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Found 85 results

  1. The team working on the Kane's Wrath Mod SDK has uploaded WrathEd 1.07 Gamma, which was released a few days after the Beta version and fixes a bug with output paths containing a dot fixes the calculation of TerrainTextureAtlas dimensions. You can download it here (49 MB).
  2. The team working on the Kane's Wrath Mod SDK has uploaded WrathEd 1.07 Beta and Mod Launcher 1.08. This release of WrathEd enables compiling MP3 files to the EALayer3 format, changes the output for compiling mods and maps and further changes the directory structure. The new Mod Launcher, on the other hand, brings minor internal changes and compatibility tweaks to match the new WrathEd build. You can download WrathEd 1.07 Beta here (52 MB) and the Mod Launcher 1.08 here (400 KB).
  3. A couple of weeks ago, we posted some news about the Nod Redeemer and the GDI M.A.R.V Epic Units being made for Minecraft. Well, the CNC Minecraft team has completed all three of them with the addition of the Scrin Eradicator Hexapod. Check out more images and get the download right here.
  4. The CNC Minecraft team has created two of the three Epic Units from Kane's Wrath for Minecraft. Check out the The Redeemer and the M.A.R.V. We can only wonder if the the Scrin Eradicator Hexapod is next. Visit the CNC Minecraft site to get these creations and see more of their work.
  5. Command & Conquer is once again on sale on Steam as part of the holiday sale! The offer ends on January 5th, so you have enough time to purchase that title you're missing. The price tags for Europe are as follows: ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/3OXtd.png Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars: 7,49 € Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath: 7,49 € Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: 9,99 € Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising: 4,99 € Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight: 12,49 € Red Alert 3 is also a candidate for reducing the price for 75%! Vote for it on the main Steampowered page.
  6. Well, this was unexpected. When pointlessly browsing CnC-Source, I found this strange file. Apparently, four years ago, someone refused to upgrade to WinXP and made a patch for Tiberium Wars, and later compatible with Kane's Wrath, to run under Win2000! So if anyone has a VM with Win2000 on it, this patch may be useful for you. Xenkan's Windows 2000 Patch for Tiberium Wars/Kane's Wrath (929 KB)
  7. The team working on the Kane's Wrath Mod SDK has uploaded WrathEd 1.06. This release fixes some terrain textures, enables encoding WAV files to uncompressed audio assets (XAS and EALayer3 compressions are not supported, however) and saves logs to a special folder in a special directory located in My Documents. Click here to proceed to the download page.
  8. The team working on the Kane's Wrath Mod SDK have uploaded WrathEd 1.05. They have fixed map compiling, changed directory structure, adjusted batch files and addressed minor miscellaneous bugs. Click here to proceed to the download page.
  9. Version 1.0.2 of the WrathEd Mod Launcher has been released today. Again, there is no change log, but we can assume that some glitches and bugs have been addressed. Click here to proceed to the download page.
  10. Ever since TW came out I thought, "Awesome! But.... where're titans and Mammoth Mk II? What about the cyborgs and artillery for Nod?" Then KW came out and I finally got my wish... mostly. But since then what I've wanted to combine the two, as well as piecing together the various factions from KW into a cohesive whole that I could play through the vanilla campaign with (in TW at least, putting together an uber faction in KW wouldn't really work since the campaign is more or less about advancing through the various factions itself.) My intention is to offer a truly balanced new gameplay that can be used in the vanilla campaign. I've not got any modding experience though... so I'm making this thread with two intentions: first is to get my ideas out there in the hopes that someone will like them enough to help me create the mod, and the second is in the hopes that someone will help me learn to mod myself. The mod idea I've got is large enough that it'll probably need a few people working in order to accomplish it. The first idea is simply to add in new units and consolidate tech upgrades and support powers: GDI: Units: Titan (replacing the predator) Wolverine Bull (if anyone can find the resources for it. Reference: http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Bull Anyone have a contact with EA who might be willing to give up the cut material?) [This unit would make a nice in-between for the Titan and the MM MkIII] Combat Engineer (replacing vanilla engineer, and adjusted from 700 credits to 500) Juggernaut - slight range increase Technology Upgrades and Structures through which they're accessed: Composite Armor (Arsenal Tech) Power Packs (Arsenal Tech) [Needs to work for both Zone Troopers and Zone Raiders) Scanner Pack (Arsenal Tech) [both ZT And ZR] Stratospheric Fighter (Airfield Tech) Ceramic Armor (Airfield Tech) Armor Piercing Ammo (Arsenal Tech if it can be worked out so that each building can have 4 tech slots - they've all go the space for it, but I've never seen them all used) Hard Points (Airfield Tech) Railgun Replacement for Titans, Guardian Canons, and Mammoths Mk III [and Bull, if we can get it] (Tech Center) Adaptive Armor (Tech Center [applicable to Titans, Bull, Mammoth Mk III and perhaps Wolverines] Mortar (Tech Center) Tungsten AA Shells (Command Center) Sensor Pods (Command Center) Support Powers: Zone Raider Drop Pods (I think it would help the balance to offer the ZRs only through this option rather than adding them to the infantry list in order to maintain a bit of balance. Plus, it makes sense: They're highly elite and have more advanced armor and weaponry. It would make sense for them to be in short supply) Orbital Strike: Makes a nice balance to Nod's Tiberium Bomb. Nod: (A note: Nod is vehicle poor, and thus rely more on infantry. That's why I'm looking to add more infantry options for them: to even out the odds) Replace the TW militants with the KW militants (if for no other reason than because they look more like the nod infantry from Tiberian Sun) Add the Enlightened as new cyborg infantry (maybe the awakened too if enough people want...) Remove the Black Hand (see below for why) and replace them with Tiberium Troopers. Add in the Cyborg Commando (either the one created for the Tiberium Essence Mod (anybody know how to contact it's creator? I've had no luck finding an email address) or import the CC from Tiberium Twilight (as Zocom7 did with his awesome-sauce mod Kane's Wrath Reloaded... though that version needs to be beefed up a bit, I think, simply to make it an better option than the vanilla commando. Better armor and a bit better damage from it's weapon.) Reckoner (Although it's rather week, Nod's been needing a troop transport since the beginning of the game. Managing to make it so that garrisoned units can fire while its mobile would put Nod on an equal footing with GDI) Specter Artillery (Nod's been needing this from the beginning. I believe that the black hand version (non-stealth) is actually a better choice, since it can be used both offensively and defensively, whereas the Marked of Kain version requires too much micromanaging to be effective in both defensive and offensive stances) *A tweak to the Stealth Tank: make it capable of entering stealth mode, but also of turning it off, for reasons similar to the Specter. Does anyone know of a good recreation of the Cyborg Reaper (other than the Tiberium Twilight version, which pretty much stank... although some tweaking, such as adding missiles to it could make it useful...) Technology Upgrades and the Structures through which they're accessed: Confessor Addition (Shrine) Black Disciple Addition (Shine) [adding both a confessor and a black hand agent to a militant squad would turn a low level infantry unit into a decent medium tier option. If this isn't possible, then I would add confessor squads to the infantry roster, perhaps even add the BD to rocket squads] Cybernetic Legs (Shrine) Tiberium Infusion (Shrine, if its possible to add a fourth option to a structure, otherwise adding it to Tiberium Plant) [Would be good if we could make Cyborgs ignore tib exposure damage, since it doesn't make sense given their fluff material.] Spitfire Lasers (Tech Center) [should be the upgrade that effects scorpions, raiders, venoms, and laser turrets] Charged Particle Beam (Tech Center) [should effect shredder turrets, Awakened (if they get put in), and Enlightened (I never can remember if their default weapon is this. If so, ignore] Super Charged Particle Beam (Tech Center) [to effect Enlightened] Tiberium Core Missiles (Operations Center, or Tech Center if no Super Particle) Quad Turrets (Operations Center) Dozer Blades (Operations Center) Purifying Flame (Best place to put this would probably be in the Tiberium Plant) Support Powers: Redemption No epic units: everytime an epic unit get's added to a roster it takes over the game and utterly destroys any strategies that don't revolve around attacking or defending against these super weapons. There may be one exception to this idea that's been running through my mind since I saw a destroyed Mammoth Mk II model on one of the skirmish maps. What if it were capturable like a husk? It wouldn't need to be added to any army rosters, but capturing one would give one side a great advantage. But that advantage shouldn't be quite as large as the other epic units: just make it about 1.5 or 1.75 as tough to kill as a Mammoth Mk III. I know Tiberium Essence features a rejuvenated version of the MM MK II, which would be a great place to get a model. That's it. I hope it's interesting enough to invest some time and energy in, either in helping me mod it or in teaching me how to create it. I know there are other mods out there that accomplish similar effects, but I've found the vast majority of them simply add units and/or powers with no real attempt to keep the game balanced. Thanks for reading, in any case.