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  1. Hm, thanks. I would be use Arda but i not like to play with AI, i only play online, or just sometimes play Skirmish for fun. Because i tried to play cncnet with Arda (for the FOV) but i dont know how to do it. cncnet.exe do not use Arda settings, cncnet.exe use ddraw.ini. And i dont know how to set to cncnet.exe should be use Arda settings.

  2. I know how the set the resolution. Please read again my post. What you do not understand? I write it, i do not want to change on the graphics, i know almost all things about of RA modding, programming etc.I open this topic for to experts and modders. You not can not read or just can't keep your brain to process my question. But i write it again just for you:


    I dont wanna change on the graphics and the video just the viewing somehow need to set far.


    So, the resolution and the FOV is two different things.


    The resolution:


    Resolution is the term used to describe the number of dots, or pixels, used to display an image,Higher resolutions mean that more pixels are used to create the image, resulting in a crisper, cleaner image.


    And the FOV what i need to change is the F.O.V. which means Field of View.


    This is the normal viewing:



    And this is what i need:




    I know Arda so i know how to get it but i just need from this the FOV this FOV is very cool. So, i dont want to change the resolution, all things in my game is perfect for me, the old graphics and etc. i just wanna how to set up of the viewing / FOV. I know,on the second picture the resolution is big, but this just a example. Just the FOV what i need !

    It's really that difficult? Damn god ..

  3. Lag on a game from 1996??? I'm not even gonna ask if you're using compatibility mode....

    Anyway, Arda and Hires95 were specially designed to run those resolutions properly. If you want to revert to the old ones, just delete the patch files.


    Yes lag on the game if i install cncdraw + Hires95 + Arda + more patches + set in the Arda.ini :




    + set fullscreen + record video.

    Yes it's lag, sorry for i not have a NASA computer, yes it's from 1996 but this mods is from 2012.


    Anyway, i just want to set the screen to far/up. So please just in case write here if you know how to set it.

  4. Hi, me again. I want to know how to i do this FOV like this (on deafult graphics) without any mods. So i want to know it's somehow possible to set it? Without Arda or hires95. I like the deafult DOS graphics but the real reason why i need this, my PC is pretty low and it's lagg on Arda or hires95 on high settings.


    I dont wanna change on the graphics and the video just the viewing somehow need to set far/distant.


    Thanks !

  5. Not the hotkeys the problem but i was tried it, it's not detected by deafult.

    In other games when i runing FRAPS, located in edge on the screen an FPS calculator with yellow, and when i press F9 (to record) this FPS calculator is gonna be red. (here i know it's works). But, on RA doesn't have any FPS calculator, and doesn't works screenshots and etc. so FRAPS is not can see Red Alert.

  6. Hi !


    I need to create some videos of Red Alert, i try CamStudio just it's doesn't record sounds and really laggy. Now i installed FRAPS [full version] and there it is ! Fraps doesn't see Red Alert, i tried some things, i installed all patches, i installed hires95 and Arda patches, and even i tried modify RA95.EXE but doesn't works ! I tried capture at other games and it's works so the problem is not the FRAPS. FRAPS doesn't detect RA.


    My RA no original, no have CD's or something. I got it from here:


    Any idea ?


    - Thanks in advance !

  7. Succeeded. I set the "Executable" ( exe) to Syringe.exe and in the "Command line arguments" (i think this the parameter) "ra95.dat". But, when i join to someone host, the game is said me:


    Request denied. Destination game version is outdated.


    It is also strange because i use the normal 3.03 patch.


    What's going on here?

  8. Wow AlexB, it's work! Thanks man. Great work, and now there is a really useful question:


    There is some way to play with these settings cncnet.exe ?

    Because when I start it (cncnet.exe) i got the picture again what request the CD. Because Arda can only Skirmish or Single Player. Or Arda can play online somehow like cncnet ?

    Or is there some way to set that up to Arda start cncnet.exe with these settings? And not RA95.exe because i think Arda starts RA95.exe


    Thanks !