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  1. Two more Mental Omega news bulletins have been released by the Mentalmeisters team. Apart from even more new map previews (they just keep coming!), we see a new and improved Gun Turret model, a new Allied support structure called the Experimental Warpshop, which makes more use of the chronoshifting technology, new singleplayer and co-op mission previews. Co-op has been announced to take less time (about 30 minutes) as per players' feedback. Visit the mod's official site for more.
  2. The Mentalmeisters team has been pretty busy with Act Two of Mental Omega APYR 3.0. Their News Bulletins are released on a very frequent basis, and the latest ones tease with new mission screenshots, previews of new maps (many of which are derived from Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3), new Ares features, a call for new contributors (voice actors, 3D artists, mission scripters, voxel artists) and some mysterious and shady new unit concepts. To see more details on the recent developments and contact info if you want to apply for voicing new units, check out their official website.
  3. The third news bulletin for the Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge was posts just a couple days ago. It features a few interesting topics, but most notably a preview of the new Tech Buildings. From the top left to bottom right, Tech Academy, Tech Heavy Machinery, Tech Aeronautics, & Tech Defense Bureau, which grant initial veterancy to infantry, ground units, aircraft, and defenses respectively. Visit the Mental Omega APYR site for the full third news bulletin.
  4. The second in a series of regular news bulletin updates for the Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge has been posted. The main highlight of this update is a preview of the new mission called "Operation: Paranoia". Visit the Mental Omega APYR site for the full update.
  5. Just a few days ago, the first in a series of regular news bulletin updates for the Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge was posted. It covers a whole range topics related the current development of the the mod. You can get a preview of the new mission called "Operation: Power Hunger", updates on the new maps, find out how the Ares Expansion DLL is being used, and more. Visit the Mental Omega APYR site for the full update.
  6. A new promotional teaser for the Mental Omega APYR mod for Yuri's Revenge has been posted. Development continues on the next big version. The team are still alive, still designing. And they want you to #ControlMOre. Visit the Mental Omega APYR site for more.
  7. Just recently, a massive Mental Omega 3.0 media update was posted. A few of the items have been covered in our news in last few weeks, but there is substantial amount that we have not mentioned. This big update covers things such as The changelog for Beta Revision 2, New mission loading screens for Act One, a Tech Buildings update, new and updated game modes, new maps and new faction features. So as you can see there are is a lot to be seen. Visit the Mental Omega site for the full update.
  8. By popular demand, new skirmish/multiplayer game mode has been included in the Mental Omega 3.0 Beta Revision 2 mod for Yuri’s Revenge. The "MixTech" mode will allow you to construct all sub-faction technology regardless of which sub-faction you choose. The complete Allied, Soviet or Epsilon arsenal will be at your disposal in this mode. You learn more about Mental Omega 3.0 right here.
  9. A sign of popularity and success has seen official site for the Mental Omega mod for Yuri's Revenge move to it's new domain name, www.mentalomega.com. So don't forget to update your links and bookmarks.
  10. Here's a quick looks at the new and improved Heaven & Hell mission for Beta Revision 2 of Mental Omega 3.0. The mission has been totally reworked, it's now a fluid fast paced mission with Tanya instead of SEALs. This mission is currently available for testers. Visit the official site to learn more about Mental Omega 3.0 for Yuri's Revenge. You can also download the current public version while you are there.
  11. The first Mental Omega 3.0 mod Subfaction Spotlight video has been posted. As the first public beta release approaches, each subfaction will be featured in greater detail, including their strengths, weaknesses, and of course the commando units in their full glory. It begins here with the Pacific Front subfaction. Visit the Mental Omega site for more.
  12. The Mentalmeisters team has announced that Mental Omega APYR 3.0 will have its first public beta released soon, as the closed beta is more or less complete regarding feature additions. With this in mind, the team needs some reliable testers who can find bugs and balance issues in both singleplayer missions and multiplayer sessions. You may apply in the Mental Omega IRC channel. Also, you will require to have a Revora forum account to access the beta. Keep in mind that the number of accepted applications is limited.
  13. Some new art for the Epsilon Archer, the T1 anti-armour/anti-aircraft infantry unit from Mental Omega 3.0 has been posted. In some other Mental Omega 3.0 news, what is this mysterious incoming transmission?
  14. A new Mental Omega video has been posted, which is the direct follow-up to the mysterious image posted on the mod's Facebook page yesterday. It shows the new Epsilon epic unit - the Irkalla, named after the underworld from Babylonian mythology from which there is no return. There is also a message from the Epsilon leaders in the video's description: Click here to stay tuned on the project. One big applause for creative advertisement!
  15. The Mental Omega APYR live stream project on Twitch.tv has started today. Here, you can see multiplayer matches between the beta testers before the mod is released. These streams will air on Wednesdays and Fridays at 20:00 GMT. You can watch the recording of the first stream here.
  16. If you enjoy playing and NOT winning, you'll definitely like the new "Meteor Shower" mode that be included in Mental Omega 3.0. Below is an example of what the AI throws at you if you survive lower tier attacks. You can find out more about Mental Omega 3.0 by visiting the official site.
  17. You've watched all the Hero Spotlight episodes from the upcoming Mental Omega APYR 3.0? You didn't notice something missing, or did you indeed ask yourself: "Where's the Centurion?" Well, the Mentalmeisters team has uploaded a video featuring the new and improved version of this near-omnipotent unit. You can also watch other videos from Mental Omega APYR 3.0 on the mod's official YouTube channel.
  18. The Mentalmeisters team has published the Epsilon vehicles page on the official Mental Omega APYR website. Here you can see some units making a comeback, while others have never been seen before. Below you can see two promotional images: the first one shows the Stinger and the stolen-tech Deviator, and the other shows Piranha Minisubs and Resheph ships surrounding Tanya. Click here to visit the Epsilon vehicles page.
  19. A preview of the Epsilon faction capital submarine in Mental Omega 3.0 for Yuri's Revenge, the Resheph, has been posted. Its projectile can be destroyed with anti-aircraft weapons, just like the other capital ships' projectiles. Reshephs are accompanied by Piranha Minisubs, Epsilon's basic naval unit which is capable of attacking any target in its range. Click here to learn more about Mental Omega 3.0.
  20. The Mentalmeisters team has published the Epsilon infantry section on the official Mental Omega website. We can see many old friends from Yuri's Revenge retouched and some new units (e.g. Dunerider, Stalker, Dream Weaver), while some have returned from previous versions, like Rahn. Click here to see them all.
  21. Another monthly update for Mental Omega APYR 3.0 has been released recently. There is the second voiceover showcase, a screenshot of the Soviet stolen tech unit - the Cyborg Prototype, inspired by the Renegade 2 Cyborg; return of the Apocalypse Tank with a Gattling Cycle logic used on its missiles, new Epsilon Structures segment on the official website, new wallpaper and more. ' rel='lightbox'>http://mo.cncguild.net/news/cyborgpro.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/5/4016/apoca_gcycle.gif Click here to see the rest of the update. You are also welcome to give your voice to the new units - click here to see the list.
  22. Mental Omega 3.0 will now use 'tint' triggers to allow map objects to tint their color in accordance with the map's red, blue and green lighting setting. Watch the comparison pic below to see the difference in lighting and the change in immersion, as a result. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/5/4016/light.gif Check out more news on the Mental Omega ModDB page.
  23. Here's something that has been in testing for Ares 0.3 and we assume it could be included in Mental Omega 3.0 for Yuri's Revenge, is the Gattling Cycle Logic. It allows you to add a set of weapons for a unit just like with standard gattling logic and make it looped. After the last weapon is fired, unit will return to the first weapon and go through all stages again. You can see it in action in the preview below. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/5/4016/apoca_gcycle.gif Check out more news on the Mental Omega ModDB page.
  24. Mental Omega 3.0 will receive its own installer, which will include some new unit renders, featuring units from the mod itself, much like how Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge featured renders of units from the respective game. The most recent of these renders that has been released is the Epsilon's Scorpion Cell's Trike. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/5/4016/b_speeder.png Additionally, the mod team have updated the mod's website with a page detailing every single one of the Epsilon's structures, which can be seen here. You can also visit their image gallery by clicking here, to see all of the other unit renders.
  25. A while ago, Mental Omega 3.0's team released a video showcasing the voice overs for a few of the new units while also detailing the voice over project for Mental Omega 3.0. A lesser while ago, a second video has gone live, showcasing a few more units. Additionally, the mod team have updated the mod's website with a page detailing every single one of the Epsilon's structures, which can be seen here.