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  1. Sonarpulse

    PortableRA Beta

    https://github.com/cnc-patch/ra303p-data My data branch is now master, your old data branch is iran-funky, and my changes on your branch is sonar-old. Once I split up general into campaign and do the hashing for the defult MP maps, my branch should be perfectly usable (if you need to do a release very soon, just use iran-funky). The two top commits on master start with TEMP: they show some files that were modified in your repo. Funky has explained some but if you just want to double check that would be cool. I hope to redo the commits detailing why each modification was made (eg missile silo icon misspelling). Some of the changes reverted mysterious modifications made by aftermath or counterstrike, if you look back in the history, the commit message lists each file they modified when I merged. Long term I'd like to completely scrap westwood's directory hierarchy and do something that is more sane and easy to follow for modders. Not sure how many mix file names you can register with the game, but hopefully it can be done. I should hopefully get my cncmix tool finally working, the problem last time I tested it might have aftermath terrain tiles which were weirded up, and not my tool.
  2. Yeah settings don't really fit the hashing-caching system used for maps.
  3. Sonarpulse

    PortableRA Beta

    You should be able to run the game itself without wine. Now that it doesn't use the registry for anything (that is enabled by default, right?) This should be pretty trivial. Funky's launcher and the installer both use .net though...
  4. Sonarpulse

    Red Alert FPS Announced

    You'd be better off making an APB mod.
  5. Sonarpulse

    PortableRA Beta

    Red alert: https://github.com/cnc-patch/ra303p Other Fun Stuff: https://github.com/cnc-patch
  6. Sonarpulse

    PortableRA Beta

    You can always build the patch from source, zocom7.
  7. Sonarpulse

    PortableRA Beta

    I'll make patched data repo. Ah, I see you made it. OK how about this? You transfer your repo to cnc-patch I push the contents of my existing data repo to it. Because my repo is technically a fork of ra303p, I cannot transfer it to cnc-patch. And yeah, about the tool. We can take another look but I still dunno what's up with it.
  8. Sonarpulse

    TFD 1.04 Dev Update (12/05/2012)

    I think you mean Arda, not Arba. Anyways use Iran's patch, Portable RA, which is what you want.
  9. Sonarpulse

    1.06c development topic

    I don't know whether it does, but Nyergud's versions can be installed stand alone instead of as a patch, so it doesn't matter.
  10. Sonarpulse

    Portable C&C

    No yeah, that is fine. Just saying if it relies on the ini or it crashes, I personally don't find that so bad. I guess my debugging point is sort of ****, but the way the vanilla game prioritizes the various places it reads data/settings is rather complex. In your case you would have designed the priority system, so ain't a problem.
  11. Sonarpulse

    Portable C&C

    Eh, no fallback ain't so bad. Debugging is probably easier without it.
  12. Sonarpulse

    Weapon counter bug in win 7

    Also bugs should be reported to Tiberian Technologies.
  13. Sonarpulse

    PortableRA Beta

    Ah ok, I remember that fix. I doubt optimizing to a bitset such an infrequent operation as checking prerequisites is worth it, even in 1995, but I guess we are stuck with it.
  14. Sonarpulse

    Portable C&C

    Slow down there, Nyerguds has no obligations, he isn't getting paid to do any of this unless you want to change that. The "port" is about changing the way the project is developed, it will be transparent to end users.
  15. Sonarpulse

    Portable C&C

    Yeah, the port might cause some delay, but its ABSOLUTELY worth it. Iran's code, while made with Hifi's system, is a hack potentially on top of changes Nyer already made with the current setup, so it's better to just redo it after the port. Iran's work work as a guide to speed that up, of course.