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  1. Command & Conquer games are part of the Summer Getaway Sale on Steam! The offer ends on July 22nd, so you have enough time to purchase that title you're missing. The price tags for Europe are as follows: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars: 7,49 € Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath: 7,49 € Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: 9,99 € Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising: 4,99 € Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight: 9,99 € To check the price tags for your region, click here.
  2. The HTML5 edition of the first Command & Conquer by adityars has recently been updated to version 0.7.7, adding more units from the original, more maps, game speeds and an in-game and lobby chat system. A full update about this can be found here in our forums. Click here to give this game a shot.
  3. An ambitious new project has been started in the Command & Conquer community. PlayCNC is new free service that aims to centralise the entire C&C multiplayer franchise. Essentially making it easier for fans to play their favourite C&C games online. It's still early days for PlayCNC, but here is their first announcement. You can check out the PlayCNC site for the original announcement. You will also find PlayCNC on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. It's time for a new poll, the old one was up for way too long. Usually a CNCNZ.com poll covers something that is happening in the news, but for this one we are doing something different. Let's have a Mammoth Tank Battle! Which one is your all time favourite? The Mammoth Tank has been present in every Command & Conquer game regardless of its name. There is always a large, heavily armoured tank with its signature twin cannons and quad tank treads. Do you like the old school Mammoth Tank from original games like Command & Conquer and Red Alert, or perhaps you're more of an Apocalypse Tank fan from Red Alert 2 or 3? And if you really must be different, maybe you think the Overlord Tank from C&C Generals is the best? The APA Overlord Tank is there as well. It should be noted that this poll is only for the traditional Mammoth Tanks, no room for the special variations like the Mammoth Mk. II from Tiberian Sun. If you are reading this update on the main page, just look to your right and vote in the poll box. If you are reading this via the forums, click here to cast your vote. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well. Here are the results of our previous poll, What are you looking forward to the most in the C&C F2P Beta? Overall 70% of those who voted, just want to finally see the game. The full results of this poll can be found right here.
  5. An update about future improvement to CnCNet has been posted. CnCNet is a small tool that allows you to easily play the classic C&C games such as Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun online with other people. While there is no release date for the next major release of CnCNet, you can at least get an idea about its future in this update. You can learn more about CnCNet by visiting the official site.
  6. Here's a great tribute video made by sebastienwtf. It features all the Command & Conquer games have "rocked" his teenage years, from the classics to recent games like Red Alert 3 and even Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight! The voice over is French, but the gaming action is not of course, so the English speaking world can still enjoy it. We like seeing the fans making videos like this, so let us know if you have made one and we will happily share it here on CNCNZ.com.
  7. Here's something really cool. Diamond00744 has taken the new Command & Conquer - Free to Play logo and gave it the classic gold gradient look like the original Command & Conquer logo. It looks rather stylish! Click on the preview above to view a larger 2500px x 750px version. Maybe this will give the team at Victory Games an idea to bring back the classic gold style logo for the new Command & Conquer.
  8. It's Command & Conquer week on Twitch.tv. Every day this week Unit Lost is playing a Command & Conquer game and streaming it via Twitch.tv. They have kicked things off by playing the original and classic Command & Conquer. Today's streaming broadcast has ended, but you can check out the recorded show. Watch Part 1 or Part 2.
  9. There have been a few Command & Conquer browser-based projects that have popped up in recent times. But this one is probably the best one so far. Command & Conquer in HTML5 is a recreation of the original Command & Conquer, made entirely in HTML5 and JavaScript. The current version includes several missions from the singleplayer campaign and features multiplayer support using Node.js. You can see more and play it by clicking here. Make sure your web browser is up to date.
  10. Just a couple of days ago, RTSGuru posted a new article called The Golden Age - A Visual History of Nod. it takes a look at how the Brotherhood of Nod have developed over the years, mechanically and stylistically, from the original Command & Conquer through to Tiberian Twilight. Tiberium Alliances does get a mention towards the end though. Here's a part of the article. You can read the full article right here.
  11. The White House, this is where President Obama currently resides, for how much longer will be determined in the next few days. But the big question is, Who Destroyed it Best?. That's the question asked by the team at io9. We have all seen the White House destroyed, damaged and blown up in in movies and video games, even in the original Command & Conquer. This is similar poll to one io9 did back September for the Statue of Liberty. Command & Conquer Gold (1997): This game lets you select a monument to destroy. The White House blows apart in one easy blast. Click here to vote for Command & Conquer or check out the other options you can vote for.
  12. More information about Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection has been posted on the Official C&C Site. There are now links to pre-order the physical or digital version as well as the all informative FAQ that you can read below. Click here for more.
  13. CNC Saga have found the track listing of what tracks will be included in The Ultimate Music Collection that you can get when you purchase Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection. It was discovered on Amazon. Remember this a 20 track compilation spanning the Command & Conquer franchise. Act On Instinct - EA Games Soundtrack & Frank Klepacki Just Do It Up - EA Games Soundtrack & Frank Klepacki Hell March - EA Games Soundtrack & Frank Klepacki Big Foot - EA Games Soundtrack & Frank Klepacki Valves - EA Games Soundtrack & Frank Klepacki Command and Conquer - EA Games Soundtrack & Frank Klepacki Grinder - EA Games Soundtrack & Frank Klepacki Destroy - EA Games Soundtrack & Frank Klepacki Generals Main Theme - EA Games Soundtrack & Mikael Sandgren & Bill Brown Search and Destroy - EA Games Soundtrack & Mikael Sandgren & Bill Brown Mother of All Weapons - EA Games Soundtrack & Mikael Sandgren & Bill Brown The Final Hour - EA Games Soundtrack & Mikael Sandgren & Bill Brown Mourning Hour - EA Games Soundtrack & Steve Jablonsky Black Dawn - EA Games Soundtrack & Steve Jablonsky Kane's Wrath - EA Games Soundtrack & Mikael Sandgren Act On Instinct in Game - EA Games Soundtrack & Trevor Morris Red Alert 3 Theme - Soviet March EA Games Soundtrack & James Hannigan Yuriko's Theme - EA Games Soundtrack & James Hannigan To Save Humanity - EA Games Soundtrack & James Hannigan The End of All Things - EA Games Soundtrack & James Hannigan Some good selections in that list, but many memorable tracks have been left out.
  14. Here's a cool fan made video featuring everyone's favourite Messiah and leader of the Brotherhood, Kane. Created by Zaptagious, its basically a summary of Kane's journey throughout the Tiberium Universe of games, a "Nodumentary" if you will. It also reminds us of how much of a bad ass Kane as a character was... or is. This well made video was released for Command & Conquer's 17th Anniversary.
  15. We have a new poll. The new question asks Will you be purchasing C&C: The Ultimate Collection? Its a rather simple poll this time. Have you already pre-ordered it, perhaps there is no need to buy the same C&C games again or your simply haven't made your mind just yet. If you are reading this update on the main page, just look to your right and vote in the poll box. If you are reading this via the forums, click here to cast your vote. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well. Here are the results of our previous poll, Do you like the new C&C Free to Play Idea? A convincing 57% of those who voted said this is a terrible for C&C. The full results of this poll can be found right here.
  16. Commemorate the 17th Anniversary of Command & Conquer with this great looking Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection wallpaper that was posted on the Official Command & Conquer Facebook page earlier today. 1920x1200 | 1600x1200 | 1280x1024 As always, this one is available in range of screen sizes. Pick yours from the links above.
  17. When Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection was announced, fans were disappointed to find out the special music collection and commemorative artwork would only be made available to the US market. We asked the C&C community manger, EA_CIRE, about this to find out why. So there you go. It's not all bad for fans outside of the USA.
  18. Wow! Can you believe it's been 17 years of awesome (and some not so awesome) Command & Conquer gaming? August 31st marks the 17th anniversary of the day this historic franchise began when Westwood Studios released the original Command & Conquer on August 31st 1995. It was a game that arguably defined the genre that we call "real time strategy". Even though it's the anniversary of Command & Conquer's release, it's great to have a retrospective look back at the franchise as whole. Feel free to share your favourite moments and memories from any of the past Command & Conquer games with us in the news thread.
  19. To mark the 17th anniversary of the beginning of the Command & Conquer franchise, EA has announced the Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection bundle. It features 17 games all packed in to one box for an extremely low price. Not only will it feature all the games, it will include early beta access to the new Command & Conquer - Free to Play coming in 2013. The full press release can be read below. Click here for the original press release.
  20. After a really interesting question from Mr_Killt on the C&C Communications Center forums, about the Nod mission in the original Command & Conquer where you have to assassinate Dr. Chan, I used my answers to him to write a small article on ModDB, detailing some of the special code used in Command & Conquer's campaign missions. You can read the article right here.
  21. All Command & Conquer games on Steam have been slashed in price by 75% as a part of the Midweek Madness Steam Sale. This is a great opportunity to add that missing Command & Conquer game to your collection. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - $7.49 USD / 4,99€ Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising - $4.99 USD / 2,49€ Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - $7.49 USD / 3,74€ Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath - $7.49 USD / 3,74€ Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight - $4.99 USD / 6,24€ These deals expire in about 10 hours from the time of this news update. Click here for more info.
  22. We have an interesting thread that has been started in our forums. We want you to share your Command & Conquer war stories with us and the rest of the community. Reflect upon your most epic moments in Command & Conquer, online or single player, won or lost is irrelevant, it's how the game was played. Any Command & Conquer games count as well. So please feel free to share your Command & Conquer war stories. It only has a few stories posted so far... let's change that!
  23. Thanks to CnC Saga for this news. Command & Conquer Domination is a free WAP game for mobile phones developed by KotaGames and published by EA for the Asian mobile social network MIG33. The MIG33 network has 50 million users worldwide. Check out this thread on CnC Saga for some preview screen shots. It looks rather simplistic.
  24. MCV creates marketing reports on the gaming industry's biggest brands, calling them "Brand Maps". One of those brands is Command & Conquer. Just recently, their full report for Command & Conquer was made available, for a hefty cost of £480.00/$US750/$NZ1000, but a news article breaking down the report was posted. According to MCV's report, Command & Conquer games are played 10.4 hours per week on average, among other interesting statistics. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/FuG3n.jpg So basically, what we have here is C&C by the numbers, which probably doesn't mean much to the average gamer. If you want the full report, you will have to part with £480.00/$US750/$NZ1000. A massive price to pay for some charts and numbers.
  25. So, it's the International Workers' Day, and with that in mind, the team at French C&C fan site CNC Saga has decided to take a look back at that tireless, sometimes unappreciated unit that is present in all Command & Conquer games, the Engineer. Click here for the English translation of the article. The original French article is posted here.