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  1. It's now possible! Thanks to the lead programmer at http://www.goldeneyevault.com and to Nyerguds (the Creator of the revised 1.06c version of C&C95 found here: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/) it is now possible to add your Command & Conquer 1995 map to the four years newer Command & Conquer 1999 that was redone in 3D for the Nintendo 64. To start off I'll note that i was surprised to learn that the file formats for the INI are the exact same! And thanks to a tool that Nyerguds has made up for us we can easily convert the .bin maps to .map (which is what C&C64 uses instead of the bin). There's also an additional file for maps that a .IMG extension and is responsible for the 3D terrain effect seen on the C&C64 that you'll see in the images below. I'll also note that it's not essential to have the .IMG file to play your map you just won't have the 3D terrain effect. In fact, it's not even essential that you have the .map (bin) file either, so you can play maps that are clear of terrain other than trees/tiberium/buildings/units/triggers etc. I'm not an experienced tutorial writer, so bear with me! Also, before I start i want to say that almost all the Covert Operations missions are in the Command & Conquer '64 game/ROM, but are not playable unless you hex edit the ROM (which is easy to do, and I might actually show you how to do that here as well). For more information on the hidden secrets of the N64 game, read here: https://tcrf.net/Command_and_Conquer_(Nintendo_64) (written mostly by Nyerguds) To start off, you'll need these tools to do this awesome process: First the main tool called Universal N64 Compressor: http://www.goldeneyevault.com/viewfile.php?id=213 A Command & Conquer 64 ROM: (I'm using the US version) http://romhustler.net/rom/n64/command-conquer-1 Project 64 version 1.7 or above: (Right now I prefer 1.7) http://www.pj64-emu.com/downloads/project64/binaries/ Nyerguds's PC<->N64 map converter: http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/project_stuff/2013/CnC64MapConverter/release/ (Take the latest version; the one at the bottom) RTool 64: (this is v2.07. Some newer v3 betas are available in the same folder) http://n64.icequake.net/mirror/www.dextrose.com/files/n64/transfer_tools/bb-rt207.zip HxD Hex Editor: http://download.cnet.com/HxD-Hex-Editor/3000-2352_4-10891068.html The reason why I listed Project 64 was because It's the only emulator that comes with the working Glide64 video plugin which is the only plugin that runs C&C64 properly. You could download the 1964-ultrafast emulator that overclocks the emulator which makes C&C64 not lag at all except the only problem is is that the video plugin it uses doesn't quite run it as well everything is dimmed for some reason but you can try it out if you want. Also i couldn't get the Glide64 with that emulator or any other emulator. download 1964-ultrafast here: www.emulation64.com/files/info/944/1964-ultrafast.html/ Before we open the Universal De compressor we'll want to open Nyerguds's CnC64MapConverter so that we can convert your maps bin file to a .map file. When you open it, it should look like this: Now click 'load scan result' and select one of the included .nms files. You'll see there is one for desert and one for temperate. so click the correct one for the map you have. After hitting OK, you'll see some stuff on the list which you usually don't have to get involved with. The "default high byte" and "default low byte" are used to fill in cells that can't be converted. If you leave them empty, they'll automatically use the right bytes for 'clear terrain', so just leave them empty. (They're filled in on the image because that's an older version of the converter) Now you're ready to hit 'Convert bin to map' and select your bin file. It will then ask where you want to save your map... probably in the same place, so there you go, that's done! Now moving on to the decompressor program. One more thing we'l need to do before getting to the universal decompressor is to open and use RTool so extract that somewhere then open it and all you have to do is what's shown here in this picture: So yeah select your C&C64 rom and click change image format and you're done with that! That's required to make your rom editable. Now you'll want to extract Universal N64 Compressor somewhere, and have your C&C64 US ROM ready, preferably in an empty folder, so, yes, create a folder and put your C&C64 ROM in that folder first. You'll see why in a moment. Now open GEDecompressor.exe and you'll see where you can select a range of games, so select Command & Conquer of course: After that, just next to that, click 'Load/decompress game', go to the folder you created and select your C&C ROM. Now you'll see a loading bar as a bunch of files pour down the menu screen. Wait for it to finish. When it's done, do this: Scroll down until you reach the mission .ini files, and from there it's almost as simple as selecting the map file you want to replace with whichever map you want to insert there, except that there are size limits for each map, especially when dealing with the ini's. Luckily when you hit "Inject file into ROM", if the file you are trying to insert is bigger than the file you're replacing it with, it will warn you if you are replacing a file that is smaller than the one you're inserting. So if that comes up you're usually best to hit 'no' and find another file to replace that has enough room for the map you're inserting, otherwise part of your map will get cut off and you'll find that out ingame. Assuming you have a .ini and a .map to insert, once you have found slots to insert them in where there's no size problems, take note of which map filenames they were that you replaced. It's also important to note that the name of your map before you insert it doesn't matter, so your map that you are wanting to insert can be called anything like gdrhgsdfg.ini for example. The only filename you need to remember is the one you replaced. So let's say hypothetically you chose to replace scg15ea.ini with your ini and scb07ea.map with your map(bin) file (for future reference). Now click 'save ROM' and save it somewhere, preferable outside the folder which is now littered with extracted files. Now that your map is inserted we need to make it playable, so open the hex editor I linked you to (or any hex editor you may already have; should be similar enough) and open your N64 ROM that has the maps inserted. One thing you'll want to do is this: at the top, go to 'Search' and go down to 'Goto' and type in the address "20D4EA". It should bring you to a large list of map filenames seen here: (You can expand your view to 48 which is what i use to make it easier to see) So let's say your mission is a Nod mission, so let's use the slot that's for NodSpecOps1, so change 'SCB21EA' to 'SCB45EA' for example, since we know that filename is not used. If it's a GDI mission you have to change 'SCG30EA' to 'SCG45EA'. Note that the number 45 in your filename dictates the build level. so yes the build level option in your ini file is ignored in the N64C&C for some reason. so all filename numbers that are 15 and above are buildlevel max which is 15 (Construction yard vehicle buildable) It's also important to note that the G and the B in the map filenames dictates whether or not you have a Nod or GDI sidebar menu, with yellow or red units. The minimap also changes: it gives desert terrain for Nod and temperate terrain for GDI. So if you insert a Nod map and call it 'SCG20EA' You'll be playing as nod but with a GDI sidebar, with yellow icons for the buildings/units Anyway, moving on, we need to get to the next list of filenames so we can line up the maps we inserted with the SCG/B45EA names we chose, so now under search click 'Goto' again and go to this address: "461449" you'll see a different list of filenames now, and my maps I've inserted are 'scg15ea.ini' and 'scb07ea.map', so we need to find those and rename them to the map filename we chose above, which was 'SCG45EA' (or 'SCB45EA'). So in this case, it should look like this for mine: See how the slots where my maps were inserted are now changed to match our Special Ops slot and map name. Now all you have to do from your hex editor is save your ROM and load it up in Project64, go to the SpecOps slot you used and play it (or if you chose a mission map slot between 1-15 just go to that map and play). Oh, one last thing in Project 64! Go to settings and change your video plugin to this Glide64 like this: It runs the game almost perfectly, and all other video plugins seem to have problems. There were more details i wanted to get into, especially with what you can do with the hex editor, so i may edit this tutorial in the future. I hope I didn't miss anything and I hope i detailed everything well enough for people to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me anytime if you happen to be confused about something. Cheers! Here are some Pictures of Custom levels Here's an example of a tiny map and what it looks like in the map editor vs in the game
  2. In this week's Music Monday feature, we go back to the original Command & Conquer game and bring you In Trouble, one of the more representative tracks from the game, which was also used in the January 1995 trailer. A new track will be posted next Monday. And as always, don't forget to share this on social media using the hashtags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  3. 31 August is celebrated as the anniversary of the release of the original Command & Conquer from 1995. Today's Throwback Thursday feature goes back to the original game's Nod ending, where Nod Netrunners transfer their consciousness to virtual orbs within cyberspace in an attempt to hack the GDI ion cannon uplink, but should these orbs be destroyed, the Netrunner is killed. Their chairs even make an appearance in C&C Renegade. They were portrayed by Ed Del Castillo, Ian Pugh and Frank Klepacki. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  4. From these games. Diablo I Diablo II Command and Conquer (Original) Warcraft I Warcraft II C&C: Red Alert 1 Starcraft I C&C: Red Alert 2 I was just curious which games were '2D' and '3D', or were all '2D' with the illusion of '3D', and Im not very expert on this, but it's every '2D' games with or without illusion of '3D' does it uses 'sprites'? Thanks for reading ^^ Another curiosity question. Whats your favourite 'Classic' or 'Retro' games for PC =) Again, thanks for reading. -CnC.Cap
  5. Over a month ago, the team at GVMERS, who had previously covered the fate of the cancelled FPS Tiberium, created a video on the entire C&C franchise. What you are looking at above is the corrected, definitive version - certain facts about things that happened behind the scenes in Westwood Studios, EA Pacific, EA Los Angeles and Victory Games have been proofread, and each game is now presented in higher detail, in order to better describe what made Command & Conquer what it is, in both its good and bad times. The video is now 10 minutes longer in total, so be sure to check it out!
  6. Back in February, GVMERS posted a video that looked at what happened to the cancelled Tiberium FPS. Today, they have new Command & Conquer video that dives into the entire franchise. The Command & Conquer franchise helped shape the identity of RTS games during the 1990's and would influence the designs of countless similar strategy titles in later years. Even though the franchise ended with a whimper instead of a bang, it managed to create an indelible impact on the history of videogames. Join the team from GVMERS as they take a look at the rise and fall of Command & Conquer.
  7. In our Throwback Thursday feature, we've covered several iconic units from the Command & Conquer franchise. But, what such list would be complete without the original ORCA Assault Craft, GDI's signature aircraft from the original Command & Conquer? Introduced in the ninth mission "Field Test The ORCA" (in Trieste, Italy or Arad, Romania), this VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) craft was powerful and agile, and was seen in cutscenes easily dodging SAMs. Its core design was retained throughout the series, confirming its status as a series' icon. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  8. Popular StarCraft II and Hearthstone player Day[9] has a "Day Off" segment where he plays games unrelated to his usual gaming habits. This time, Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations got its turn. Yes, you read it right, not the original campaign - The Covert Operations. You can watch the full gameplay on his YouTube split in three parts: part 1, part 2, part 3.
  9. All replays for the league are uploaded to Jazz_KCS' file server. File server status thread. The tables are updated shortly after the end of each round. Also see: Season 3, The Rulebook and Public Registration (closed for Season 3) Live updated Fixtures and Results, Season 3 Masters' Division Minions' Division Recruit Division Alpha Recruit Division Beta Post-Season Feedback and Discussion thread for Season 2 All inquiries and official league business are conducted through [email protected], currently mananged by Jazz_KCS and SoScared. X-posted from: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=7453.0 The RAGL has grown significantly since, with full divisions and over $800 worth of prize money for Season 2 alone. This season represents OpenRA's most dedicated players, scaled in skill level across 4 divisions with the upper two divisions looking scary good after a few seasons of promotions and relegations. All matches are easily accessible through our file server at http://64h.mine.nu:5534/mIRROR/ora_replays/ to which if you've installed OpenRA, the replay file will launch the client automatically! The RA Global League runs two event each year, one in spring and one in the fall. Beyond Season 3 (this spring) the competitive event is looking to promote itself thoroughly now that the format is stabilizing and has proven it will run smooth regardless of the number of participants and overall scope of the league setup. To get a glimpse of what some of these high competitive matches look like, look no further than the RA Global League's two-times Champion FiveAces' own YouTube shoutcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CovertFlobert We're looking to raise awareness of this competition and will welcome any discussion, feedback and criticism from the CNCNZ community which above all else value the core of what represents Command & Conquer.
  10. For this week's instalment of C&C Music Monday we are going all the back to the soundtrack for the original Command & Conquer. The selection is "Iron Fist". Another rock/techno classic from Frank Klepacki. Remember, don't forget to share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  11. In this week's Throwback Thursday, we go way, way back to the development time of the original Command & Conquer, to the year 1994. The screenshot you see has a special spot in the C&C history for two reasons. Firstly, it was made as test footage for Westwood Studios' proprietary VQA video format, which was made to accomodate their desire to bring numerous cutscenes in the game, for which concurrent video formats were not satisfactory. Secondly, it is tied to the one real way how Joe Kucan got the role of Kane - as he was a Westwood employee (who worked on the Legend of Kyrandia series with voice acting and voiceover direction), he was asked to play the role of a villain in the VQA test footage. The staff liked his performance and gave him the role of Nod's leader, Kane. The video footage can be seen in the game's at 1:38, but sadly without the audio. Westwood was proud of this achievement, and a scene from the " " sketch from 2001 was shot in front of a printed version of the above screenshot. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  12. As part of their Retro Gaming Blog, the Arcade Attack recently posted a new interview with Command & Conquer music legend, Frank Klepacki. The interview covers how Frank began his career in the gaming industry and discusses his work on the Command & Conquer soundtracks and other games he has worked in the years since. Here's part of it.... Check out the full interview right here.
  13. Just before the end of 2016, a new Command & Conquer mod was released. Its a Command & Conquer themed mod for RimWorld, a construction and management simulation video game developed by Ludeon Studios. In TiberiumRim - It Comes From Space v1.1 the basic mineral Tiberium in its many forms and a way to use it is added to the game. There is a small back story to this mod. Sounds like a good match if you're a C&C fan and RimWorld player. You can get more information and the download link right here.
  14. Nyerguds, one of the community's most famed members and coders, has created the Westwood Font Editor, a tool which allows the editing of the official font files of various formats found in earlier Westwood games (Eye of the Beholder series, The Legend of Kyrandia series, Lands of Lore series, Dune II and 2000, Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Sole Survivor and Tiberian Sun, to name a few). This will allow easier development of fan-made localizations and modifications. You can download the latest version by following this link, the source code (written in C#, built on .NET Framework v3.5) is available as well. See this development thread for more information and full list of supported formats.
  15. Released today is the latest C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Mod promo video showing off how the Mod looks in 2016. A few sneak peeks at the new campaign missions can be seen if you know where to look. Eight additional campaign missions are slated to release soon with patch v1.43 with the campaign videos included. This video itself is a remake of the original Mod trailer that hit the Net way back in 2007. DOWNLOAD CURRENT RELEASE FACEBOOK PAGE
  16. Here's an audio interview with one and only Joe Kucan, better known as Kane in many of the Command & Conquer games. In this interview from the Cyber Den, Joe discusses, with some quirky responses, about how he got into acting and bagged the role of Kane, what he loves about the character, and why EA killed the charismatic leader off once and for all in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.
  17. In this week's edition of Throwback Thursday, we look back at a very rare feature in video games, but a much favoured one among C&C fans. In C&C games up to and including Yuri's Revenge, as well as in Dune 2000, Westwood would put track lists in the sound control menus. Basically, we got C&C's own little media players, where you could listen to Frank Klepacki's then-to-be classics in any order and any time you wanted! This is also how many of us memorized all those track names before having YouTube and personal composers' websites to check them. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  18. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of C&C Red Alert, I dug this model out of my archives from many years ago from when I was new to 3D modeling. It is simply a converted and edited model from C&C Renegade for use in C&C Generals. Texture/Skin was also a quick photoshop edit to transform it into a Soviet version of the iconic tank. This was never released IIRC and was originally never intended to be as it was just a model to help me learn how to rig and retexture models for C&C Generals. The Gmax and other source files will also be included. DISCLAIMER: As mentioned above this model was originally designed/edited for C&C Generals but with a little bit of work it can be redone to work with C&C3 or RA3. Credits go to Westwood for the original Models/Textures Rigging and other edits to make it functional with modern C&C games go to sgtmyers88 File attachment was too large so I made a download link HERE
  19. This week's Throwback Thursday features the Harvester from Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars in 2007. But its not really just the Harvester from that game. Its from all of them. Something we call the "Humble Harvester". It could be the Harvester from the original Command & Conquer, the Chrono Miners, the Ore Collectors, Harvesters with Machine Guns attached to them, Harvesters that teleport back to the Refinery. The Harvesters may have evolved over time, progressing from that simple four wheeled truck like vehicle with poor A.I, to far more sophisticated units later on, the premise is the same. Collect the resources and return to base. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  20. This week's selection for Music Monday features a rare track from the original Command & Conquer, its "Destructible Times". This song is only heard in a shorten edited form during the credits after completing the Brotherhood of Nod campaign. The song was by the band I AM, of which Frank Klepacki was the drummer. It can bee found on the album "There’s A Home". Westwood Studios asked Frank Klepacki for the song because it reflected the war aspect and bad-ass vibe of Nod’s side. A new track will be posted next Monday. Share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  21. From now on it's go time! In this topic after this post we can discuss everything related to the tournament, but first, the Bracket! Note that this bracket is no longer up for change. Tournament round rules: Round 1: Cycle (bo3) Players pick 3 different countries to play. Any, Any(Allies) and Any(Soviets) are not allowed. A player cannot pick a country he already played in this round. Quarter Finals: Random (b03) Players Pick ANY. not Any (Allies) or Any (Soviets) nor a specific country Semi Finals: Stronk (b05) Players pick 1 single country, preferably their strongest and stick wit that for the entire round. Any, Any(Allies) and Any(Soviets) are not allowed. Bronze Match & Finals: Mirror (all 5 matches) All 5 matches of this round will be played as Mirror Matches. Order of the country selection are: France - Ukraine - England - Russia - Germany While the winner of the round will be decided as B05, all 5 matches will be played Timeframe: - The Tournament will consist of 2 weekends starting July 2nd. Ending July 10th - First match (Kwendy vs Anjew) will start on July 2nd at 10:00 AM GMT - Match 1, 2, 3, 8 & 9 will be held on Saturday July 2nd starting at 10:00 AM GMT - Match 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 & 11 will be held on Sunday July 3rd starting at 10 AM GMT - Semi Finals will be held on Saturday July 9th, starting at 10:00 AM GMT - Bronze Match & Finals will be held on Sunday July 10th starting at 10:00 GMT Map pool - The first player in the match up will decide the first map - The other player will decide the 2nd map - For B05, rinse and repeat for map 3&4 - The final map will be decided by me via Random Number Generator The maps are: - Behind The Veil - Dual Cold Front - Keep Off The Grass 2 - Man To Man - Ore Lord - Side Step - Singles - Warwind - Winterstorm - Should a 1vs1 Red Alert map out of the Mapmaking contest win, This map will be the 10th map in the pool. Additional info: - Tournament officials: Hecthor Doomhammer, FiveAces, SoScared, Ripsn, Jazz_KCS - Commentators & Spectaors: Hecthor Doomhammer, FiveAces, SoScared. No other Spectators allowed! - Mumbleserver: [64H] Multiplayer - Technical support: Jazz_KCS (perhaps co-commentator, is allowed to spectate) Prizes: Prizepool is €120) CCCP21 has donated 80 euro for a Prize Pool: NoobmapMaker donated €20, SoScared Donated €20 - €60 first prize - €40 second prize - €20 3rd place. During this week I will personally inform the participants on when they are scheduled / expected to play via PM. Let's make this a tournament to remember! Hecthor Doomhammer
  22. For Throwback Thursday this week we go back the original Command & Conquer from 1995, and a look at the coolest ever installation for a PC game. They just don't make them like this any more. It was even fun to set up the sound card. Who remembers always having to type in the PORT, IRQ and DMA settings for sound cards? As the installation progresses, all sorts of text and images fill the screen. Unique overlapping voices get faster and faster until the screen goes blank, pause for dramatic effect.... "installation complete". The game is ready to be played. . Perhaps there are some younger C&C fans out there who have never seen it before. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  23. For Throwback Thursday this week we look back the debut of the Ion Cannon in the original Command & Conquer from 1995. Introduced during the First Tiberium War, the Ion Cannon circled the Earth on a geosynchronous orbit. It became the signature weapon of the Global Defense Initiative. Like it's more recent versions, the first generation Ion Cannon was capable of obliterating any location on the world with a precise, calculated strike of unforgiving destructive power. The Ion Cannon was pivotal in the destruction of Kane's Temple of Nod in Cairo. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
  24. This is the first time we have done a C&C Music Monday by request. A long time poster on our forums, zocom7, asked us to feature "Just Do It Up". So the classic and original version by Frank Klepacki from the Command & Conquer soundtrack has been selected. Every time I hear "Just Do It Up" it just reminds me of the good old days of classic Command & Conquer gaming all over again, especially when I used to play it into the long hours of the night. If you want a different version of "Just Do It Up", check out the . Share this on social media using the hash tags #CnCMusicMonday and #MusicMonday.
  25. Following on from the Confidential Top Secret Tiberian Sun Dossier we posted near the end of April. We have some more recovered materiel. Watch the video above from the , Where Kane says "Discovered by the Brotherhood, and I named it after Tiberius Drusus Caesar", have you ever wondered what Kane really meant? The answer has been found in the form of these recovered parchments. Kane's Tiberium Parchment | Part One Kane's Tiberium Parchment | Part Two Once again, where these documents come from is not important right now. Read it, share it and give us your feedback about it.