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    GDI's Stolen Vehicle Assault

    We had a massive vehicle rush on Field an hour ago (EKT marathon server) and it was all organized by a few of us who stole and somehow managed to aquire lots of Nod vehicles. I've been told a YouTube video is going to be uploaded since all of it was recorded in 720p (we'll have to wait and see), but until then here are some of the screenshots from this legendary assault. It was a hell of a lot fun to participate in! Enjoy! Imgur Album Link: http://imgur.com/a/pHxS8#0 GDI won during this massive rush ofcourse. A lot of Nod's players were just standing there in awe commenting on how awesome this attack was, can't say I blame them haha!
  2. AZ-Stalker

    Merry Christmas from CNCNZ.com

    You summer climate types don't get that classic holiday feel haha! Though I have to admit it would have been nice to see a bit of snow this year - hasn't happened yet unfortunately.
  3. AZ-Stalker

    Merry Christmas from CNCNZ.com

    Happy winter holidays everyone.
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    RenX General Discussion

    City was fun gameplay-wise, but I never really liked the actual feel of it. The infinity shaped roads make it a bit too cartoony for my taste. Prehaps they'll remake it a bit like they did with Hourglass (Whiteout) to make a better fit. Also, a bit more news following the Beta 4 announcement:
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    RenX General Discussion

    What do you mean exactly?
  6. AZ-Stalker

    RenX General Discussion

    New RenX news from the dev team! http://renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=74314 Also, fresh RenX map screenshots hot off the world builder! - Under (already posted some time ago in this thread) [Look up for the other two shots] - Complex - Canyon I hope I didn't overkill it with the high res pics in this thread. I'm just overly excited about the upcoming update. Can they be resized by some means via the text editor? (mods feel free to edit my post if you deem it necessary) In any case, these pics need to be shown.
  7. AZ-Stalker

    RenX General Discussion

    I'm usually in game a couple of hours every week after work or college courses once I get free in the evening, but it's not like I'm there 24/7 heh. I just can't get enough out of RenX these days. I don't know if it's because I've gotten to know who among the regular players is very cooperative over at the TMX and EKT servers or because I've gotten way more experienced in how to get the most out of my actions in game. Either way, it's a real blast and I hope we get Under sometime soon - that one carries a lot of fond memories for me.
  8. AZ-Stalker

    RenX General Discussion

    I rarely see any of you in game if it's not around a new RenX update so I figured I'd try and bump this section a bit. Just saw these WIP screenshots posted by a developer: A bit old news (by Nielsen » Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:02 pm @ RenX Forums), but I don't remember anyone mentioning these pictures. In any case I'm really looking forward to more snow oriented maps. A beta tester also stated that "Volcano, Complex and Under is being made. They're planned to be released soon, but most likely not within the next patch." (by XD_ERROR_XD » Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:18 pm)
  9. Calling it a free to play title just sounds wrong. Too many negative associations with that saying in my opinion (although I get why that would apply to RenX in its own sense).
  10. AZ-Stalker

    Favourite Servers

    Is there a working option to set a server as a favourite in game or from the launcher? So far I haven't been able to find such an option but I do see little star icons that indicate something when browsing available servers (like the locked server icon). So is anything like that in the game? I don't like having to filter servers all the time because the ones I like to play on don't show at the top, albeit its no big issue actually.
  11. AZ-Stalker

    Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    http://www.computerandvideogames.com/478800/blog/golden-joysticks-free-xcom-games-now-being-dispatched/ There, vote and get XCOM EU.
  12. AZ-Stalker

    RenX General Discussion

    I've completely forgotten that those two had alternate outfits. It would be great if some sort of clothing change was implemented, maybe something along the lines of Havoc's outfit being white for snow maps and brownish for desert maps. A lot of potential in there and diversity is a good thing in any case. Though one thing I've never gotten over from the original Renegade was the fact that attack cycles were shown in cutscenes but were never *really* used as vehicles. I know balance is a big thing to tackle correctly and that there were probably many reasons for not including them, but dang it I'd really like to see Nod attack bikes in RenX - maybe as an exclusive vehicle for some kind of objective based game mode in which Nod has to use guerilla tactics to destroy some kind of slow moving GDI convoy or something. But eh, ideas are one thing, reality is another. The devs have their hands full as it is. One can only hope...
  13. AZ-Stalker

    Favourite Servers

    A marathon server if I'm up for a long brutal survival-ish match and any full server if I'm up for a few random matches in general. Though I mostly play on EKT, MPF and RMX servers since they're usually at the top of the list in player counts.
  14. I've always felt 3rd person was more effective, most notably playing as a SBH due to the increased periferal awareness. I only ever switch to 1st person if I have to deal with more precise aiming or close quarter combat. But that's just me, I always prefer to see a bit more, than have to look down a barrel.
  15. AZ-Stalker

    Cartoon and Conquer #91

    I really hope both the GDI and Nod idiots end up "on the same side" near the end. These groups have the ultimate gamebreaking potential.
  16. AZ-Stalker

    Renegade X Beta 3 Due in 24 Hours

    A bit of a release delay has occured: Source: http://renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=74009&start=75 Download: http://renegade-x.com/download.php (Open Beta 3 is Available NOW!) UPDATE: RenX OB3 is ready to download as of this moment.
  17. AZ-Stalker

    Free giveaway on promotional game(s) -- post them here

    Dragon Age: Origins is on the house over at Origin.
  18. AZ-Stalker


    I fully agree with Sonic's opinion, and for the record I've always thought this game would end up exactly as it did - a big repetitive fail setup as a huge cash grab with little to no story value.
  19. Great introduction. Loved the way you implemented the custom music, it fit perfectly!
  20. AZ-Stalker

    Renegade X Beta 3 Almost Ready

    That's where the active C&C community comes in. It's our job to spread the word and keep RenX in the spotlight as much as possible. I'm really looking forward to jumping back in once Beta 3 comes out.
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    Now Playing - Games

    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War with Winter Assault and Dark Crusade expansion packs after a very long time.
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    A Special Surprise

    I wonder where that car will end up...
  23. AZ-Stalker

    A Special Surprise

    Haha! Knew it! Great setup to begin the Tiberium Chronicles timeline!
  24. AZ-Stalker

    Cartoon and Conquer #89

    I actually feel sorry for the GDI guys if they end up being stranded there. Though this comic isn't all that funny on it's own, the build-up antarctica plot makes it hilarous! Well done!
  25. True, so you'd just be following the C&C pattern. Well, you could integrate some tricky choices in which a few bad ones could cause your faction to start suspecting you, turn on you (eventual game over?) or even issue certain penalties. But in the brotherhood's case, isn't there a one-strike rule for failure? Well, Slavik and some characters got a second chance from Kane, but you get the idea.