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  1. Pasha

    AOD Maps Download

    Thnx GAZZAMAZZA, A new AOD map named "AOD Pasha Challenges You", I'm working on. I try to make it on pashacnc.com until end of may 2018.
  2. Hi,I'm Pasha, I like to play zero hour AOD maps. I made a website to share my AOD maps (3 GB) collected since 2005. I classified AOD maps according to number of players, map makers and types like Air, race, AOA, Compstomps etc. You can start to download maps even now. I already uploaded more then 440 aod maps. Uploading continue. Visit website periodicly to reach new uploaded maps. You can sent me your AOD maps to upload and share with AOD players. I can add you map maker list if you made more then 5 AOD maps. website address: http://www.pashacnc.com e-mail address: pashacnc@gamil.com Pasha NOT: ı posted same topic in Zero hour forum too. I do not know which place is better. I do apology if i made mistake. You can remove which is in wrong place.