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  1. A couple of weeks ago we gave away some Tiberium Alliances beta keys via a contest that was limited to our Facebook fans. Well, it's time to give away some more Tiberium Alliances beta keys because I have just a few more that deserve to be used by people who want to get in and see what Tiberium Alliances is all about. And this contest is so simple. No Facebook liking, no Twitter "retweeting". All you require is to be a registered member on on our forums and post a simple "count me in" reply right here in this particular news thread. The beta key winners will be randomly selected. The contest will close in about 48 hours. Winners will be notified via a private message on our forums.
  2. The random draw in our Bonus Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Give-Away has been completed, so here are the lucky recipients of a Tiberium Alliances beta key. They are now ready to jump in and check out the closed beta. Inferno zocom7 AZ-Stalker Thanks to EA_CIRE for supplying the beta keys for this contest, and last month's contest. The beta keys have been sent to winners via private message on our forums.
  3. Here are the final results for our Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Give-Away. The five lucky names listed below have been selected at random and now have instant access into the private Tiberium Alliances beta. Each winner has been notified via a message on Facebook. Nico Meier Charon Ferryman Robert Lang Patrick Hayes Benjamin Lawson Congratulations to the winners. Please remember there is an NDA for the Tiberium Alliances beta. There is a strict policy of not publicly disclosing anything you see in the game. If you missed out you might have better luck in our follow up contest. We'll be giving away some extra bonus Tiberium Alliances beta keys. More info on that soon.
  4. So you want direct access to Tiberium Alliances beta? Well guess what? CNCNZ.com is going to give it to you. Thanks to our friends at EA, we have five keys to give away. And we are keeping it really simple. All you have to do is "Like the Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Give-Away" news post on our Facebook page, if you're not already a fan of our Facebook page make sure you like "Like" that as well and help us boost our fans on there. Five names will be drawn at random from the people who "Like the Tiberium Alliances Beta Keys Give-Away" news post on our Facebook page. Its that easy! Hint: It's this particular news post right here! Just the click the "Like" link and you're in to win. The contest will close in 72 hours. So sometime on Wednesday I will notify the lucky winners and send them their beta keys. But that's not all. Because once this contest finishes, I will be giving away some more keys.
  5. We haven't done many Roundtable Discussions in 2011 so we thought we would do a CNCNZ.com staff only edition to finish of the year. This month's topics include: Generals 2, developer change, Frostbite 2 Engine, Tiberium Alliances, best C&C related moment, worst C&C related moment, biggest and best C&C mod of 2011. The full panel list is below. Sonic - CNCNZ.com Webmaster Zee Hypnotist - CNCNZ.com Forums Admin Doctor Destiny - CNCNZ.com Forums Admin Luk3us - CNCNZ.com Forums Mod Nmenth - CNCNZ.com Forums Mod gben - CNCNZ.com Forums Mod Plokite_Wolf - CNCNZ.com News Team Alex06 - CNCNZ.com News Team nathancnc - Command & Patch Staff Click here to read Roundtable Discussion #32. Feel free to comment and share your feedback on this Roundtable.
  6. Here we are once again on Christmas Eve here in New Zealand, the night before Christmas, so here's the final update before we sign off for the Christmas break. This year's Command & Conquer Christmas related image uses C&C Legos as its theme for this year. A change of pace, and not bad for 5 minutes work. On behalf of the entire team here at CNCNZ.com, have a Merry Christmas and thanks for all of the support through out 2011 from all visitors and friends of CNCNZ.com. Have a great Christmas Day! Please feel free to leave your own Christmas greetings and wishes in this news thread.