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  1. Bluehell Productions have released the latest version of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Its available for download right now. Version 2.1.2 includes the following changes and fixes. ' rel='lightbox'>http://media.moddb.com/images/downloads/1/47/46923/gamma212.png General Gameplay Destroying an enemy Barracks will still allow the opposing team to purchase tech level 1 infantry Landing flares now show where purchased helicopters will land Concrete Wall HP reduced to 100 from 200 Captain health reduced to 80 from 100 DragonBreath (shotguns) now deal 0.2x damage vs. InternalMBT (Medium, Heavy Tanks' interior armour), same as their exterior Ore Silo health reduced 20% to put it in line with other building health reductions EVA notifications for buildings now just play "Base is under attack" until buildings hit less than 50% health (and warning will be played again at 25% health) Allied Artillery engine torque increased to 18000 from 13000 Soviet Tesla Coil now must charge up before firing Hind damage vs. buildings multiplier decreased to 0.25 from 0.4 Hind now deals 15% more damage to helicopters Soviet V2 engine torque increased to 330 from 285 Shock Trooper can no longer electrify himself, and takes very low damage from electricity unless his armour is gone Bug Fixes Game shouldn't memory leak like a sieve any more Reticle aiming jitter problem fixed (vehicles aim easier) Moved the helicopter landing zone on Stormy Valley to not interfere with the Ore Truck path Added missing Allied Refinery deposit area for player Ore Trucks on Complex "Medic Arm" glitch fixed on widescreen resolutions now If you manage to get a Soviet Medic, they can heal fellow Soviets ShieldLightBodyArmor (Technicians) and FiremanSuit (Flamethrower Infantry) now correctly take 0.35x damage from APShell and Shell_NoBuilding, instead of 350x Map Changes To The Core now has 1 Tesla Coil and 2 Turrets Seamist allows all Soviet vehicles to be purchased save for the MAD Tank Soviet base on Keep off the Grass only has one Tesla Coil now Visit the Bluehell Productions site for the various download mirrors. You will also find that Red Alert: A Path Beyond v2.1.2 for Mac is available as well.
  2. Bluehell Productions have announced that Red Alert: A Path Beyond v2.1.2 has entered the open testing phase. This means that they need help from the fans to make this the best possible release to date. There is a lot of information you need know before you jump in and help with testing, but the primary things Bluehell Productions needs to check for in 2.1.2 are as follows. Building damage notification adjustments exist and function on each map Tech 1 infantry available for purchase without barracks on all maps Tech 1 infantry availability balance impact Tesla Coil attack pattern adjustment balance impact "45 minute Memory leak" no longer occurs Hind balancing (vs. Longbows, Bases, Defenses) C4 balancing (Tanya & Engineer C4 vs. Bases, Defenses, MCTs) Flare balancing (Damage + Disarm rates) For the extra details, download links and more click here.
  3. The latest news on the Bluehell Productions site mentions that Gamma 2.1.1 of Red Alert: A Path Beyond released a month ago, is now available for the Mac OS X 10.5+. It's compatible with all the current servers, so you can play in games with the PC players. For those interested, you can http://i.imgur.com/BtJRT.jpg. The download and install instructions can be found in this thread on the Bluehell Productions forums.
  4. Bluehell Productions released Red Alert: A Path Beyond 2.1.1 a while ago, and now they have a trailer to showcase the game to potential newcomers. They haven't missed anything - from tank rushes, through V2 assaults to Demolition Truck detonations and more! You can also watch it on ModDB.
  5. Bluehell Productions have at long last released version Gamma 2.1.1 of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. There are a lot of changes, including support for Eyefinity and ultra-widescreen, the new Heavy and Light tanks, revised tech levels and balancing and updated maps. Performance boosts across every facet of the game come as a blessing for those with less powerful computers. If you have a cutting edge PC you can now enjoy native 16x anisotropic filtering and high-quality FXAA to rid yourselves of jaggies. Visit the Bluehell Productions site for the current list of download mirrors.
  6. For those who want to mod everything, including mods, and for mappers looking for something new, Bluehell Productions has released a Mapping and Modding SDK for Gamma 2.1.1, including all freeware programs and templates necessary to mod the game, as well as a W3D plugin for 3D Studio Max. Download mirrors (42 MB): Bluehell Productions FTP IndieDB CnCFPS Mirror 1 CnCFPS Mirror 2 You can visit their IndieDB profile for a thorough list of all elements included in the SDK and other important notes.
  7. A new Red Alert: A Path Beyond dev blog has been posted over at BlueHell Productions. It's not the typical detailed update though, but it does feature a new gameplay video taken during some of the recent testing of the latest 2.1.1 build. Watch it below. Click here for the full Red Alert: A Path Beyond dev blog
  8. We are very late in reporting this news, but a new Red Alert: A Path Beyond dev blog was posted recently over at Bluehell Productions. It features a look at the Allied Light Tank (preview below). The hunt is on for more testers, which means you will get to try out internal builds of Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, and Tiberian Sun: Reborn if you're accepted. Plus, there is a summary of what to expect in the upcoming 2.1.1 release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. Click here to read the full dev blog.