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  1. If anyone wants to play BF2: PR with Zee and myself, along with other people from W3D Hub, check out this thread for the details: https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=415861

  2. Tiberian Daylight is back! New episodes coming soon! :)

  3. Most likely starting up a new LEGO project for 2015! :)

    1. PurpleGaga27


      I was wondering as of now, the series may have been discontinued?

  4. CNCNZ could go for a Roundtable or something to finish off 2013.

    1. PurpleGaga27


      I was really looking forward to a new CNCNZ Roundtable this year, but after Gamescom and the cancellation of the C&C F2P, everything fell apart and Sonic is still busy.

    2. Sonic


      New look site goes live soon so we should be able to get a Roundtable done before the month is done.

    3. AZ-Stalker


      Good to hear. A lot has transpired so ending the year with a Roundtable would be a nice touch.

  5. I just noticed that I was born on what is known as "N7 Day".

  6. "Most members ever online in one day was 37, last accomplished on 30/10/2013."

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    2. Nmenth


      Well, the members counter hasn't always existed, but as I understand it, this site has been a lot more active in the past.

    3. PurpleGaga27


      Correction, it's more than 41. Today the record may exceed.

    4. Sonic


      There are 2 trackers now. One for that shows the record for most users online (includes guests). And one that counts registered members. We get about 2000 hits per day here, no all are active on the forums of course.

  7. I'll be gone for a week or so starting tomorrow (no internet). Most likely back on saturday if anyone needs me for anything.

  8. The "and" symbol (&) is being displayed as "&C" in my profile info. What the...?

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    2. AZ-Stalker


      I didn't start editing. I just clicked to see my profile info and such things from the general view point.

    3. Nmenth


      Fixed it for you. There have been some coding issues with some of the site updates, it probably happened after one of them.

    4. AZ-Stalker


      I see, thank you.

  9. Jingle bells, jingle bells, LEGO all the way! Oh what fun it is to write this winter status update!

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    2. PurpleGaga27


      We wish you a Merry LEGO Christmas and a happy new year.

  10. I suspect real life won't release me from captivity any time soon... a shame I don't have some more free time to use up on LEGO building. :/

    1. Plokite_Wolf


      I know that feel, bro.

    2. AZ-Stalker


      I've got some Nod stuff, half built, drives me crazy. :P

  11. Gotta love Havoc's destructive sense of humor! :D

  12. Ah evo, nakon 5-6 godina lurkanja sam napravio profil na forumu. :)