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  1. I must admit that after playing Lan and Multiplayer on any c&c game i stuggle to play singleplayer or skirmish for over 5 minutes without getting bored but thats just my opinion and will not be for everyone (especially C&C fans) but what i don't like is free to play, get ripped off to enjoy system. I was looking forward to playing Generals 2 but now i've found out there making the game like this EA can only dream of getting me to buy it this is why i hate most modern games you pay silly money for the game then you find out you've only got about 5% of the game it's like having a demo if you want the other 95% it'll only cost you a few hundred pounds

  2. I do not think the red charge was meant to loop it probably did that when you use the Iron Curtain on something. *sigh* I sure wish the super weapons were more useful , do you think it is possible to make them work on multiple units in a group instead of 1 at a time? I would put this in my own custom rules if possible.

    ironcurtain curtain more than one unit would rock like in ra2

  3. when i play C&C Tiberian Sun which is off The First Decade it works but all the menus and stuff are propper messed up and i get like a 640/480 size screen messing with the sun configuration file hasn't worked and i've installed the TFD unofficle patch Rev 2 didn't work and i can't find anything on the net anyone can herlp cheers

  4. maybe i'm just be think and doing somthing stupid...
































    anything look wrong in that lot...

  5. Hi dodgevipergts,

    thanks! I don't know why they did it, but if the building is not owned by both factions, a building's initial owner value is changed to be either Greece or USSR. Try to add "BadGuy" to the Owner= tag for the Ship Yard [sYRD], like "Owner=allies,BadGuy". Then try again with Owner=England on [CARR]. :)


    As long as I don't know why they use these weird values, I can't change it because it might break something.

    it didn't work but thx

  6. I've been modding ra1 for years intill i finally noticed i had no more options left to mod but now i've found this thread and it's looking pretty top quality can't wait intill it's finished but don't rush it and also do you think you could fix a problem where the Heli Carrier won't show up in side bar inless you set the faction to ever Allies Or Soviets because i wanted it to only be avalible to uk keep up the good work

  7. I don't even have a 2.2 gHz CPU and I can play TW on max without an issue.



    Either your drivers are out of date or that card can't handle the strain that high/very high puts on it.

    i play the game on low like i said the lag seems to be like the dreaded ZH lag where it would lag in skirmish because of bad coding and memory leak but i don't think it's the coding since it used to work i have patched C&C3 recently