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    Does this work with KW too?

    I see, by the way is there ANY AI mod out there? The one that does not break in-game rules? As far as I know Brutal AI cheats a lot, but I don't know about the hard AI since there is no information
  2. heyjude

    Does this work with KW too?

    I think you're right, the sad thing is he blatantly claimed that it works PERFECTLY Does anyone know how AIs are handled? I mean are they handled by mod or in-game files? For example, can I use a certain mod and a different AI? I'm asking because I'd like to play Retarded but a different AI if possible?
  3. heyjude

    Does this work with KW too?

    I got it But I have one more question: I'm using Retarded triple release candiate and it's readme claims that "There is full AI support and skirmish works perfectly". But there is a BIG problem: It adds and changes couple stuff, one of the problematic changes is making NOD AVATAR WARMECH require an epic structure called TEMPLE PRIME added by the mod itself. For some reason AI does not build that structure as a result, it cannot get any avatar warmech. Am I doing something wrong? Since it states that "There is full AI support"? Thank you for your support
  4. heyjude

    Does this work with KW too?

    Yes I do have CC 3 TW aka the main game But I did not get one thing, If I have KW3 installed and I launch Retarded will it work?
  5. Hi guys, I'd like to know whether this mod can also be played with KW expansion or not, it is pretty popular by the way http://commandandconquer.filefront.com/file/CC_Retarded_Triple;89630 Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for replies folks But what about the AI cheating? If I set it to Hard (Not Brutal ) Balanced, is it still going to magically see everything and generating stuff from nowhere or every single player is going to obey the game mechanics? Is there any 100% Fair AI mods out there?
  7. Hi guys, I have a little problem with TheGunRun's mod called "Retarded 2.7" Mod is REALLY AWESOME, but I have couple questions: Does brutal AI cheat and break in-game mechanics just like in unmodded game? (The nod AI could use catalyst missile right into your Refinery without even seeing it, getting double-the-amount of resources, no fog-of-war etc.) I'd like to change the way Avatar Warmechs come out, how can I edit them to come out with FULL upgrades? Just that no other change If this is not possible I would use version 2.8 but there Avatar Warmechs require a newly added structure to be built. But how can I change it in a way so It does not require that building to be built since AI cannot build them. Thanks for all the replies