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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, well I am trying to work on a mission map that I have made, but I having trouble figuring out how to set up the scripting for a trigger area, i.e. I am trying to script actions in and around a triggered event in the game. I have part of the script done but am unable to quite workout the rest. What I am trying to do is get an enemy unit to to do certain things once the trigger has be activated, i.e. I want an enemy base commander to escape capture, in order to trigger other events on the map. Now I have all the relevant buildings, units, trigger area and way points set up, but it is just sorting out the scripting for the triggered event, including the possibility of set up of some sort of cutscene to go with the triggered event. So here is what should happen in the mission. Intro, able to do this Hero team enter map, have not decided how they are going to enter map Hero team set up base and scot area Hero team locate abandoned Faction base and take it over, triggering scripting copied from ZHUSA-md05 and 1st enemy sub base to become active and start hunting, can do this my self Scot and capture 1st enemy sub base, triggering cutscene, having trouble with scripting this bit Triggered cutscene see enemy unit escape and trigger a new phase of mission, i.e. enemy 2nd sub base becomes active and start hunting Again same as 5 Triggered cutscene see enemy units escape and trigger a new phase of mission, i.e. enemy main base becomes active triggering final phase of mission, i.e. seek and destroy End cutscene, can work on that or might copy ZHUSA-md05 end script So what it is I need is help working out the scripting to make the escape/cutscene work! Or could I use the same scripting as the intro to do this or will I need a new set of scripts? The cutscene should run like this, Player has unit ground in trigger area Base commander un-garrisons from HQ and follows way point path to sleeping chopper Base commander enters chopper Escape chopper takes off and follows way point path to enemy 2nd base Chopper lands, after running from chopper base commander enters trigger area and enters the enemy 2nd base command center Triggering next phase of the game, i.e. the transport of toxins from 2nd base to main base also triggering timer for supper weapons and chemical rocket attacks on the player bases. The only bet I am having a problem with is trying to work out the full list of scripts to make the triggered events to work like a cutscene, i.e. something like the ones used in ZHUSA-md03. I have attached 4 jpegs, 2 showing the two bases layout and 2 showing close up of start point and finish point's, as you can see every thing is in place, all I have to do is sort out the cutscene,I have made basic intros for other maps and can do the same for this one, but it is just getting my head around the making of the cutscene and once I have made it, I can then make a second cutscene for the triggering of phase 3/final part of the mission. As well as little extra bits here and there, but it is just doing the first one that is so hard. Hope this helps?
  2. AZ-Stalker

    TS Missing FMV's

    First of all, I couldn't find a trace of a similar topic via CNCNZ's search engine so don't harass me about that. Alright, I've downloaded a "new" freeware Tiberian Sun game since I lost my last one somewhere in a PC clean-up. Seems as though it's not the TFD version, yet it doesn't contain any of the FMV cutscenes that are supposed to appear before and after missions during both campaigns. Including the general faction intro videos. From what I've seen in a short run-through, only the victory and defeat short cutscenes are included. Don't ask me for a link to the download because I oblitherated any traces of it "by accident" a few days ago. I need help (instructions & download links if possible) on how to add those missing cutscenes back in the game. This is not Firestorm we're talking about, but I would appreciate any help regarding FS aswell 'cause I'll most likely be aquiring the expansion pack to go along with the original again. It's been a while since my last digging and whatnot through older games, but I think I'm in need of FULL versions of the files listed below for TS (and perhaps some other ones + also for FS if possible), but I'll let the 'classic C&C hackers' that prey on innocent gamers around CNCNZ run me over it, ofcourse... MOVIES01.mix MOVIES02.mix (both are already present in the game folder, by the way) Also, the 'intro/sneak peek' button does nothing, so it's safe to assume that FMV is not there.