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  1. Never say never Sonic, you might never know what the future has in store for us. If we're lucky, EA will pull a THQ on us and there'd be an Intellectual Property auction. Besides that, it seems EA is constantly shifting more and more towards the casua market. If the higherups deem Command and Conquer to be a worthless title, they might just cash in that chip and cut their losses. Just my two cents.
  2. I like to thiink I'm not the only one who still frequents Lion's CNCDEN website on a daily basis (simply out of old habit). However, when I logged on this evening, I found out that the CNCDEN domain was for sale again. Does anyone have an idea what happened? Does anyone have Lion's contact details and can anyone ask him what's going on?
  3. Thanks for the spotlight of my map on the CBCP! I've also made a map called Oasis of Nomads (A 4-way FFA/2v2 map) in case anybody is interested in more of my work. On the topic of the show itself; any plans for the use of a greenscreen to, perhaps, just project a studio? They're not that expensive to set up. You just need a few lights and a green film to set up.