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  1. Anyone remember how a team wanted to create a mod for Command & Conquer 3 to drop it into the Tiberian Dawn universe? http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-dawn I just had the priviledge of playing this mod, and I gotta say, it's a worthy first effort. The problem is it's not quite finished, and powers that be really want to get it done, but they need help. A studio called "War Studio," which also works on Renegade II, is stepping up to help finish the job, but they need reinforcements. I can't code or draw much, but you know me-I can provide technical and military insight, and the studio, "War Studio," just recruited me. So, if anyone can help see this mod to its next step, by all means, contact War Studio on ModDB, and let's see if we can't jumpstart this thing. http://www.moddb.com/company/war-studio Hell, it's motivated me to write my C&C stories again (but God knows when they'll actually get fielded ).
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    or write them a letter i have EALA's mailing address if anyone wants it screw it, Google Earth-it!
  3. Commander A9

    Renegadewiki - Community Based Renegade Resource

    i suppose not how the hell am i supposed to correct their mistakes if i cant even radio them in the first place!?
  4. Commander A9

    Renegadewiki - Community Based Renegade Resource

    I don't know who the hell thought General Locke was Logan Sheppard's father, but some things need a-fixin', especially considering General Mark Sheppard is Logan Sheppard's father. I tried editing it, and contacting the team, and both were locked out. :/
  5. Commander A9

    EA: No bases in C&C4

    move forward? to what exactly? Dawn of War II or Joint Task Force/World in Conflict/Ground Control II style of play? the concept of base building is what made C&C so popular to begin with, the combination of an economy, military, and power subsystem all combined into one, all three of which the player has to manage for success take the bases out, and C&C becomes a boxing match between troops. no...it becomes like Tom Clancy's EndWar, and don't get me started on that pile of trash.
  6. Commander A9

    EA: No bases in C&C4

    or you get to do an opening rush instantly with your starting units
  7. Commander A9

    EA: No bases in C&C4

    Just came down from EA http://forums.commandandconquer.com/jforum...list/17857.page No bases in Command & Conquer 4 forget my outlook! I'm not getting C&C4! EA, you have shot yourselves in the head, again!
  8. Commander A9

    Your vision of Command & Conquer 4

    BASES! GIVE ME MY BASES! Your C&C4 Title Subtitle/Subheading: Tiberian Apocalypse Your Vision of C&C4: 2062, "humanity" is on the verge of utter annihilation. The earth's natural resources, including oil, coal, and natural gas, are completely used up. Global economies and military communities have collapsed. "Nations" have now become displaced individuals. Anarchy reigns across the planet. Riots over food and water shortages are commonplace. Everyday is a struggle for survival for the common man more so than that of the apocalyptic conditions set forth from the Second Tiberium War. Wreckage of the Scrin's invasion from the Third Tiberium War is evident across the planet. The earth as it once was known is virtually nonexistent. Only 2 conceivable means of survival exist: enlistment in GDI or servitude to Nod. GDI: Following the attempted deployment of a Tiberium-grade weapon of mass destruction, Director Boyle has been relieved of his duties as GDI's leading officer. GDI today is now led by [an as of yet unnamed graduate of West Point]. GDI has reestablished their orbital dominance with the construction of a new space station, as well as an expansion to their other orbital platforms and Ion Cannons. Dropships, as well as Kodiak variants, and colossal orbiting battleships now orbit the earth and patrol the skies. Due to the inhospitable nature of much of the earth's surface, many of the earth's people now live aboard floating cities similar to those found in GDI's arsenal. However, for most of the Earth's poorer population, their only choice is to fight to survive on the surface of the planet, where they find themselves reaching out to Nod for help. To better "up-armor" their forces to survive on this "Tiberium world," GDI has shifted its focus back towards containing the Tiberium threat, though with Dr. Moebius deceased as a result of the nuclear attack on the Philadelphia and their loss of the Tacitus, they are meeting little success. Nevertheless, they have taken steps to better protect their forces from harm. Head-to-toe body armor similar to that pioneered as part of the Future Warrior Program of the Second Tiberium War has returned. Secondly, EVA-10 is now online, and is a complete revolution of improvements compared to the former battle adjutants, both electronic and human, of yesteryear. Tracked vehicles have now been entirely replaced by the venerable walkers of the Second War, with materials being made available for entire fleets of said battle machines. The lack of natural resources has forced GDI to shift to fuel cell technology from years past and focus on hover lift fans for their Orca aircraft. GDI bases now rely on quick mobile deployment and relocation, necessitating that GDI employ a sort of "mobile legged MCV." As such, every GDI position is self-contained, quick to deploy, and just as swift to pack itself up and fall back to its orbital battleship, increasing survivability. Nod: Rejecting the corrupt aristocratic life of those living aboard GDI's floating battleships, Nod has remained true to their codes of preserving their Tiberium utopia and are living amongst the last few hospitable areas of the planet, or even directly inside Tiberium-ravaged zones. The majority of Nod's forces have been mutated or otherwise affected by Tiberium poisoning. Like year's past, they live below the earth or in areas where GDI and normal citizens dare not go unless absolutely necessary. Their traditional technology of Tiberium, flame, stealth, and laser-based weaponry have returned, alongside a redeployment of cybernetics (albeit full-Cyborg warriors). The absence of Kane and other prominent leaders has forced Nod to remain in hiding and limit their movement to avoid annihilation from GDI's orbiting battle fleets. The concern to find a new leader for Nod is secondary to their drive for survival, though they have managed to thrive in the Tiberium climates without the overbearing interference of GDI forces, who dare not set foot on "Nod's Tiberium present." Tiberium: Tiberium has taken control of roughly 90% of the Earth's surface, atmosphere, and oceans. While Environmental overhauls before the Third Tiberium War made progress in containing such expansions, the Third War invalidated most previous efforts. Today, the atmosphere of Earth is highly-toxic and near-completely unbreathable. Tiberium lifeforms roam freely across the planet, ion storms, meteor showers, and other cataclysmic weather events continue to destroy what traces of civilization remain. In turn, those humans lucky enough to survive their initial exposure to Tiberium find themselves battling against the Nod war machine for control of what livable areas they occupy. These individuals, similar to the Forgotten of years' past, have rejected all forms of "true-human" help, preferring to survive and live by their own accord and their own rules. Story: Nod finds themselves under attack by Tiberium mutants and lifeforms. GDI commits to engaging the last remnants of Nod and evacuate or protect the last remaining living spaces on Earth. While the Scrin have been defeated, the concern is finding the origin of their invasion fleet from the Third War and destroying their home world in hopes of not only preventing a second invasion, but also finding a cure for Tiberium and a means of halting its spread before the entire planet becomes completely inhospitable. Missions include engaging Nod troops and mutants, evacuating civilians before Nod forces or mutants or weather conditions reach the area, rescuing crews of downed battleships, deployment of orbital drop troops to combat zones, infiltrating a GDI battleship, Nod base, or mutant hideout and bringing it down, attacking GDI's space stations directly, escorting mutants to treatment areas or civilians to safezones, assassinating or rescuing officers, etc. Developmental Aspect: Unknown actors and actresses, aside from Joe Kucan (no Lost or Battlestar Galactica crap), FMVs before missions, as well as after based on success or failure, multiple ending choices for both sides, music by Frank Klepacki, story should involve GDI and Nod battling each other, and Nod battling the Forgotten-like forces or defending attacks on their living areas by Tiberium forces, campaign for Tiberium mutants, an emphasis more so on strategy and tactics rather than speed, numbers, and MLG-styled gameplay. Return us to the fore of what a strategy game once was: a deliberate drawn-out combat action rather than a "lightning punch rushing to get the current battle done in favor of starting the next game now-now-now." How I deal with loose ends: If I were EA, I put up an e-mail address allowing players to contact developers directly. I'm getting sick of being unable to contact them to inform them of bugs or changes to be made. I'd take into account everything from previous games: the Tacitus, Kane's faceplate, CABAL, Legion, etc. We still don't solidly know where the connection between Kane and CABAL is going, and that was back in 1999! Your Vision of C&C4 summary: GDI, Nod, and the mutant population fight each other initially, then the mutants may provide a key piece to the Tacitus puzzle. It may lead to GDI and Nod leaving the Earth to wage a battle on the Scrin homeworld to destroy them, as well as find a reverse effect to Tiberium. In-Game: No more squads. Go back to individual soldier control. Keep the toolbar intact. Supports should be free. Radar and Communications Center provide radar, not the Construction Yard. Head-to-toe body armor returns, as do mechanized vehicles. Snipers and spotters should not fire follow-up shots on dead bodies. Hover lift fans for aircraft instead of jets. Walls and gates should return. GDI Component Towers, Nod underground Laser Turrets. All gun barrels on artillery should fire when commencing barrage attacks. Reflect realism and military accuracy. Tanks should be equipped with coax guns, as should any aircraft. Carryalls should remain, but controllable and buildable air transports and ground transports should return, and be able to carry up to 5 individual soldiers (no more 1 engineer or a squad of 6). Mobile medics; no more medical trucks or healing only provided through support powers. I like the upgrades, keep the upgrades, and the rail guns, but don't make rail guns recoil: they don't do that. Subterranean vehicles should come back, so should pavement. Give me weapons that can cause terrain deformation. I like the idea of stealth detection in tower defenses. All technology should be current to reflect the era (no support powers with Generation 1 Orcas). I want to see Tiberium plantlife, flora, and fauna again, blossom trees, riparius, no more crystals or glaciers. Special tech structures to capture, like reinforcement pads, radar, the last remaining oil derricks, silos, and others, but no more Tiberium Spikes: I still haven’t figured out what they’re all about. Of course, the commandos should return. I want to be able to customize my weaponry, have the option to install either a missile launcher or machine gun, especially on the Mammoth Mk. II. To highlight military accuracy, miniguns should spin when firing, shells should dump unless the rounds are caseless, and muzzles should flash. Attention to detail! The planet sucks: UAVs and UGVs should be available in some capacity for both sides, not necessarily only as support powers, but as controllable and upgradeable units. I want the mechanized walking vehicles to be more robotic and less "humanlike:" no toe-tapping, no shaking out the barrels, no scratching themselves with their feet, that's completely immature and totally unnecessary: traverse your turrets and scan for targets-stop screwing around. Recovering vehicles with Engineers is a great idea we should keep: as such, it should be applied to walking vehicles and other valuable pieces of equipment. I want to see an emphasis on the classics of C&C: mainly, taking out the power to a base first rather than just rolling over them with mass numbers. I want to see crates return, as well as the classic Tiberium crystals in the plants rather than straight-up crystals from veins. I also want to see boobytrap crates, as well as crates that give money, reinforcements, or sabotage radar, and I want the system to tell me what each crate does when I get it! I want to see Tiberium fields regenerate faster, and I want to see infantry units who get killed inside said fields mutate into Visceroids. Hell, I want the lifeforms and Visceroids back and deadly! Factions are nice with specific weapons and vehicles, too: good idea to make an individual Black Hand faction for Nod, but more of a focus on Special Forces-type training, while preserving religious zealotry. All vehicles produced from production factories, not from the Construction Yard. Surveyors or surveyor-type vehicles (if preserved) should be able to pack up and relocate when overwhelmed by enemy forces. No Tiberium containment units exposed to open air, including filters (I’m talking about the C&C3 Tiberium Refineries with open containment vats of liquid Tiberium. We didn’t even do that back in the first war!). No celebrating troops after engaging and eliminating the enemy: only when the battle is complete. The planet sucks and everyone’s out to kill each other-one should be continually scanning for targets after shooting a man down. I want my specific mission selection back from Tiberian Sun, with analysis of the terrain and enemy presented. I want EVA to do more combat analysis like she used to. I want weather effects like ion storms to block out radar, communications, and commands. I want blood, too. Not buckets, but enough to show soldiers being killed. I want a focus on GDI as much as a focus on Nod: C&C3 was overbearing and all about Nod-nothing about GDI, and I felt very alienated. Commandos can be upgraded with special technology for abilities such as stealth, extra damage, speed, greater armor protection, or flight, but only 1 ability at a time. Adaptive defense, such as defensive towers that can change their weapon mount to meet specific situations based on dynamic battlefield conditions. No more computers that cheat: no more omnipotent AI that knows where all enemy units are, no more computers with infinite money, no more quicker production times, no more programmed advantages: it's cheap, and technically, cheating. REMINDER: No purely-for-aesthetics crap! If you give me a weapon on a vehicle, it should fire! If I see the weapon in a cutscene, it damn well better be on the vehicle. I can't tell you hoe frustrated I was seeing the Minigun on the Orca for C&C3 in a cutscene and not seeing it in-game! If it has 3 barrels, all 3 barrels better fire! Oh, yeah. One more thing: KANE SHOULD NOT DIE! DO NOT KILL KANE! References: My own writing...Are you listening, EA?
  9. Commander A9

    Command & Conquer 4 - First Details!

    I was actually pissed when they got rid of walkers i was also pissed when i started seeing more flak jackets and less head-to-toe armor compared to the TS days the planet's going to hell and you mean to tell me you're going back to older technology? well, if EA can give me a game that focuses on strategy and tactics rather than speed, numbers, and MLG-styled play, if they can give me the tacitus, if they can give me head-to-toe body armor, all Juggernaut barrels firing barrages, hover lift fan aircraft, sniper spotters which don't fire unless being fired upon, snipers who don't fire follow-up shots at dead bodies...then I'll be impressed I have to admit, the prospect of commanding platoons of Mamoth Mk. II's sounds very appealing...
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    Philadelphia pictures

    update. thanks for all your help, especially tiberiansun29 from the Reborn boards for instructing me on how to obtain the videos and screenshots from Tiberian Sun. I delivered my speech today and got an A. it was another knockout that was said to have been the best speech I have ever given. the entire class was mesmerized as i fired off C&C information regarding GDI, Nod, Tiberium, and both Tiberium Wars. the next speech, a persuasive one, will be on recruiting members for both armies. if anyone wants to contribute ideas, ill be working on the speech for the next two weeks.
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    no, no, no. i said, vq "P" files, the videos from the "original" Command & Conquer, i got TS down.
  12. Commander A9

    Philadelphia pictures

    that's my next problem. what program out there converts vqp movie files to mpeg? and where are the videos for TS in the XCC program?
  13. Commander A9


    I got another question. Does anyone know how to convert the .vqp video files extracted from the C&C games via the XCC program into, say mpegs? I've found alot of vqp's from the original C&C and i think maybe in TS. I'd love to be able to see all the cutscenes again.