development blog 23 over at W3D Hub in case you've missed all of the juicy details on what's to come! Still not enough? Then jump in and join everyone in game - download TSR via the Launcher on the W3D Hub Forum!
  5. AZ-Stalker

    Hiya Everybody!

    Here's the intro thread from 4 years ago. Nmenth only linked to the one 8 years ago.
  6. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2015 Update

    Well, the news brought some new/old players back to the game so that's a big plus.
  7. Tiberian Sun: Reborn is alive and kicking hard! The developers at W3D Hub have really stepped up production with various updates and exciting new features coming your way! The game has received quite a few fixes and improvements - some of which include upgraded unit veterancy, improved gameplay balance system, a new GDI anti-vehicle infantry unit, an updated Nod Chameleon Spy and the long awaited Juggernaut! You can also expect to see new HD weapon textures, updated maps, the inclusion of Visceroids and other new features such as Engineer hacking! If you're still not convinced about giving Tiberian Sun: Reborn another look then take a look at this new revamped Titan vehicle model: Make sure to check out the rest of TSR development blog 23 over at W3D Hub for the full feature overview and all of the provided details. Don't forget that you can start playing Tiberian Sun: Reborn online via the updated launcher right now, just download it via the W3D Hub Forum and enjoy!
  8. Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising is back once again with lots of development news and some exciting surprises! The team from W3D Hub has been working hard to make sure Apocalypse Rising gets its share of the many improvements that have been going around their projects! Some of the updates include the addition of the new Robot Tank, Mirage Tank and Tesla Tank, along with various cool new features such as the addition of utility weapons. Though the most exciting (and long-awaited) news is definitely the implementation of brand new Attack Dog units and the technical expertise behind this outstanding W3D engine feat! Yes, Attack Dogs are here! Don't miss out on all of the details and new information - head straight on over to W3D Hub and check out the newest RA2:AR blog update in order to show your support and fully catch up on all of the great new features and additions!
  9. AZ-Stalker

    Hiya Everybody!

    We were here Nmenth. We were here. Congratulations on still loving C&C. Be sure to stop by again after ~4 years.
  10. Plus, there's always the aspect of nostalgia.
  11. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Daylight

    Episode #10!
  12. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Daylight

    Not exactly sure. I'll try and do at least 2 per month.
  13. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Daylight

    Well I did say that I would be publishing the first few episodes at a more rapid rate, but I also said that would only be temporary to give the project's launch some additional kick. New episodes will be coming soon, but not at the same (fast) rate people have gotten used to. Episode 10 hasn't yet been completed, but is being worked on. I'm also exploring some more administrative and community-oriented options with regards to the webcomic, so there could be some interesting news on the way sometime soon.
  14. AZ-Stalker

    My time here is done for now

    First of all, C&C is not "nearly dead". You might want to rethink that one considering the amount of active community projects and activities. It's only dead if you stop being part of it. Secondly, you don't have to deal with extremes and fully end your time here. If you're going to be focusing on other projects - that's fine and it doesn't mean you can't drop in on the forums here and there. Other than that, if you truly wish to stop showing up around the community (for now?), let us know what's the best way to contact you in the future (for whatever reason). Not everyone uses twitter. You've uploaded a lot of stuff like map collections and mods, so it would be great if you could leave some solid contact info (email? site/blog?) in case the old links die out and someone really needs help with your uploads.
  15. Nmenth's answer to the 4th question is the same one from the 3rd. Possible copy/paste error during the roundtable's initial compilation. The second part of dbjs2009's answer for question 3 is repeated twice in the same place. Another error.
  16. AZ-Stalker

    Cartoon and Conquer #101 - Final Edition

    What an ending! I love it! Thank you again for doing all of this for so long! Also, have you considered giving us some kind of complete collection download? I would love to add all of your comics to my C&C collection, they're just too good to overlook.
  17. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Daylight

    Need medical attention? Get it in Episode #9:
  18. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Daylight

    If you look up the various definitions of the word "episode" you can see that its use in this case can't exactly be classified as wrong, although I see your point Sonic. Fact is I specifically chose the word "episode" over words like "edition" to signify new releases for a few reasons, actually. The most prominent one being personal preference. For me, these figures are alive in their own sense, it's a three dimensional thing and it happenes on my desk in front of me as I take the pictures. It feels a lot more alive or like a humoristic action video as I'm creating each part of the story and that's something I can't exactly explain correctly for everyone to understand. Bottom line, the word "episode" fits better (in my opinion), but I think the reasoning behind my use of it isn't something a lot of people can fully relate to. Also, since I've already used that word in the previous comics, it'd be a pain to go and reupload everything at this point, plus it would cause a bit of generic confusion.
  19. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Daylight

    Next episode will be here soon.
  20. AZ-Stalker

    Time To Play The Game... Again

    Playing anything specific, Sonic? I'm all over Tiberian Sun Reborn at the moment. Can't get enough of it!
  21. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Daylight

    Forgot to update that one. There, all good now.
  22. AZ-Stalker

    Tiberian Daylight

    Get some much needed veterancy points in Episode #8!
  23. W3D Hub action explanations excluded, could people please stop looking at the smoke screen arguments about ethics and what is the right/wrong way to start a community and start focusing on the main issue which even ACK pointed out numerous times -> WHY so many developers left BHP even after trying to get issues solved and all of the sent warnings about ongoing problems. Not HOW they left.
  24. I can't see a thing. Its just all gray with a bare bones link structure on the top and bottom of the page. I can scroll through whole threads without seeing a single post - just a gray background.
  25. I chuckled at certain points in the video. Always like this sort of creativity. Good promotion, in any case. By the way, is it just me and my connection or has the CnCNet forum been down for a few days now?