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  1. Today, on the 11th anniversary of the release of C&C Renegade, the Tiberian Technologies team has released the first final release of the Tiberian Technologies patch, which brings many new features, from fixes for the infamous "bluehell" bug, lag and hiccups while taking screenshots to completely new features, like the in-built anti-cheat system, support for mice with more than three buttons, widescreen support and much more. Since 2008, the team has made a stunning number of 5276 changes! You can visit the Tiberian Technologies website for more information and download links.
  2. UltraAOW, the developers of the NewMaps 4.0 server for C&C Renegade, have announced Project Westwood. Their aim is provide a big facelift to the original Westwood Studios created maps like Field, Mesa, Walls, Hourglass and breathe some life back in to the Renegade playing community. You will get to see new terrain textures, new characters, new vehicles and more. You can read more about Project Westwood and check out some early preview screenshots by clicking here.
  3. Hi, I'm new to this forum and i do not know much about post etc ... XD Well, what happened is when i try to play C&C: Renegade , the game starts to load the first mission and before finishing the load, the game goes directly to the desktop . My pc is old, but I was able to play it before applying the patch 1.03 rev 4. Please tell me how to fix it and if I apply the 1.03 but with other rev? I not have the other C&C games installed, i have just installed C&C: Renegade PD: sorry for bad english, is not perfect yet
  4. After 11 years, it's great to see that there are still hardcore Command & Conquer: Renegade players out there. Here's one fan's tribute to the game on its 11th Anniversary. This video was actually made by a group of animators from Malaysia who have spent countless hours playing Renegade after work. Or is that when they should be working? These are some of their best and funny moments while playing the game. We would like to see more stuff like this, so if you find anything, let us know.
  5. Today marks the 11th anniversary of Command & Conquer: Renegade. On the 26th of February 2002, Westwood Studios released Command & Conquer: Renegade to the eagerly awaiting gaming public. This was Westwood's first and only FPS game. Built using the W3D engine, the origins of the SAGE engine, it was Westwood's attempt at taking the C&C RTS elements to ground level, making you get "up close and personal". The hype for Renegade was huge, the promises were just as big. In the long run, the game never really delivered on those promises. During its sometimes rocky development, people felt Westwood had to many projects in development, and they were officially under the EA brand name by this time. Renegade was delayed a few times, much to the disappointment of the community. Even in its very early days, the game was called C&C Commando. Renegade's singleplayer was not the greatest, but it had its moments. The real heart of Renegade was the multiplayer. It only seems like yesterday that I spent countless hours, long into the late hours of the night, fighting it out on some of the popular Renegade multiplayer servers. To this day, no other game can deliver what Renegade could. It just has that certain something. It offers a unique multiplayer experience: fast pace action, simplified teamwork and bad ass tanks! Flame Tank rush anyone? As good as multiplayer was, it did have its share of problems - bad net code, some horrible cheats and exploits, but Renegade fans didn't care, we just wanted to play! We would later see new maps and mods from the community, fixes and improvements were made to rid the game of these cheats and exploits as well. So here we are, 11 years on and Renegade fans have turned their attention to Renegade X, the spiritual successor. Here's hoping Renegade X can recapture the magic that the original Renegade had. We are confident it will do just that. After you have relived the original C&C Renegade trailer above, please share your C&C Renegade memories and war stories with us in this news thread.
  6. If you're a long-time C&C Renegade player, you're probably looking for some new maps to play on. Well, take a look at the official trailer for the MPF UltraAOW Newmaps Pack that includes around 80+ new maps that are currently in rotation on the MPF UltraAOW Renegade server. Visit UltraAOW.com for more details and the download.
  7. After a long time in development, Tiberian Technologies have released TT Scripts 4.0 RC1 for C&C Renegade. "Scripts 4.0" is an unofficial patch for Renegade designed to fix bugs in Renegade and to add all kinds of new features such a strong anti-cheat, automatic map downloader, all-new totally re-written Server-side-game-manager (aka SSGM) and many many features modders of Renegade will love. It also includes fixes to bugs with the official Westwood Studios multiplayer maps. The list of changes and fixes in this latest release is rather long, you can read them all right here. You can download TT Scripts 4.0 RC1 for C&C Renegade from the Tiberian Technologies site.
  8. Aircraftkiller, an active member around the C&C community, has been working on a project to vastly improve the gameplay of Renegade, making it look, feel, and play a lot more like Tiberian Dawn, within the limits of the game engine. He's done a lot of great work creating new models for different Tiberian Dawn structures. The impressive part? He designs all these models from scratch. Take a look: ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/FrPcu.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/yiihP.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/trCSx.jpg You can view even more of his Renegade work by clicking here. Or, you can visit Aircraftkiller's website.
  9. zunnie


    EDIT: For those wanting to test the map, goto my site below and get the .zip file. http://www.zunnie.net/renegade/mediterranean/ Then join the server on XWIS called a00000000w Or join the server by IP: Just some screenshots of the map Mediterranean i made for TCW before. The map plays out very nicely there. Decided to convert it to use in Renegade. The Palm trees, bridges and rocks were done by Mauler. The Barracks and Hand of Nod will be seperated from the main base. You can use a teleporter in the base to go from the WF/Air area to the Hand/Bar area. Furthermore both teams will have two Tiberium Silo's. I'm still pondering to make them 'capturable': Destroy the silo, then repair it to make it yours and gain credits from it. I may or may not do this. Also there are Repair Facilities available which may also be captured or not, im not sure yet if i will make them capturable. They are secondary buildings and don't require destruction to win the game. Edit: I might add Helipads ... Not sure yet.... Some screenshots and a video, NOT finished yet:
  10. One of the C&C Renegade servers, St0rm.net, has announced that it will close down today, due to XWIS' ban on their host names and a continuing drop in interest in the game. To this end, they would like to give the players one last opportunity to play Renegade on their server, taking place tonight from 9 PM to 3 AM GMT, this time without the need for Scripts 4.0. More information can be found here. It's sad to see another contributor to the community go.
  11. Ocaj

    Old CnC Reborn Music

    Cheers lads! I'm going to give this another go, as this remains an age-old mystery to me. I'm posting this here because I suspect some old AMMO or Reborn forum members might still be around here and might remember this. Years ago Reborn posted a trailer on the internet with a certain soundtrack supposudly called "they gonna kill you". To this day I haven't been able to find either the artist or the lyrics of the song. Some suggested it was Command & Conquer's music artist Frank Klepacki who made the song, but he denied it when I asked him about it. If any of you can be of any help, I'd be eternally grateful! Kind regards of an old AMMO forum user and Reborn fan, Ocaj
  12. Version 1.20 of the Tiberium Crystal War mod for C&C Renegade has been released. The change log is quite a read, and here are the most important changes: the Nod Harvester has been added (but without moving treads), a new voice actress is taking the role of EVA as Lt. Sandra Telfair, animated Tiberium Spikes, added rocket pods for the Mammoth Tank, bug fixes, map updates and much more. Here are the download mirrors (1 GB in size): TiberiumCrystalWar.com Zunnie.net Zunnie's secondary server IndieDB (pending) MultiplayerForums.com It is also very important that you thoroughly read the instructions thread before attempting to play the game, as the notes written there are vital for optimizing game performance, joining servers and customizing your profile.