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  1. We have already mentioned a few of the improvements coming in Tiberium Alliances later this month in a few news updates over the past week or so. Now the full patch notes for December have been posted in a thread on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums. Click here to read through the full patch notes.
  2. Looks like the Nod Avatar in Tiberium Alliances is getting some new upgrades this December. This upgrade is called "Pillage", it converts dealt damage from enemy units into own health until full health is reached. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/adjK1.jpg This was originally posted on the Tiberium Alliances Facebook page.
  3. We posted about the Nod Avatar Upgrades yesterday, but that's not the only new upgrades planned for Tiberium Alliances in December. Both the Nod Gatling Cannon and GDI Titan will also receive an upgrade called "SR Arms". ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/18q7J.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/VZH1G.jpg Keep checking the Tiberium Alliances Facebook page to see if more planned upgrades are revealed.
  4. Since passing 50,000 fans on the Tiberium Alliances Facebook page, a new Facebook Milestones social achievement feature has been announced. With the Facebook social achievements, Tiberium Alliances players have a chance to unlock in-game items by liking the Tiberium Alliances Facebook page. Like the Tiberium Alliances Facebook page today and secure yourself a 7-day Offence Repair Time Capacity boost as soon as the 75.000 milestone is reached.
  5. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is about to be made available in several new languages, and each of these new languages will start with a brand new world to be settled with you and your friends. Check out the full post here for more details.
  6. Another month means another new poll here on CNCNZ.com. The new question asks, Would a mobile version of Tiberium Alliances boost your interest in the game? This is of course based on the recent news that a mobile version of Tiberium Alliances could be made available soon. So would you play it more often, stick to playing via a web browser or perhaps you just don't play the game at all. If you are reading this update on the main page, just look to your right and vote in the poll box. If you are reading this via the forums, click here to cast your vote. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well. Here are the results of our previous poll, Will you be purchasing C&C: The Ultimate Collection? With 68% of the vote, you decided there is no need to buy the same C&C games again. The full results of this poll can be found right here.
  7. EA Phenomic have released a new podcast video explaining the new "Endgame" feature for Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, where you will have to recover the Tacitus from The Forgotten. Watch it below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggG5QODgsCQ Appearing in the video are David Erhard, community manager for Tiberium Alliances, and Martin Löhlein, the producer of the game.
  8. In the German section of the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums it was confirmed that the mobile version of the game is nearly completed and it is currently in the process of being tested. This should be could news to many fans. It could be a real boost for Tiberium Alliances. With a mobile version you will be able to login and get your C&C fix even when your away from home. You can read more in the English translation, or the original German posting.
  9. Four new pieces of Nod and GDI Tiberium Alliances artwork have been posted at the German site fan site, CnC-Inside. Check them out below. More Tiberium Alliances artwork can be found here inside our Gallery.
  10. Wow, 2 months and 2 consecutive editions of the Roundtable for the first time a very long time. It's another special edition of our regular Roundtable Discussion. This one is a Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances edition featuring a detailed discussion with leaders from some of the top alliances. Special thanks to gben from the CNCNZ.com staff for coordinating and organising this edition. The alliance leaders on the panel are..... Cherry Kid - Nightfire Methuselah - GameReplays Freezy - United Forums MILLE395 - F7Lans Zephyr - CNCSAGA Click here to read Roundtable Discussion #34. Feel free to comment and share your feedback about this Roundtable.
  11. It looks like EA Phenomic are planning to roll out some new unit upgrades in Tiberium Alliances soon. They are the "GDI Offense Zone Trooper Unit Upgrade: Charge" and the "Nod Offense Cobra Unit Upgrade: Shield". Some sample screen shots have been released. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/n6mfX.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/3sgb8.jpg At this stage there are no details about when these will be added to the game.
  12. Another of the planned unit upgrades in Tiberium Alliances has been previewed on the Tiberium Alliances Facebook page. Here's a look at the "GDI Defense Pitbull Unit Upgrade: Flashbang". ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/taZOf.jpg Previously previewed were the "GDI Offense Zone Trooper Unit Upgrade: Charge" and the "Nod Offense Cobra Unit Upgrade: Shield".
  13. Some new Tiberium Alliances artwork has been released. It depicts the Tiberium Alliances Endgame features that were first revealed earlier this month. The Tiberium Alliances Endgame adds an actual goal or something to achieve. Click here to learn more about the Tiberium Alliances Endgame. More Tiberium Alliances artwork is available in our Gallery.
  14. A new Tiberium Alliances Community Survey has been posted. The Tiberium Alliances development team is seeking your feedback about the current state of Tiberium Alliances based on your experience with Nod and GDI, the interface, balancing and the community. Click here or on the image to take this survey.
  15. The very latest patch notes for Tiberium Alliances have been posted and they are all about Introducing the C&C Tiberium Alliances Endgame. This is something that adds an actual goal or something to achieve in Tiberium Alliances rather than fighting everyone for territory all the time. ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/Jmlnr.jpg ' rel='lightbox'>http://i.imgur.com/73hzg.jpg You can learn more about this new feature and other improvements that are coming to Tiberium Alliances like the changes to the overall player versus player experience and more by clicking here.
  16. Here's another chance for all of the Tiberium Alliances players to boost their capacity with this weekend’s Play4Free Funds Bonus Sale. Gear up for summer. Enhance your forces and constructions with capacity boosts this weekend and destroy all those who oppose you. July 27th, 8:00 am UTC – July 30th, 8:00 am UTC Bonus amounts: 4000 funds - no bonus 5000 funds - 5% bonus - total 5250 12000 funds - 10% bonus - total 13200 funds 15000 funds - 15% bonus - total 17250 funds 21000 funds - 20% bonus - total 25200 funds 50000 funds - 25% bonus - total 62500 funds *The SMS payment option is excluded from this offer. More details can be found here.
  17. German gaming site, GamesweltTV have posted a video that gives you a behind the scenes tour of EA Phenomic, the developers of Tiberium Alliances. It looks at their past projects as well current games. The video is in German. Click here or on the preview images above to watch it.
  18. Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, the free-to-play, browser-based, massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game from EA Phenomic has surpassed one million registered players. To celebrate this milestone, EA is giving away a free Starter Pack to all players. Between now and July 20th, all players can redeem the special code shown below to receive a Tiberium Alliances Starter Pack that includes.... +1 Bonus Package Storage for a 7 day duration One Command Points Supply Crate Five Tiberium Supply Crates from player rank 2-5 Five Crystal Supply Crates from player rank 2-5 Five Credit Supply Crates from player rank 2-5 Five Power Supply Crates from player rank 2-5 HMKV-VWGN-8GEH-6BTZ To start playing for free and to redeem the free Starter Pack, players can visit www.tiberiumalliances.com.
  19. More Tiberium Alliances concept art has been released. It features the Brotherhood's beast of an APC, the Nod Reckoner. You can see more Tiberium Alliances concept art and screen shots inside our gallery.
  20. The Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances team has selected the Alliance of the Month for July - the "United Ninja Snipers". Here's a quick look at how this alliance was formed. If you would like to read more anout this months Alliance of the Month, click here.
  21. More game updates are being rolled out and some server maintenance is being taken care of for Tiberium Alliances beginning on Wednesday 04/07/2012 at 8:45 to 11:45 UTC. This will affect all English worlds in the game. The complete overview about the changes coming with this update can be found here. It also includes a quick message from the Tiberium Alliances development team.
  22. Another Tiberium Alliances Team Spotlight has been posted on the Official Tiberium Alliances Forums. This time it is with community moderator, Sashi. Here's a sample of it.... You can read more from this team spotlight by clicking here. You can even post your own questions to have them answered.
  23. Tiberium Alliances players now have another chance to score some extra funds in the latest Play4Free Funds Bonus Sale. Time to fill your vaults and bags with some bonus cash for future purchases! June 28th, 9:00 AM UTC – July 2nd, 9:00 AM UTC Bonus amounts: 4000 Funds - no bonus 5000 Funds - 5% bonus - total 5250 12000 Funds - 10% bonus - total 13200 Funds 15000 Funds - 15% bonus - total 17250 Funds 21000 Funds - 15% bonus - total 24150 Funds 50000 Funds - 15% bonus - total 57500 Funds *The SMS payment option is excluded from this offer. More details can be found here.
  24. Some new Tiberium Alliances concept art work was released today. Check out the Nod Vertigo Bomber. More Tiberium Alliances concept art can be found right here inside our Gallery.
  25. More freebies for the Tiberium Alliances players. In the final day of the Play4Free Countdown to Summer promotion that has been running for the past week you now get a free Currency Pack that contains 3000 Play4Free Funds to use in Tiberium Alliances or another Play4Free of your choice. Click here for more details about how to redeem this promotional offer.