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  1. Thanks to our friends at EA, EASY Studios and Play4Free we have a special Tiberium Alliances Christmas Give Away for you. With the code below, that can only be redeemed by the first 2000 lucky Tiberium Alliances players you will get the following..... Extra Command Points Bonus Package Storage 7d plus 1 Tiberium Supply Drop Crystals Supply Drop Power Supply Drop Credits Supply Drop CODE: 5GQR-DFWK-MTLY-XBLR Remember its first in first served with this code, 2000 uses only so be quick and stock up Tiberium Alliances style for Christmas.
  2. The Tiberium Alliances World Championship was announced recently on the Official Tiberium Alliances Site. On Monday 16th December @ 10:00 UTC a new world will open only to those who have proven their might and dedication to the cause and have annihilated the Forgotten Fortresses on their respective worlds. This server will be the home of the first “World Championship” world where existing end-game victors can wage war amongst one another until the bitter end to be crowned a World Champion Alliance. You can read this thread in the Official Tiberium Alliance Forums for further details on the Tiberium Alliances World Championship.
  3. Despite the big changes and upheaval for the team at EA Phenomic, it's good to see development and support for Tiberium Alliances is still there. So with that in mind, here is a summary of the latest updates coming in the month of August. The original thread can be found here.
  4. About an hour ago, several sites, including GameIndustry.biz, have spread the news on the closure of the Phenomic studio, known to the C&C community as the developers of Tiberium Alliances, leaving 60 people jobless. However, nothing is mentioned regarding the closure of their services. Here is the statement from EA: Click here to read the full article.
  5. For all the Tiberium Alliances players out there - here's the latest patch notes for the month of June. With this patch, a round of fresh unit upgrades will be released as well as several adjustments to player maximum levels and Forgotten base and outpost level ranges. Click here for the original post on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums.
  6. Its the 1st anniversary of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. Here's a statistical look at what all of the dedicated players have achieved after one year. Don't forget about the Tiberium Alliances 1st Anniversary Contest, where you can win a closed beta key for the new Command & Conquer - Free to Play!
  7. This is a follow-up to the news from last week announcing the Tiberium Alliances Anniversary Contest. Tiberium Alliances celebrates one year with an exciting contest where you can win a closed beta key for the new Command & Conquer - Free to Play! And for all the other dedicated Commanders out there, the Tiberium Alliances team will be giving away some birthday gifts on their social channels as well. There are actually two challenges for this contest... Remember, this content ends on June 9th at 7 PM UTC. More information can be found here.
  8. EA Phenomic has informed us that Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is set to go mobile in selected countries from Thursday 23rd of May. The mobile version will be available via the App Store in the following countries: Canada France Turkey Czech Republic Remaining countries will follow over the next 1-3 weeks. Visit the Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances official site for more details. Update: Due to some miss understandings the first roll out has been pushed back to Thursday 23rd of May. EA Phenomic apologises for the short notice and for the delay.
  9. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is about to celebrate its 1 year anniversary and the development team at EA Phenomic hasannounced a special Anniversary Contest to mark the milestone. And what's a contest without prizes - how does guaranteed access to the Command & Conquer - Free to Play beta sound? Here's Tiberium Alliances Producer, Jacob Thompson, to explain the all the details. You can play Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances right now for free.
  10. EA Phenomic has released a preview of a trailer that should announce something related to Tiberium Alliances, but it seems we'll have to wait until next week to find out what it is. Until then, meet Jacob Thompson, producer of Tiberium Alliances. So what do you think this announcement could be? Leave your best guess in this news thread.
  11. You can now get detailed list of all the changes and fixes that are expected to be made to Tiberium Alliances over the next few days, with the patch notes for month of April. Below is just the summary.... Introduction of the new shop feature with special offers and item bundles Additional garrison unit upgrades reinforcing your offense and defense New “Endgame”-Missions Introduction of Refer/Recruit a Friend Various bug fixes Click here to read through the full patch notes.
  12. Looks like more big changes are coming to Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances. On Tuesday the 16th of April 2013, the in-game virtual currency in Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances will change from Play4Free Funds to “Tiberium Alliances Funds” (or “TA Funds”). Here's the full story. The original announcement can be found here.
  13. The Tiberium Alliances team have announced a time limited campaign which changes the values of resource items available in the game. From the 26th March onwards, all resource crates obtained during the raiding of the Forgotten or purchased will contain at least two times as many resources as before. Due to this change, all resource items in the game will be slightly increased in price. Check out the full announcement for more information.
  14. EA Phenomic have released a new Tiberium Alliances video that takes a close look at all three stages of the Endgame that you will have to go through in order to claim the mighty Tacitus. It is presented by Tiberium Alliances' producer, Jacob Thompson. Did you know you can play Tiberium Alliances right now, it's free and all you need is your web browser!
  15. The very latest patch notes for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances have been posted on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums. After a long wait, the much discussed Endgame has finally arrived. A few of the new fixes have come as requests directly from the community. Here's the summary. List of bugfixes and improvements: MG-Nest rebalancing (Community request) -Many players complained about MG-Nests in player defense are way too strong against all targets. Therefore MG-Nests from GDI and Nod now deal less damage versus vehicles. Fixed bug where Tiberium fields were not shown in combat preparation in PvE combats (Community hot-topic) Re-balance of mission-rewards (tutorial) Mission/tutorial rewards got adapted to player’s progress Forgotten base repair efficiency balanced (to prohibit base-farm exploit) (Community request) -Several players used Forgotten Bases with a good layout, to farm them over and over again, because of their short repair time, and the good loot they provided. -The forgotten base defense repair time remains untouched, but the “base” repair time is now stretched from 1 hour to 24hours, to make it unprofitable to “farm” a base over and over again. Preview of territory changes when defeating a base -When you click on a base, you can now hover over the attack button and you can see the territory you would claim when destroying the base (works both in PvP and PvE). You can learn more the Endgame feature by reading this thread on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums.
  16. Some new Tiberium Alliances artwork showing The Forgotten Particle Cannon has been posted. This is a long-ranged turret structure, specialized against air units. The Forgotten Particle Cannon is waiting for you in the Forgotten Fortress! You can see more Tiberium Alliances artwork inside our gallery.
  17. German C&C fan site, CnC-Inside.de, has posted an English summary if their recent podcast that includes lots of new details and information about the upcoming mobile version of Tiberium Alliances and the new Endgame feature that is in development. The information comes from their special guest, EA_Rhiordd, one of the Tiberium Alliances community managers. The app is free The app will be available shortly - current status: almost in the Apple review processing Phenomic's initial work on the app is almost finished Phenomic will continue to work hard on mobile version after release The app will contain the full game (no need to ever start the game via browser) The interface was optimized and redone for touch screen control It is possible to create an Origin account via the mobile app All worlds are accessible in the app Funds can be bought via in-app-purchase In-game prices are identical to browser prices, despite the Apple share Android version is not ready yet For the first time, Phenomic is developing for mobile devices - one can expect optimizations Every browser feature will be made available in the mobile version - and vice versa No version (browser or mobile) will be patched before the other The will be no combat simulator in the mobile app (at launch) Phenomic is looking into the possibility to add a combat simulator if there is demand for it Scripts will not work in the app You can read more of the English summary right here. If you understand German, the original audio podcast is available.
  18. Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is now officially available via the Firefox Marketplace. If you are using Firefox as your web browser of choice, you can now download the app and start it from your Windows Start menu. Follow this link to download the app. In other Tiberium Alliances related news, a new "temporary" Bonus Fund Sale has just started, so grab some extra funds now!
  19. There is a new Tiberium Alliances Endgame wallpaper posted on the Official Tiberium Alliances Facebook page. It's all part of the Global Community Challenge promotion that has been running recently. At the time of posting, it was only available as a 1600x900 image. Several other screen resolutions will be posted soon.
  20. More Tiberium Alliances Endgame artwork was once again posted on the Official Tiberium Alliances Facebook page. The latest one features The Forgotten Tacitus Enclosure. Destroy this building to bring down whole fortress and free the Tacitus. Keep checking the Official Tiberium Alliances Facebook page to see if more Endgame artwork is posted. If you're looking for more Tiberium Alliances artwork take a look inside our gallery.
  21. More Tiberium Alliances Endgame artwork was posted on the Official Tiberium Alliances Facebook page today. The latest one shows The Forgotten Colossus. Keep checking the Official Tiberium Alliances Facebook page to see if more Endgame artwork is posted.
  22. Some new Tiberium Alliances Endgame artwork was released today on the Official Tiberium Alliances Facebook page. It features The Forgotten Predatory Rocket Fist. Apparently, this is what’s waiting on you inside of the Forgotten Fortress!
  23. GameReplays.org have announced their Tiberium Alliances Guide Contest. In this contest, you have been asked to create a video or written tip or guide. The guide can be written with screen shots or submitted as a video. The winner gets.... 1000 free to play funds 1 week increase in your Command Points to 900 30 day increase in repair time to 18 hours Full contest details can be found right here.
  24. Attention, Tiberium Alliances players! It's time to wage an all out war against The Forgotten in the first Global Community Challenge! Starting on the 19/01/2013 at 00:01 UTC and ending on the 26/01/2013 at 23:59 UTC, all Tiberium Alliances players are invited to show what Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances commanders are made of by engaging in battle like never before. The overall goal is to set a global record of battles waged against Forgotten bases. Click here to read more this Tiberium Alliances Global Community Challenge.
  25. The official Russian Tiberium Alliances page on Facebook has been posting some of the unreleased artwork for the game. Shown below are The Forgotten Airship, The Forgotten Bowler Tank and two promotional pieces of artwork for GDI and Nod. More Tiberium Alliances artwork is available inside our gallery.