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  1. In a quick post on their Facebook page, the C&C: Online team have posted a quick to guide to help those people who purchased C&C Generals and Zero Hour from the latest Humblebundle, get up and running to play online. You will still need a Revora forum account, of course (as explained on the website: http://cnc-online.net/). Fixed launchers: http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/19121-fixed-launchers-for-the-ultimate-collection/ GenTool: http://www.cncnz.com/features/gentool-for-cc-generals-and-zero-hour/ So following those simple steps you should be ready for battle via C&C: Online.
  2. Plokite_Wolf

    GenTool 7.0 Released

    GenTool, the popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has been updated to version 7.0 recently. GenTool is a recommended download for all C&C Generals and Zero Hour players. Here's what's new: New Features 7.0 Fixed a series of critical exploits: SCUD bug, tunnel bug, building bug Added a latency presentation as light blue frame count in GenTool HUD Updater: Added update package to fix cracked game.dat in Zero Hour Fixes/Improvements 7.0 Improved the Unofficial Maps tab in statistics enabled game room to remember map selection within current session Changed MDS lag tolerance to a minimum of 10 and maximum of 64 Removed error messages on failed ticker loading Added notification on game start to advertise cnc-online.net to GameRanger players We have a CNCNZ.com download mirror for GenTool available. GenTool v7.0 (6.74MB) You can also download the latest version from the official GenTool site. NOTE: Users of The First Decade unofficial patch 1.03 revision 4 are not affected by the game.dat change and should be able to play as they have before.
  3. The CnCMaps.com website, which used to hold many fan-made maps for C&C games from Generals to Tiberian Twilight, was closed in the summer of 2013 after its administrator lost the time and motivation to maintain it. Two weeks ago, though, he decided to save much of the lost material by collecting all the maps that were sent over the years and uploaded them to the Microsoft OneDrive service for everyone to download. You can check out this vast archive by clicking here.
  4. GenTool, the popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has seen two new versions being released recently. GenTool is a recommended download for all C&C Generals and Zero Hour players. Versions 6.8 and 6.9 include more support for C&C: Online. Version 6.9 fixes a potential crashing issue for players using The Ultimate Collection versions of Generals and Zero Hour. New Features 6.9 Not Available Fixes/Improvements 6.9 Not Available New Features 6.8 C&C Online: Enabled Relax Maps to be playable with statistics from unofficial map list C&C Online: Added shatabrick.com top 10 scoreboard(s) to online experience Fixes/Improvements 6.8 Fixed a bug where matches were uploaded without date to server Refactored GameSpy API to increase lobby performance Updater: Added option to cancel installation of third party packages (e.g. Relax Maps) Updater: Removed forced RUNASADMIN WINXPSP3 flags Updater: Removed Direct Connect Fix for GameRanger users Updater: Improved Updater functionality for UAC enabled systems As always, we have a CNCNZ.com download mirror for GenTool available. GenTool v6.9 (6.73MB) You can also download the latest version from the official GenTool site.
  5. The Dragon Awakes is a C&C Generals fan film made by DrDanthrax99. The basic plot for the story is China calls its debt and the USA can't pay. A bloody skirmish then ensues. This has taken a lot of work to put together, so give it a watch. Thanks to DrDanthrax99 for sharing his work with the community.
  6. Plokite_Wolf

    C&C Online News

    Greetings Generals! We are pleased to announce that statistics recording and, for the very first time in the games' histories, automatic 1v1 ranked ladders have been enabled for Command and Conquer Generals and Zero Hour on C&C:Online. Statistics are now being recorded and display to players in each game as they did under GameSpy. Those statistics, along with a live display of 1vs1 ladder standings are available on Shatabrick. There are plans to display the ladders and statistics on other sites, including the C&C:Online web site and on GameReplays. Presently, ladders and statistics are available only to GenTool users. Statistics recording (but not ladder access) may be made available to non-Gentool users in the future. The ladders in both games are operating a simplified Elo system, where a variable number of points are awarded or deducted for a win or a loss, based on the number of points held by each player. Presently, thirty three points are awarded or deducted for a win or loss between players holding an equal number of points, varying between a minimum of five points and a maximum of sixty points, depending on the points difference between the players. In Zero Hour, the ladder is presently restricted to 1vs1 games played on the official 1vs1 maps, although we intend to extend the map pool in the near future in consultation with players. There are currently no restrictions on the maps which may be played in Generals. For the future, there are plans to add a 2vs2 ladder, a clan ladder and match histories. Unsuspecting players have been competing on the ladders for the last few days now but we'll be resetting the ladders in both games on 14 September so players have a fresh chance to scrabble to the top by the end of the month. After that, we'll be resetting the ladders monthly and will be looking at holding a competition for the top ladder players at the end of each month. So Generals, watch out for the reset and get ranking! View the Generals 1v1 ladder View the Zero Hour 1v1 ladder
  7. Mark Skaggs, who was the Executive Producer for the likes of Red Alert 2, C&C Generals and Zero Hour, recently posted a message on his Facebook page offering his support and expertise to the C&C Generals modding community. As he is considering working on one or two projects. You will find Mark Skaggs on Facebook and on Twitter at @mark_skaggs.
  8. GenTool, the popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has been given another update recently. GenTool is a recommended download for all C&C Generals and Zero Hour players. Version 6.6 is highlighted by further support for C&C: Online, as well as other improvements and bug fixes. New Features 6.6 CNC Online: Added access to Generals Statistics server CNC Online: Added exclusive access to Shatabrick.com Generals Ladder Updater: Added Generals version mismatch fix for The Ultimate Collection (Origin) Updater: Added Relax Maps as downloadable package for Zero Hour users Updater: Added direct connect fix for non-English GameRanger users Updater & Installer: Added force set of RUNASADMIN WINXPSP3 on generals.exe for Windows Vista and higher Fixes/Improvements 6.6 Fixed a bug where the resolution text was not printed correctly on uploaded images Improved GenTool Updater Fixes/Improvements 6.7 Fixed black screen issue in The First Decade - Generals Zero Hour Update: Version 6,7 has been released to fix a black screen issue with Zero Hour. Also, the CNCNZ.com download mirror for GenTool is available again. GenTool v6.7 (6.70MB) You can also download the latest version from the official GenTool site.
  9. GenTool, the popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has been updated once again. GenTool is a recommended download for all C&C Generals and Zero Hour players. Version 6.5 is highlighted by new support for C&C: Online, as well as other improvements and bug fixes. New Features 6.5 Added game access to cnc-online.net servers (Revora) Added Auto Updater Fixes/Improvements 6.5 Fixed a crash when launching a Generals Campaign mission Fixed cursor lock with dual monitor setup Adjusted UI content You can download version 6.5 from the official site.
  10. C&C: Online, the new community made and managed online server for Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, and Red Alert 3 is now officially up and running. This new service is designed to take over from the GameSpy shutdown that happened on the 30th of June. Read the announcement below to find out how you can start playing on C&C: Online. So head over to the C&C: Online site, download the all important C&C:Online Launcher and get online.
  11. Scrappydoo1996

    Need Some Help - New here

    Hello new guy here. I've been playing C&C since I was like 5. Anyways, here's my problem. Last night, one of my buddies downloaded C&C Generals for me on my flashdrive. I went to play a Skirmish battle and in like 15 seconds, my troops and building blew up and I lost the match. Can Someone please help??? :banghead: :D
  12. Its well past the 30th of June deadline, but there are reports that the GameSpy servers for Generals & Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars & Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 have now been confirmed as offline. But its not the end, because as you know, the replacement has been waiting in the wings. C&C: Online is ready to take over. C&C: Online is a community made and managed online server for Generals, Zero Hour, C&C 3, Kane’s Wrath, and Red Alert 3, allowing you to log in and continue playing online just like you could when GameSpy’s servers were still online. All information about C&C: Online can be found right here.
  13. C&C: Online has been available for a couple of days now. With that in mind, Sybert, has made this great video tutorial to help people get started and get online with C&C: Online. There is plenty of help availble for C&C: Online. Either via the C&C: Online section here on CNCNZ.com, the C&C: Online site and the support forums.
  14. C&C: Online hasn't launched just yet but its getting there. In the meantime, a new Fair Play and Member Management section has been opened on the Revora Forums. This new section includes a guide that explains How to claim your old nick name(s). This appears to be a rather important transitional step for the likes of Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3, as you will not be able to use your old nick names until they have been verified that you own them. Once you have signed up for a Revora account, go to this forum at Revora and make your claim. Visit the new C&C: Online page here at CNCNZ.com for more details about the new community-driven GameSpy replacement.
  15. We have had a few teasers, and people have had many questions, and now we have been given the all clear to announce C&C: Online, the new community based initiative to prolong the online life of your favourite Command & Conquer games. So please read the following announcement below, it explains everything and it should give you an idea of how it will work. So as you can see this is a community based initiative to replace GameSpy. You can check out more on the C&C:Online forum at Revora.
  16. This is just another quick teaser to say that you can expect more details coming soon about C&C: Online, the new community based initiative to replace GameSpy and prolong the online life of your favourite Command & Conquer games. We originally revealed this news last weekend, while I can't post all the information right now, its just not at that stage yet. I can tell you that progress has been made and its looking really promising. There is still a lot to be done with the ambitious new project. So keep checking back for the big announcement of this exciting new development for the C&C Community.
  17. C&C: Online is a new community based initiative to prolong the online life of your favourite Command & Conquer games. While we can't give you all the details just yet but we can at least say good things are happening. We will have more news about this exciting community development soon.
  18. Just a couple of days ago, EA issued a status update about the closure of the GameSpy multiplayer servers for many of their games. These servers are closing at the end of June. Apparently EA are currently exploring all possible options to continue multiplayer services for many popular games, Command & Conquer included. The full list of games impacted by the change can be seen on the EA Online Services Updates page.
  19. The Generals Gentlemen have posted the first video in a new series looking at some of the best RTS games, this new series has been called "Games that I find awesome". The first one features a look at Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. The best and to a degree, the worst, of what made Zero Hour so awesome. Look out for more of this video series in the near future.
  20. It was announced last month that hundreds of video games, including those made by Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Gearbox, Nintendo, Konami, Capcom and more, may be taken off-line as GameSpy's multiplayer servers shut down on the 31st of May. What this means is the multiplayer services for the games listed below will no longer function. Games Effected Command & Conquer Generals Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Red Alert 3 From what we understand, Electronic Arts says it is working to transition old multiplayer games away from the soon-to-be-defunct GameSpy network backend, but some hurdles remain. And that's basically all we know at this stage, there have been no further announcements from EA. It may be a case of the community seeking alternatives such as Hamachi, Tunngle, GameRanger and Evolve in order to continue to play these games online.
  21. GenTool, the popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, has been updated for the first time this year. GenTool is a recommended download for all C&C Generals and Zero Hour players. Version 6.4 includes the following improvements and bug fixes. Fixes/Improvements 6.4 Fixed potential crash on application shutdown Fixed MDS issue where repairing unit on stealthed building caused false positive Moved GenTool save folder from C:\GenTool to C:\Users\...\Documents\GenTool Removed Upload Mode text when inside match or replay Removed version specific Ticker messages Changed Upload Mode to work with latest game versions only Changed Screenshot folder name from "Shots" to "Images" Changed maximum JPG quality setting from 100 to 95 Changed Lobby FPS to 20 when windowed game is not in foreground Reworked game version authentication Download GenTool 6.4 You can download version 6.4 from CNCNZ.com using the link above, or head to the official site for the download.
  22. I'm putting together a new feature for CNCNZ.com and it requires some input from you, the long time Command & Conquer fan. What you need to do is share with us your favourite, most memorable or simply the most awesome moment from any of the Command & Conquer games. The moment that makes you simile, laugh or think "now that was bad ass!". For example, it could be a scene stealing moment such as when Kane makes his announced appearance during the Soviet campaign in the original Red Alert. For me, it was such an unexpected moment, Kane barely says a word, but his presence was so powerful. So what's your favourite Command & Conquer moment? Or moments. Share them with us in this topic. It will also help if you include a screenshot and describe why you like the moment so much.
  23. Hello everyone. There are two unplayable generals i think nobody noticed( i searched so long). First General: In GLA mission 2 you are up against the stealth general, but that general isn't the one you are playing with in skirmish/multiplayer. He's different in many ways. I'll just point a few differences - 1. every unit he builds( besides the rocket buggy) is stealth. 2. every building he builds is stealth while under construction and after without the need of upgrading. 3. he can build up to 5 Jarmen Kells that are different from the others. They are stealth whatever they do (shooting, using ability..), and their special ability recharges SUPER FAST!! you face him in GLA mission 2 and you also spot some of his units in chineese mission 5 ( the ones garrisoned in the buildings in the USA base) as far as i know. Second General: The general you are facing in USA mission 5 is also a lot different from the one you play in skirmish/multiplayer. some differences: 1. cool looking rpg troopers 2. tanks look like they are fully upgraded trough salvage drops when they are not. 3. i'm not really sure, but i think his soldiers and workers are invincible to any kind of poison ( once again, not sure). Now for my question regarding those two generals - How can i make them playable in skirmish? I have also noticed that between the difficulties (easy/medium/hard) in generals challenge and in campaign, the AI controlled player is different in other ways besides behavior. In easy difficulty, in both modes, the enemy units seem to be exactly 1 rank behind you. I mean they shot slower and are much weaker. If, lets say a scorpion tank, BUILD by the AI is rank 1 and attacks your scorpion tank which doesn't have any rank, you'll see that there is no difference in the damage/firing rate between the two tanks. The same thing effects EVEN base defenses, particle cannon and some general powers ( yes! they show slower!), as well as every unit the AI builds. In normal difficulty, the AI units are equal to yours, i.e no rank handicap. In hard difficulty the enemy units, base defenses, ect. all shoot faster and are more powerful than yours. A heroic paladin is damn near indestructible, freshly build auroras ( inexpirianced) blow defenses in 1 shot. It is like everything they build comes out with an 'invisible rank'. A rank 2 tank is the same ( SAME!) as your heroic ranked tank. Pretty unfair, i know ( we asked for it xD). If you want to confirm this you can try playing the campaign/ challenges in different difficulty, clear out an enemy tank ( best example is the quad cannon. Play GLA mission 2 and take out one of stealth generals' quad cannons, capture it and compare the firing rate between it and a quad cannon build from your war factory). Question regarding this - can I apply this effect to me or different AI players in skirmish? and/or can i boost myself in campaign and generals challenge this way, and make lets say the AI controlled player on hard difficulty to fall on 'normal level'? Thanks in advance for your help x) Have a nice day.
  24. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/04/03/gamespy-multiplayer-shutting-down-hundreds-of-games-at-risk For C&C, this means the closure of servers for Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath and Red Alert 3 (not sure who holds Tiberian Twilight) unless an urgent server move is made. Seeing how so many games are hosted on the same server platforms, that'll be quite a job.
  25. Recently downloaded the 1.3 patch for The First Decade after the reader in my DVD driver went to hell so I could continue playing C&C. The patch worked for all games except for Zero Hour (which unfortunately is the game that amused me the most). After installing the patch, the blue batch file appears with all games coming up "Patched", all worked without the disc except for Zero Hour, which still asks me to insert the DVD. I am using the link found here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/est1svg5xex0z8h/tfd-103-rev4.exe And the download application named: tfd-103-rev4 in my downloads folder. Generals is fun and all, but it's getting a little old without all the different variations. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks in advance.