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W3D Hub

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  1. W3D Hub have released the v3.0.4.0 patch for Red Alert: A Path Beyond. This is another large update to address more bugs and includes changes such as Thieves, Flamethrowers and Minelayers have been moved down from Tech Level 3 to 2, Tech Level 1 now has the same units available that Tech Level 2 previously did. This is to provide more flexibility for future maps; previously Tech Level 1 was basically wasted space as it only had the units that are available without a barracks. The full change log can be found here. You can update to the latest version via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  2. Another all small but important patch for Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been released by W3D Hub. The main feature in this update is the long awaited return of the RA_Zama map. Check out the full list of changes right here. You can update to version via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  3. W3D Hub have released version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. A lot of the changes in this release are based on fan feedback. This patch contains mostly balance changes, but there are other things in the update as well like an overhauled Master Control Terminal, some new sounds, changes to Coastal Influence's Soviet base, and more. To see the full list of changes, follow this link. You can update to version via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  4. W3D Hub have uploaded the Red Alert: A Path Beyond Delta Trailer and delivered a the v3.0.1.0 patch as well. This updated version of the game, based on player feedback, features map adjustments, infantry, vehicle, and boat changes, several aesthetic improvements, and more. You can learn more about this update by clicking here. So watch the new trailer above and grab the latest patch via the W3D Hub Launcher.
  5. There has been a lot of change and transition for Red Alert: A Path Beyond in the past week or so with it's move to W3D Hub, the "Delta" release, and Bluehell Productions ending their development support of it. So to clear everything up, One Winged Angel from W3D Hub decided to address the community via a video that you can watch above. It addresses a few of the concerns brought up by long time fans and will hopefully help to inspire some confidence in what W3D Hub are aiming to build in the future. You can also do some further reading with this letter from the entire team at W3D Hub. Long story short, Red Alert: A Path Beyond will continue, it just has new home now.
  6. The "Delta" release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond is just a matter hours away, as announced by both Bluehell Productions and W3D Hub today. Many months of work and testing has gone into this the release and the development team are please with the results. As we mentioned last week, Red Alert: A Path Beyond would made available via the W3D Hub Launcher. So visit W3D Hub and download their launcher now. You can check out the countdown the release Red Alert: A Path Beyond "Delta" right here to get the exact release time in your part of the world.
  7. We have some Red Alert: A Path Beyond news from the team at W3D Hub. It would appear there is unity in the W3D Renegade modding community after all. It has been announced that the next and best release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond will be available via W3D Hub's launcher. With W3D Hub now officially supporting Red Alert: A Path Beyond you will be able to download and install/patch the game in the future, as well as join official game servers hosting it.
  8. To finish off the year, a new dev blog for the month of December has been posted by Bluehell Productions. This latest blog covers many new things such as a new look side bar and Purchase Terminal icons, previews of the Pipeline and Keep Off the Grass maps, and some insight into performance improvements. Follow this link to read the new blog.
  9. Bluehell Productions have posted a new December dev blog about the on going development of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. This update includes previews of the Allied Engineer, Soviet Engineer, Allied Mechanic and Rifle Infantry. Some re-rigged infantry. Improvements to the Binoculars, as well as upgraded Supply Trucks. There is also a look at the new Barracks for the Allies and Soviets. And to finish off with a boom, it's a video of the explosive barrels in action. Click here for the full update.
  10. Its a good time for a new poll. And for this one its a battle of standalone C&C indie FPS games. So we want to know, Which of these standalone C&C indie FPS games do you play the most? Is it the ever impressive Renegade X, classic Red Alert gameplay with Red Alert: A Path Beyond, is the Tiberium universe more to your liking in Tiberian Sun: Reborn, or do you like a touch of Tiberium Wars flavour in Tiberium Crystal War. The choice is yours. To vote in this poll you need to be on the main page of our site, and cast your vote in the poll box on the right side bar. You can also check the the current results in the Poll Archives. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well. Lets take a quick look at the previous poll. Which community based C&C multiplayer services do you play on? The most popular appears to be CnCNet with 29% of the vote, but the leading result, with 50% of the voting, was many people don't play on any of them. Full results can be found in the Poll Archives.
  11. Bluehell Productions have posted a new dev blog for September. This new update features a look at the Mobile Radar Jammer, improvements to the BHP Launcher, main site updates, the possibility of an open beta and more. You can read the full dev blog right here.
  12. Bluehell Productions recently posted their first ever "vlog" for Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Now you can get your Red Alert: A Path Beyond in video form instead of text. This episode includes previews of new maps being worked on. Watch the video above. Check out the Bluehell Productions official site for more.
  13. Time for another update about Red Alert: A Path Beyond, because the latest dev blog has been posted on the Bluehell Productions forums. Its another detailed update feature plenty of map updates, which includes previews of the RA_Pacific and RA_GuardDuty maps. There is also a look and more destroyed tanks. You can read more about all these updates by clicking here.
  14. The very latest dev blog for Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been posted on the Bluehell Productions forums. It covers a few interesting things as work on improving the game continues. There is a full summary of testing and gameplay developments from the recent testing, such as the improvements in the health regeneration system. There is a look at some destroyed props that will litter the battlefield on certain maps. Pictured above is the destroyed Heavy Tank. You can also see an early preview of the new Master Control Terminal, that has a very retro appearance. Click here to check out the full update.
  15. The latest dev blog for Red Alert: A Path Beyond has been posted at Bluehell Productions. This update covers a few things. First a recap of the events that took place to get W3D Hub up and running, a place that Tiberian Sun: Reborn and Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising now call home. In more positive news, there is an updated version of the BHP Launcher available. You can also check out the new look Medium Tank. Click here for the full dev blog.
  16. Beyond the Path, a Red Alert: A Path Beyond machinima, has been announced to return this year. After four years of hiatus, the original team has been reunited and the series will kick off on a new YouTube channel, to which all the previous episodes have been re-uploaded. Keep an eye out on the Beyond the Path YouTube channel to stay informed on new episodes.
  17. Pyryle, the creator of the unofficial 2.1.3 patch for Red Alert: A Path Beyond, has once more attempted to fix some critical issues with the game while the official version 2.2 is being developed. Here are some of the changes: This version of APB now runs on a build of Scripts 4.2 (was Scripts 4.0) All weapons now utilize new targeting range logic which functions independently of acutal weapon ranges. Aiming crosshair has been modified to be completely outlined along the edges to provide better contrast between bright and dark environments. Non-hitscan weapons (except volkov's shotgun, starshina's secondary, hind's autocannon) have updated tracer effects that reflect their team color. Red for Soviets, green for Allies. Certain vehicles have new sounds for their main guns: Vital buildings now emit smoke when completely destroyed. Several Allied and Soviet units have new Purchase Terminal icons Medic now uses a crippled M16. It functions similarly to the 2.1.2 version but with worse stats. Medic purchase price decreased to 500 (was 800) Medium Tank firepower slightly increased and should handle better now. New cannon firing sound included. Volkov's napalm grenade damage increased to 85 (was 60) Volkov no longer carries C4 Volkov purchase price decreased to 1500 (was 1800) Flamethrower is now less vulnerable to bullet projectiles Fixed an issue where Mammoth Tank armor takes full damage from C4-based warheads. Click here to see the full changelog.
  18. With the Christmas season fast approaching, the team at Bluehell Productions have announced the Christmas 2014 Seasonal Map Event for Red Alert - A Path Beyond. This means a special Christmas themed map will be added to the map rotation. Here are the important details.... Christmas lights go all around the map, instead of just behind each team's barracks. Red Christmas lights are now behind the Soviet barracks, and blue behind Allied. Added snow to the tops of the rocks and barracks. Added a cloak or die crate, it will spawn in one of the non-barracks corners, and it's a 1/3 chance that you will die, get a stealth powerup, or turn into something sinister. Spawn delay is 120 seconds. Removed from regular crates these powerups: limited weapon pickups, refills, and stealth. Added a special powerup. Replaced one of the corner colt powerups with an AP HandCannon. Added PTs and spawns behind both barracks. The map will come up in the server rotation every few rounds. More information can be found here.
  19. A new Red Alert: A Path Beyond development blog has been posted by Bluehell Productions. Lots of balance testing has been done recently, as well work on solving some sound issues. The team are not quite in a position to release the latest version of the game, however many other things have been worked on such has more HUD/UI improvements, as seen the preview screenshot below. The full update also covers sprinting, weak points, updates about the Medium Tank, plus some updates about Bluehell Productions site and forums. Click here for the full development blog.
  20. Bluehell Productions are back in action with their dev blog updates for Red Alert: A Path Beyond. The latest one includes information about future balance design, better targeting feedback, context-sensitive radio commands and the new and improved camera work, as seen below. Click here to read the full update.
  21. A new patch for Red Alert: A Path Beyond, by Bluehell Productions, has been released. But this patch comes from an unexpected source, the fans. Community member Pyryle has been working hard (with the help of suggestions from other members) to make a new balance patch to deal with issues currently plaguing the previous version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. The full change log for this patch can be found here. You can update your game via the BHP Launcher.
  22. Bluehell Productions, the official home for Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising and Tiberian Sun: Reborn, has been given a completely new look. Visit the Bluehell Productions site now to see it for yourself.
  23. Bluehell Productions' work on Red Alert: A Path Beyond continues with the latest development blog being posted on their forums recently. This update focuses on some of the maps that will be added to the game soon. One of them is Coastal influence, featuring the return of naval combat! Lots more to read in the full update posted here.
  24. Bluehell Productions has released a minor patch for Red Alert: A Path Beyond, officially numbered It replaces the previous launcher with the new BHP Launcher completely, fixes FXAA smoothing and updates the WWConfig application. The update and the game itself can now only be downloaded through the BHP Launcher.
  25. Bluehell Productions have released version 2 of their Mapping & Mod SDK for Red Alert: A Path Beyond, updated for Red Alert: A Path Beyond 2.1.2 content. It includes art source files, mapping tools, compile/decompile utilities and documentation to get you started on creating your own maps and mod packages. Follow this link for download and more information.